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10 Songs to End December With

Ahh, it is almost the end of December! That also means Christmas, the end of 2021, and then New Year! It feels like December went by so fast. Maybe it is with all those holiday shopping or just making sure we are ready for the new year. Whatever may be the case, here are ten songs that you have to listen to end your December. They are from various genres, artists, and countries around the world. Which one will be your new favorite? Check them out below and let me know in the comment!

The Songs Are…

“SS00999” by 70

Yake a trip back in time with “SS00999” by 70. This track was inspired by the Japanese anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock. “SS00999” features those spacey themes in the synth lines with epic progressions. There is sort of a retro sound featured in the notes as the artist chose a certain chord progression to get that throwback. It is epic instrumentation that is out of this world!

“Whats the point..?” by Riverhaven

Take an amazing pop-rock journey with “Whats the point..?” by American Indie Rock band Riverhaven. It is a mixture of the pop-rock of the band’s youth with fresh melodies and rhythms of today. It is a laid-back track that featured an acoustic guitar strumming along with distorted electronic guitar riffs. Smooth vocals guide listeners to the song’s relaxing journey while singing a really thoughtful message: “What is the point?” The band hopes this catchy song will have people not worry about what others think about them and live for themselves.

“There You Are” by In The Shallows

New Zealand Indie Rock band In The Shallows wants listeners to confront a full spectrum of emotions in their latest single “There You Are”. It has an empowering message that encourages listeners to work through their issues and not run away from them. It is a mellow pop-rock tune with acoustic instrumentations, bright keyboard sounds, and dulcet vocals. Don’t forget to listen to the layered vocals featured in the chorus as they are absolutely gorgeous!

“By Your Name” by WEDONT

Get ready to party with this groovy track WEDONT. “By Your Name” features a bouncy dance beat and shadowy vocals that sing really catchy melody lines. The vocals are the stars because they are so intriguing with their unique vocal tones and compelling melodies.

“The Shape I’m In” by Keith Rayburn

Keith Rayburn of Rayburn Brothers Band has released a track of his own entitled “The Shape I’m In”. This delicious tune is a mixture of rock, folk, and rock elements. Listeners should check out the chorus as there are very interesting yet ear-pleasing guitar progressions mixed with Rayburn’s hearty vocals and soulful backing vocals. It is a well-composed rock tune with so many different elements blended together to make it an interesting yet ear-pleasing tune.

“Widow” by One Grass Two Grass

Get ready to enjoy this tune with high-energy strings by One Grass Two Grass. Vocalist Anthony Dente was inspired by this moment in his life: His mother’s piercing cry upon arriving home from the hospital was an intense audible & emotional trauma he would never forget. From the first note, listeners are taking on this high-energy whirlwind of adventure with that stunning opening. But, listen to the end as the band mixes rock with blue glass to create a down-to-earth yet fun-loving tune that brims with musical talent.

“The End” by Carina T

In support of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, English singer-songwriter Carina T releases “The End” in order to highlight the thought process of a battered woman. The track talks about being in a situation that is destroying you and not being able to fight back. “The End” features stripped-down instrumentation with an often acoustic piano and strings. This is to highlight Carina T’s passionate and powerful vocals that sing about victims of violence. Hopefully, this song leaves a sizeable impression to think about the issue more.

“Don’t Be Nervous” by Mitch Luther

If you a fan of the 1975, The Band Camino, LANY, or Flor, then you have to check out “Don’t Be Nervous” by Mitch Luther. It features a familiar poppy, light-hearted sound that is similar to the above-mentioned artists. It is a fun track with Luther’s melodic vocals and pop0ish instrumentation. It is a perfect song to listen to as it is fun yet catchy! I can’t wait to hear what is next for Mitch Luther!

“Save Me” by Michael Malcolm x Black Gatsby

“Save Me” is a collaboration between Toronto producer Michael Malcolm and singer-songwriter Black Gatsby. It is a groovy dance tune that mixes elements of EDM and disco. This high-energy tune features interesting bits and pieces of various instruments sprinkled throughout. Listeners have to listen for the chorus as it features very catchy hooks. It will have you sing along and even maybe dance along in no time!

“Responsible” by townsend

American singer-songwriter townsend has recently a heartfelt track called “Responsible”. Its lyrical core talks about post-breakup-hookups that happen after a relationship ends. It’s hard to stop seeing your ex-lover completely after a breakup. “Even though both of us were guilty of texting each other the “come over” text, I couldn’t help but feel responsible.”. You can hear this vulnerability in townsend’s vocals as they are heartfelt and melancholy. It is supported by solid piano instrumentation. Listeners have to listen till the end as to how townsend ends the song is quite breath-taking and full of energy.

Which song is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Songs to End December With

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