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10 Songs to End November With

It’s almost the end of November! Oh no! What are you doing to celebrate this magnificent month of ate autumn, pumpkin spice, and the start of chilly mornings? How about some music to enjoy the month’s end too! Here are ten songs that you have to listen to groove to the end of November.

The Songs to Enjoy the End of November

“Listen to Your Heart” by Smalltalk

If you are a fan of 80s jangle pop, then you have to check out “Listen to Your Heart” by Smalltalk. The band wanted to create something fun yet intimate. You can hear the fun side in the instrumentation with a fast-paced guitar and band licks. Listeners can hear the intimate side in the vocals as the singer sings with soft tones. Its dreamy vibes make “Listen to Your Heart” a must-listen for this late fall. Enjoy the gorgeous autumn foliage with this song!

“Unspeakable” by Kawakawa

England-based artist Kawakawa displays an intimate side of his artistry with “Unspeakable”. This piano ballad is filled with warmth and colorful from the vocals to the instrumentation. Each note features in the piano’s chord structures and melodies are filled with so much warmth, beauty, and an intricate surge. Kawakawa’s vocals are intimate yet they feature a diverse range of tones Listeners shouldn’t miss the artist’s soulful tones that are featured throughout.

“Candy” by Anna Leonard

American artist Anna Leonard captures a sticky side of a relationship with her newest single “Candy”. It captures the sticky in-between of loving someone and knowing it’s wrong. There is a strong contrast between the light-hearted verses and the explosive chorus. This contrast demonstrates the wholly unpleasant nature of a relationship’s aftermath. Listeners should check out the lyrics as they featured a sense of yearning. “Candy” is a mellow pop-rock tune that features relatable lyrics and a diverse range of sounds.

“Feel Good” by Whoop

American alt-rock band Whoop brings a punchy yet hypnotic vibe to the table with their new single “Feel Good”. This track is a big punch at people who try to bring you down with their negativity. “Feel Good” features big energy with loud vocals, punchy guitar riffs, and blazing vigor. There isn’t a dull moment with this track as the energy will inspire listeners to rock along. Yet, the lyrics are also inspiring as they send out an important message: always feel good in light of negativity.

“Caught In A Twilight Zone” by Elephant Castle

“Last summer, I woke up in a park not knowing where I was. The hospital diagnosed me with a concussion and retrograde amnesia. I’m not quite the same and I still don’t know what happened. This song is about the parallels between hitting my brain against the ground and living through the dumpster fire that was 2020.”

American artist Elephant Castle delivers a unique groove with “Caught In A Twilight Zone”. Inspired by the events described back, “Caught In A Twilight Zone” featured unique twists and tunes in both the instrumentation and vocals that perfectly illustrate the feeling of living in a twilight zone. The song takes influences from the 60s and 70s rock in a refreshing way with vintage synths, layered vocals, the dreamy sounds of tape saturation, and analog gear. “Caught In A Twilight Zone” is one heck of tune as it features really catchy chord progressions and unique melodies.

“Love Songs (In Fear Of Dying Penniless)” by Mike Legere

Mike Legere delivers dark and brooding tones in his latest tune “Love Songs (In Fear Of Dying Penniless)”. It navigates breakups and loss with our friends and community. The lyrics also capture the feeling of suddenly being on the outside. This Indie Folk features big energy through instrumentation. The guitars go full out as they wallow in expansive vigor. The melodic sequence is something to listen for as it is really ear-pleasing.” Love Songs (In Fear Of Dying Penniless)” is a must-listen for its well-constructed melodies and explosive energy.

“Me” by Nick Bowen

American singer-songwriter Nick Bowen unleashes his vocal prowess with his rendition of The 1975 song “Me”. Bowen doesn’t hold back as lets powerful emotions seep in each note. His powerful vocals are laid on top of a mellow instrumental with an acoustic track, synthesizers, soulful backing vocals, and pianos. It is a gorgeous rendition as Bowen fills the song with impressive power with his vocals.

“Hurt” by DYLYN

Canadian alt-rock artist DYLYn\N takes influences from Blondie to Black Sabbath to create her newest track “Hurt”. “It touches on subjects that people are a little uncomfortable with like social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and depression,” The track features an addictive blend of raw rock n’ roll energy with infections pop hooks. Energy explodes from the first note and continues on with its fiery blaze. DYLYN’s “Hurt” is a delicious dark alt-rock tune with volatile energy, addictive melodies, and electrifying vocals.

“It Takes Two” by Jesse Hardman

Jesse Hardman captures the special feeling that lovers have with his newest single “It Takes Two”. This track captures the vibe and feeling of two people realizing they have a profound connection and the excitement that comes with it. This folk-rock tune features pleasant melodies and soothing vibes. Hardman’s vocals perfectly fit into the song’s instrumentation as they feature a soothing, bare feeling to them. Don’t forget to listen for the lyrics as they reflect on Jesse Hardman’s relationship with his wife, something that anyone can really relate to.

“Run Away” by Emma Kade

Emma Kade hopes that listeners will find a piece of them in her latest single “Run Away”. The track’s instrumentation is a combination of sweet melodies, acoustic charm, and upbeat tempos. The main star of “Run Away” is Emma’s vocals as they feature strong, sultry tones. They expand over a wide range of styles and fill the songs with raw emotion. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the unforgettable lyrics as they feature a bittersweet story that anyone can relate to.

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10 Songs to End November With

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