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10 Songs That Will Inspire Your Sunday

It’s Sunday! What are you doing today? What are you listening to? You HAVE to check out these ten songs that will go perfectly with YOUR SUNDAY! Ten songs from around the world, by different bands and artists, and present different genres. Why don’t you sit back and relax and listen to these songs!

Check These Sunday Tunes Out!

“Why so Ordinary” by Axel Gulla

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“Crystalized” by SMTC

About the band: It all started with a post on Need Vocals SubReddit page, “Looking for a vocalist for a psychedelic electro-pop track”, to which Stephen Macina, the Canadian producer behind SMTC, received several interested singers, but really only one stood out – Melis Ozsoy’s from Istanbul, Turkey. Once the ball got rolling, the ideas kept flowing, and the two continue to make their musical blend of pop, dance, funk, trip-hop, and synth-rock. Check out SMTC on Instagram!

“In The Jac” by Nocturnal Coast

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“Talk All Night” by Persønne

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“IDWW” by Moonshine

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“Sé (ft. Underdann)” by Tiempo

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“Shell of You” by Maschina

About the song: “”Shell of You” is a deeply personal and emotionally charged rock song illustrating the confusion and rage in a young child who has experienced one tragedy after another, and the anxiety that ensues when trauma begins to feel like the norm. This striking debut single combines gritty guitars and hard-hitting drums with enigmatic and eclectic vocals and melody lines.” — Maschina

“Cold World” by Kompass

About the song: “”Cold World” is a very mysterious song with an enigmatic flow, which is fitting since the song is (generally) about unidentified or unfamiliar inner anguish.” – Kompass

“I Don’t Want to Be You Anymore” by Livva

About the artist: LIVVA (born Olga Korsak) is Toronto based singer, songwriter, and actress. She is a former Olympic figure skater. LIVVA achieved recognition back in 2014 with her self-released debut album, Behind Closed Doors, which sold more than 10,000 copies in Canada.

Born and raised in Latvia, Korsak led a promising figure skating career until she suffered a back injury during the world championship when she was 17.

After a long recovery, Korsak started to teach herself piano and take vocal lessons while developing a new love for creating music. Feeling the need for new challenges, she moved to Toronto, Canada in 2010.

“Can’t Believe It” by Lonely Together

About the band: Lonely Together is a hip-hop/electronic band based out of Bellingham, Washington made up of members Zach Cook (individually known as SAFE TRVLS) and Rosie Matsumoto. Both 27 years old, the duo met at Western Washington University and officially formed as a band in early 2018.

The band is drawn to live instruments, frequently utilizing piano, guitar, strings, mallets, and woodwinds to give listeners sounds of familiarity and nostalgia. With sounds from downtempo R&B and Hip Hop to electro-pop, Lonely Together is inspired by artists such as Blackbear, Jeremy Zucker, 6lack, and They.

What is your favorite song?

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10 Songs That Will Inspire Your Sunday

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