10 Song to Enjoy Late Autumn With

It’s the final days of November, which also means late autumn. Although the sense of Christmas and winter is always ever-so present during these days, it is important to recognize and embrace the late period of this refreshing season. And what better way to celebrate and enjoy late autumn with these ten tracks from different genres around the world. Enjoy late autumn with these tracks!

Appreciate Late Autumn With These Tracks
“All of My Friends” by WACK
Canadian Alt-Rock band WACK was inspired by real-life events when writing the single “All of My Friends”. The lyrics were based on a band member’s narrative on his frustrations involving a recent breakup and the ensuing friend drama. Even though the lyrics feature a narrative of frustration and maybe negativity, the instrumentation is a groovy one with an unky beat and slick guitar riffs during the break. The vocals are unique in their own way as they emulate the feelings in the lyrics. Yet, “All of My Friends” is a pleasant listen with groovy beats!

“Thanks Ozzy” by Luke and the Swells
US rock band Luke and the Swells has an interesting story about their latest single “Thanks Ozzy”. Written as a sort of “thank you” letter to Ozzy Osbourne, “Thanks Ozzy” is really a love letter to a girl who grew up on 80’s metal bands, This rock ballad features dreamy vocals, soaring guitar leads, and a hint of dense 80’s synths. It’s a soothing rock ballad that features some soaring riffs and melodies. But it is a song you can enjoy with your loved one as you remember back to your own love story.

“The Devil’s Share” by Steven Heighton

Alt Rock musician Steven Heighton adds a bit of Blues and Americana pizzazz with the track “The Devil’s Share”. The story behind the song’s theme is a celebration of some sort that features the joys of embodied life in a screen-obsessed world where “digital connectivity” passes for human connection. Heighton intricately embeds the sense of devilish and comical into the song’s musicality. The comical aspect is in the lyrics, while the devilish aspect can be found in the dark yet sultry instrumentation. It is truly a sensational tune with the comical lyrics and the moody Blues/Americana instrumentation.

“Faking a smile” by Hemes

“It definitely helps that we live together, we always talk about concepts and ideas and this was a great example of an idea that started in our living room”.

Hemes is back with her latest single “Faking a smile”, The track explores the concept of hiding feelings and how behind a smile, and how often mental health is masked on the surface when someone looks okay. The track features catchy pop hooks, especially in the chorus. It is there the melody is addictive with its sweet and melodic tones. The euphonious vocals lead the listeners through the musical journey with its honeyed tones The features an R&B sound that is similar to Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. Filled with a cheerful and catchy electronic soundscape, this bittersweet pop song is one you cannot miss out on!

“Dopamine” by Observe the 93rd

Observe the 93rd explores a common feeling in their newest single. The song talks about filling the voids left by suffering from fleeting hits of dopamine instead of confronting ourselves and healing through introspection. “Dopamine” narrates these lyrical feelings with a haunting vibe in the instrumentation. It is structured in a such way that evocative deep feelings in the track’s dark instrumentation. Sprinkled throughout is intriguing guitar riffs, blazing electronic techniques, and honeyed vocals. “Dopamine” by Observe the 93rd is a must-listen!

“Late Scene” by Empty Flask

“Late Scene” is the latest track from the Costa Rican 90s Rock band Empty Flask. The track features hard rock riffs in the electronic guitar that blazes along. Meanwhile, the vocal melody is filled with bold rock tones. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the chorus as it features catchy melodies. Yet, that is the pivotal place where the boldness of both the guitar and the vocals come together to create melodic musical lines.

“Weightless” by Did You Die

“Weightless” is the lead-off single from the Canadian Shoegaze / Dream Pop band Did You Die’s upcoming album Thirteen Moons. The “Weightless” features a mixture of old and new: incorporating 80’s alternative new romantic sounds, dream pop, shoegaze, and post-punk with a modern twist. This helps to paint the musical landscape of the song as something fresh yet familiar. “Weightless” is a soothing rock tune with dreamy vocals and instrumentation. Listeners should check out the music video as it is a piece of art.

“Throw away your umbrella (it’s just a fireworks)” by Dreams of elephant
Japanese Indie Rock artist Dreams of elephant helps to provoke the sense of nostalgia with their newest single “Throw away your umbrella (it’s just a fireworks)”. It is a mid-tempo piano rock tune that features catchy melodies, especially in the chorus and soaring yet melodic vocals. Listeners will be reminded of such artists as Daniel Powter, George Michael, and Bruno Mars with the vocals. Listeners should absolutely check out for the alluring melodies and honeyed vocals. But also the instrumentation that features piano melodies, strings, and a gospel chorus.I love this song so much!

“Machos Be Ready” by Verdú
Verdú evokes a sense of social justice for women in his harmonious track “Machos Be Ready”. “The song isis my humble support to their (women) long-due fight, which I recognize as a necessary outcome of any humanistic principles.” Addictive rock grooves are weaved with these imperative lyrics. Listeners should not only listen for the lyrics, but also the unforgettable melodies in the chorus. I really love the rhythms, the expansive vocals, and the catchy melodies in the chorus.

“The Great Unknown” by HaydenGoSeek

New Zealand-raised, Australia-based artist HaydenGoSeek documents his life in the song “The Great Unknown”. It tells the true story of the artist’s journey from a small farming town in NZ to a big city in Australia. It features really interesting instrumentation with the acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, piano, and fiddle. The artist gives each instrument a chance to shine individually with its own riffs. With upbeat melodies and soothing vocals, “The Great Unknown” is a great listen for anyone!