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10 Songs to Cool Off This Summer

Next week is the start of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere! It’s time to cool off and have some summer fun at the pool, the beach, and camping! Maybe you keep cool with these chilled tracks from artists around the world. Here are a variety of songs from different genres that will keep cool this summer. Listen to the tracks down below. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Songs That Will Cool You Off This Summer

“10:15” by Jack West

“Don’t Think I Forgot About You” by Gone Stereo

“Tanya” by Roi Bars

Born in San Diego, raised in Guadalajara, and now back in San Diego. Singer-songwriter-producer. Roi Bars started creating music at a young age. Trained in drums, synths, and some guitar, he takes inspiration from his basic aural skills to produce captivating progressions and original melodies.

“things i wish you said” by nobody likes you pat

“Sign Your Name” by Chris Marsol

Chris Marsol is an actor, musician, and recording artist emanating from the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of his most memorable live shows have included opening for The Roots, Lyrics Born, and Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Tone!). His two album releases; Rockit Science and Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades, have received international radio play, press accolades, and a dedicated following.

“pAnic!” by SM6

Electropop band SM6 enjoyed a meteoric rise on TikTok that has led to sold-out shows and a devoted fan base. In their latest single “Panic”, the lead singer (Isabel Jones) drew from her personal experiences while she was learning to embrace her sexuality. This song opens a new chapter full of driving synths, and a vocally punk edge you wouldn’t expect to hear from SM6.

“It Moves in You” by Mark Winters

“To a Heartbeat” by The Forest Effect

“”To a Heartbeat” is a pent-up indie-rock track that captures the feeling true love creates when everything feels cosmically in place. Drawing on influences such as Biffy Clyro, Death Cab for Cutie, and Manchester Orchestra” — The Forest Effect

“Imprisoned” by Adam Jesin

“Toronto-based singer-songwriter and musician Adam Jesin is back with ‘Imprisoned’, an inspiring pop-rock track about the great things that can happen for/to us when we let go of our fears.” — Adam Jesin

“Broken Heart” by Amanda Rose Riley

“I actually wrote this after listening to pop music for inspiration, something I wouldn’t normally do. It was the kind of song that actually excited me enough that I finished it fairly quickly and just persevered until I was satisfied. I basically wrote the lyrics and the melody together in perfect synchrony, a little bit at a time as the inspiration came to me. Every line I wrote,

I could feel the effectiveness of the lyrics and melody in my gut. It was such a spot-on representation of what a broken heart feels like to me. I don’t know if I will make anyone else feel that same pang, but if I can only make myself feel it, that still means a lot to me!” — Amanda Rose Riley

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