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10 Songs That I’m In Love With

What is on repeat for you? What are your favorite tracks this week?

Below are some of my favorite tracks that I am in love with this week. They are from a variety of genres from artists around the world. Check them out! Tell me your new favorite in the comments.

My Current 10 Favorite Songs

“Love’s 2 Hot” by PHAT FLAVOUR CREW

UK Electropop artist PHAT FLAVOUR CREW is back with a groovy tune called “Love’s 2 Hot”. The track features hip-hop instrumental that is funky enough to groove along too. It also featured layered synths that are sweet and big chorus with an attractive hook! This is a great listen as I really love PHAT FLAVOUR CREW’s delicious and melodic grooves!

“On & On” by Zach Twa

“This song is based on a true story of a relationship I went through where the girl I liked wouldn’t stop playing games all the time, fussing when all I want to do is show her a good time, love on her, and just turn her on! It’s a feel-good song anyone can relate to with a message but yet it’s upbeat and a big vibe.”

Zach Twa based a real-life event on his lyrics with his newest single “On & On”. Twa’s newest track has an upbeat tempo with a hypnotic hip-hop rhythm, His vocals are slick, cool, and sweet that can attract listen with their delicious tones! I love this tune so much because of Twa’s astounding vocals!

“Closure” by CHAR

CHAR delights listeners with her recent tune “Closure”. The track features dramatic progression, especially in the beginning with the way the piano plays up the scale.”Closure” features a retro-soul feel with its chilled instrumental track with piano fluttering in and strings lending their support in the second verse. Listeners should listen to CHAR’s charismatic vocals that are filled with wonderful range. I just love how she can go smoky low in one minute and then soar with high notes the next!

“Blind Missiles” by Luke Sital-Singh

“It is a song about polarization, feeling tired with the constant attacks from one group to another and the lack of empathy and understanding, feeling at odds with the world around me, as a Brit living in the US feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from US politics, confused as to where I fit in the picture.”

UK Indie Folk artist Luke Sital-Singh hopes listeners can relate to the subject of isolation in his new track “Blind Missle”. It is a euphonious track that features Sital-Singhs soulful vocals. The instrumentation is minimal, but it is Sital-Singh that gives the song wing with his passionate vocals. Listen to the end as the in an intriguing buildup that changes the song’s energy unexpectedly.

“Only Love” by Color Fields

Be ready for this electrifying rock track by Color Fields. “Only Love” talks about failed relationships of days gone by with a new understanding of the power of love. This track is influenced by 80s music, mainly the ambiance and the synth riffs. It perfectly represents the band’s signature blend of indie-tinged guitar pop with synth-driven electro. I love this song because it is a track that reminds me of the 1975 with its dreamy soundscape and powerful choruses.

“John, Take Me With You (UK Edition)” by JW Francis

Get ready to listen to the whistful track “John, Take Me With You (UK Edition)” by JW Francis. This is the type of track that you can roll down your windows and blast loudly as you ride off. It is bursting with charisma with its upbeat tempo, passionate vocals, and dulcet synth backing. I just love the sweet-sounding synth lunes because they really make this tune really relaxing and a perfect song to listen to anywhere.

“Devin” by Molly Conrad

“I wrote this song about social anxiety. I played it out at a show asking the audience to name it and the first response was “Devin!” It’s not about a boy, but I guess we can name the social anxiety Devin. Naming it makes it less intimidating maybe”

Molly Conrad talks about social anxiety with his newest track entitled “Devin”. This mid-tempo Indie pop has melodious features in the acoustic instrumentation, the feel-good vibes in the melodies, the catchy hooks, and the soothing tones from the vocals. I just love Conrad’s vocals as they have a unique tone to them, but are very euphonious to lead listeners on a wonderful melodic journey on an important issue.

“That Safe Place” by Phoenix Wise & The Resistance

Phoenix Wise & The Resistance is back with their newest track “That Safe Place”. It is a message of understanding to survivors of abuse, especially sexual assault and rape, and the importance of overcoming these traumas. The sound featured in “That Safe Place” is a mixture of alternative rock and pop-punk. However, it takes a more mellow side of the two genres with an emotional mood blended in. It is such a great song to listen to anywhere as it is well-written and features so many melodic goodies. I really love the tones features in the vocals, they are so euphonious!

“Guinea Pig” by Scott Tyler Schwartz

Scott Tyler Schwartz, the frontman of the band The Shadowboxers, makes his solo debut with the track “Guinea Pig”. The track features different kinds of sounds; pop, rock, funk, and soul. “Guinea Pig” features an epic synth opening that makes the listener excited to listen on. Then it morphs into a mellow, mid-tempo electro tune with minimal synth riffs and Schwartz’s sweet vocals. Then it turns into more by the second verse as the energy builds up more and more tell the end. I just love that ending too!

“Fall For You” by Alisa McCance

Listeners cannot miss out on Alisa McCance’s newest mellow country tune “Fall For You”. It is a perfect song for the upcoming season of thankfulness and gratitude. Who would you fall for in these times of need? Who would you help out? This message is embedded deeply in this euphonious country tune with gorgeous acoustic melodies and inspiring vocal melodies. I just love everything about this because it is so inspiring but also so beautiful with the instrumentation, vocal melodies, and the overall atmosphere. You cannot miss out on this!

BONUS: “One Right Now” (Remix by Sophia Body)

Did you find a new favorite on this list?

Which one?

Tell me in the comments!

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10 Songs That I'm In Love With

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