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10 Songs to Dance to on This Friday

TGIF! Thank goodness it is Friday! What are you doing this Friday? How about jamming (or listening) to some music? Here are ten diverse tunes that will help you celebrate your Friday. These tunes are from different parts of the world and feature a diverse number of moods, textures, and genres. Listen to them below and maybe you will find your new favorite today!

10 Songs For This Friday!

“Hello Phantom (Like a volcano)” by Dead Bambies

Get ready to explore the hard side of Japanese Rock with Dead Bambies’s newest single “Hello Phantom (Like a volcano)”. This electrifying Japanese rock song has elements of garage, indie, and punk. You can hear elements of punk through the grungy guitar licks. Then, you can hear the elements of garage rock in the lively female vocals. It is an electrifying rock tune!

“Attitude” by goodboy noah

“What’s up with the attitude?” “Attitude” by goodboy noah is a perfect song to kick back and relax this Friday night. The tune features a cool vibe, relaxed mood, slick melodies, and soulful vocals. It features an upbeat tempo that is filled with addictive hooks. The chorus will have listeners sing it over and over in no time as it is just so addictive!

“Fool In Love” by Vilda Ray x DDidThat

This addictive song from American Alternative Indie R&B artists Vilda Ray and DDidThat will make your Friday more groovy. This tune is about dreaming about something or someone that you cannot have. According to Vilda, the song is “for those who create fake scenarios of an unrealistic love in order to sleep at night. We have all played the fool in love, but some of us have been typecast in this role.”

This message is conveyed is supported by dulcet melodies and addictive hooks. The instrumentation might sound a bit weird to some listeners, but it is something to listen to as its funkiness makes it the best! Just be sure to listen to those catchy hooks in the chorus!

“Big Love” by Skyelar

“The lyrics are written with a nod to anyone thinking that their town is the very best and the biggest in the world and thinking about all the rivalry between cities anywhere” — Skylear

“Big Love” by Skyelar features a dynamic of sounds. When it starts off, the song is supported by mellow melodies played by a broad electronic guitar, synthesizers, and a drum set. But by the chorus, the dam of emotions is broken as the energy level is elevated: louder vocals, denser synthesized riffs, and soaring guitar licks. What doesn’t change is the vocals, singing with melodious yet hazy tones. It is such a break-taking listen as each part of the song expresses its own way in a big and dramatic approach. You have to listen “Big Love” to know what I am talking about!

“hey dear, heidi” by Michelle Limanjae

“The main theme is taken from my situation in which I’m living far away from my family and won’t be able to meet each other for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” — Michelle Limanjae

With endearing lyrics, “hey dear, heidi” by Australian pop-rock artist Michelle Limanjae is a splendid listen to this Friday. But, that isn’t the only thing that makes this song so delightful! The song also features a pretty solid pop-rock vibe with enjoyable guitars riffs. Hazy, mellow vocals are laid over the instrumentation, but fit in with the laid-back mood so well. Michelle Limanjae’s newest single is an easy-going pop-rock tune that has so many pleasurable moments!

“Feels” by Hatim

Hatim’s newest single takes inspiration from the people from all walks of life that the artist saw in Toronto. “It’s often human struggle that inspires me most – rich or poor, we all struggle with something.” These emotions play a big part in the creation of “Feels” as Hatim experimented with two genres to figure out these emotions and struggles. Don’t confuse the mellowness of the song as the lyrics are really deep. However, the nonchalant vibes help to listen to deep lyrics so much. Don’t forget to check out the chorus as it is packed with addictive hooks and so many musical emotions!

“Six” by Second Class Citizen

“Six” by Second Class Citizen is the band’s debut single. The tune starts off with a soft rock vibe with the electric guitar playing thirds and nonchalant vocal lines. However, the energy swells in the chorus with a harsher guitar melody and tremulous vocals that are oh so resonant. It has mesmerizing and soothing rock hooks, especially in the chorus, that will have listeners listen anywhere.I can’t wait to hear what Second Class Citizen releases next!

“Los chicos están bien” by MUDNO

“Los chicos están bien” (The boys are fine) by Spanish indie rock band MUNDO talks about a childhood friend and the dreams for the future that he shared with him. The song has a sort of a 90s indie rock vibe, especially with the overall mood and the guitar riffs. “Los chicos están bien” has a really mellow rock mood with alluring guitar riffs and memorable vocal lines The song’s mood is the most unforgottenable as it helps to shape the song to what it is.

“Starlit Sky” by The Tapples

The Tapples’s newest single “Starlit Sky” is the perfect tune to help you wind down this Friday. The tune features gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies. It also has some whispy vocals that touch on the “what ifs” of a relationship. Just the acoustic guitar and the soft vocals create a relaxing yet endearing mood that is really wonderful to listen to!

“Glendale Funk” by Jon Lamboy

Get out your dancing shoes as you want to groove to Jon Lamboy’s “Glendale Funk” . A pureply instrumental track, “Glendale Funk” features a funky bass and some slick guitar melodies! It is a tune that will get listeners to get up and dance in no time!

What is your favorite song?

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10 Songs to Dance to on This Friday

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