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10 Songs That Will Keep You Cozy This Winter

January is one of the coldest months of the year! How do you keep warm? Maybe you can with these cozy tracks from artists around the world. Here are a variety of songs from different genres that will keep cozy this winter. Listen to the tracks down below. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Songs That Will Keep You Cozy This Winter

“Faith in the atom” by DY3-thx12-4432

Italian Indetronica artist DY3-thx12-4432 creates “faith in the atom” with different genres in min. This song is a mixture of alt-rock and electronic. Jarring, high-pitched guitars blaze to life on top of fast-paced electronic instrumentation. Sound bytes are sprinkled through to add different textures. It might be instrumentation, but “Faith in the atom” is a beautiful blend of electronic and rock that one cannot miss!

“Lusting After You” by Ramon Del Mar

Brazilian Indie Rock musician Ramon Del Mar debuts with his love letter track “Lusting After You”. It talks about a deep desire that could never truly fulfill his most empty wishes. The song starts out with reverbs and phrases to create a 60’s mood. The synthesizers that are added throughout add a modern touch. The tempo is mellow as the vocals and the reverbs set the mode with their nonchalant speed. It is a really nice listen!

“I Like Everything About You” by Ben Camden

Australian Indie Folk artist Ben Camden is back with his newest single “I Like Everything About You”. The cheeky lyrics talk about a crush on a new barista at his local cafe who left town after her first shift. It is an upbeat tune that features hints of country and rock. Camden’s iconic deep, rich vocals are something not to miss about this song because they are filled with oh-so-good textures. “I Like Everything About You” is a catchy, feel-good tune with addictive melodies, warm vocals, and grooves that will have listeners clap along!

“Wastin’ Days” by Now.

Austrian Pop Rock artist Now. showcases his passion with the track “Wasin’ Days”. The artist sets the soundscape on fire with electric guitar entwined with acoustic instrumentation. But, it is the chorus where the song comes alive. Here, the vocals reach a down-to-earth warmth with such sincerity. It is also composed in such a way that feels positive and uplifting. “Wastin’ Days” is a modern rock tune that comes to life with its expansive rock soundscape that is positive and so warm.

“RUN” by The XO

The XO is back with a challenge in their newest track “RUN”. The band decided for this song to dabble in the hyper pop genre with a hint of rock inserted. It paid off as “RUN” is an upbeat pop-rock track with an expansive electronic soundscape. The song blazes to life with the fine mixture of electronic and pop-rock that swirls in a dreamy way. The dreaminess and the ambient nature of this track are what bring “RUN” to life.

“Red Hot Fire” by Shannon Allen

“Red Hot Fire” by Shannon Allen will bring fire to your day! It is a rock and roll anthem for a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. It’s a banger as its firey tempo makes this track smoky hot. The instrumentation is also what makes this song a hot one with its blazing rock ‘n’ roll sound. Allen’s vocals add the finishing touch with their scorching prowess. It is one tune you have to listen to as it set your day on fire with its ferry musicality.

“The Old Man” by Fahrenheit 5G

Fahrenheit 5G creates a blazing rock tune with a social-conscious message with “The Old Man”. It was created to inspire people to create something with their hands or minds. The track is filled with heavy rock textures with a bass that chares with the guitar riffs flares up. Yet, listeners cannot miss out on the important message weaved in the lyrics. It is you who can create something and change!

“I’m Free” by Worlds Apart

American Electropop artist Worlds Apart creates a dreamy pop song with “I’m Free”. The lyrics are all about self-empowerment and knowing who you are. The song is filled with dreamy instrumentation that swirls in candied progressions. Melodic vocals add contrast as their tones are more down-to-earth, yet mixed with sweetness and empowerment. “I’m Free” is an empowering song with a dreamy soundscape and sweet vocals that listeners can listen to anywhere.

“Kiss the Light” by Alex Paisley Stedman

Alex Paisley Stedman embeds an encouraging message from the future in “Kiss the Light”. The song discourages negative, self-talk and pushes to enjoy the omnipresent “now”. This is a beautiful pop lullaby with an upbeat tempo. Yet, it is the lyrics that are what listeners have to listen for. The song contains a call of action about making one’s future. You have the power to change the future. “You haven’t even met yourself, not yet” such encouraging words from “Kiss the Light” that one should never forget.

“Ghost Town” by Yulia Ehwaz

Yulia Ehwaz’s “Ghost Town” travels back to the 80s in so many nostalgic textures. Thick synth melodies pulse with melodic vocals laid on top. The song is created in such a way that the progression mimics ones found in the 80s. “Ghost Town” is a trip down memory lane with its sentimental soundscape filled with cascading synth goodness.

BONUS: “Caney Creek Deer Club” by Mike Massey

BONUS: “Maniac” by Fire Tiger

BONUS: “Bicycle” by Pieter Herweijer

What is your favorite tune?

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