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10 Perfect Songs For Your Summer Vacation

Ah, summer! The perfect time to rest and relax under the sun! I am currently on vacation this week from my day job as my employer gave me a week off for the Obon holidays. Here are ten songs that I am enjoying this week on my “summer” vacation:

“Let‘s Get Lost” by Pax Verdi

About the song: “”Let‘s Get Lost” is a warm smooth summer breeze of analog indie sound – our radio Single for 2021 – it‘s about finally breaking free from things that were dragging you down and now feeling light and confident 🙂 take a dive and enjoy,” — Pax Verdi

“Chasing Time” by Vital Humor

About the song: “This is a song I wrote in a time of both inner and outer turmoil. The lyrics allude to finding hope in a seemingly hopeless fight. As someone who has survived addiction, trauma, and a few of life’s many left hooks this song was written to remind me of the peace found in the process of chasing time.” — Vital Humor

“Amor en Degradé” by Pablo Correa

About the song; “This is a sad song with guitars. Its sound makes you feel melancholic but positive, on the other hand, its lyrics make you feel sad like when you have to say “goodbye” to that love because they can no longer keep the same path. It’s a perfect song for love playlists, acoustic songs, or sad songs.” — Pablo Correa

“Only the Lonely” by Johnny Payne

About the song: “This is the first single from Johnny Payne’s cover song album Live From the Sweaty Palm Hotel. Recorded while in quarantine, the album features covers of classic songs from Harry Nilssen, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and others.” — Johnny Payne

“The Unknown” by peach tinted

About the song: ““The Unknown” is a modern indie take on 90s grunge and shoegaze. The song is about leaving everything behind and exploring the world and yourself, a highly relevant topic for us and many other young people nowadays. The track is characterized by its energetic drum-machine beat, multiple vocal layers, effect-heavy guitars in the background, burningly distorted synth pads, and a catchy bassline. ” — peach tinted

“Never Say Goodbye” by SENTO

About the artist: SENTO is a 21-year old artist and producer, half Swiss, half Norwegian. Obsessed with wavy, jazzy chord progressions and woozy grooves.

“Go With It” by Agito Maruyama feat. Elle B

Make sure to check out Agito Maruyama on Instagram!

“NIGHTS” by paleblue.

About the song: “This track has a blend of indie pop, alternative, and 80s synthpop elements and is clean for radio. The entire track was self-created from writing to production. ” — paleblue.

“Speakeasy” by Adrian Sieber

About the song: “This is pure summer nostalgia. The sand under your feet is still warm from the sun, but the days have gotten shorter and the beach emptier. At the local gelateria your favorite flavor has run out weeks ago and most of your friends have packed their bags and left for home. It’s the last days of the season and what remains is a warm and fuzzy feeling. Let’s have a drink and reminisce! ” — Adrian Sieber

“Brother” by Michael Colton

About the artist: Michael Colton is a singer/songwriter and a blazing guitarist whose rootsy approach to countrified, bluesy pop goes right to the heart. With songs that simultaneously invoke storytelling traditions (a la Jason Isbell) and fiery energy (a la Keith Urban or Gary Clarke Jr.), Colton has discovered a way to reach audiences on multiple levels.

Which song is the perfect summer song for you?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Perfect Songs For Your Summer Vacation

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  1. Just Juan

    As I reside in South America, I’ve heard Pablo Correa a time or two. That track is definitely one to keep away for start of summer.

  2. Mosaic Tiles

    Super love the selection!!! Never say goodbye is awesome actually. I love listening to new music.

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