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10 Songs to Enjoy a Gorgeous Sunny Day With

As I mentioned in a post last week, October is filled with many beautiful sunny days that are warm, crisp, and enjoyable. It was a perfect weekend this week here in Nagoya to just go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. I actually enjoyed it by opening all my windows but also walked around the ward I live in, taking in the gorgeous weather.

Here are ten songs that you have to enjoy on your beautiful sunny autumn days! Each song features a sound or words that are fitting for the mood of sunny autumn days. Some choices might seem odd, but there is a reason behind them!

Here Are the 10 Songs to Enjoy a Gorgeous Sunny Day With

“By My Fireplace” by Morningless

Morningless is back with a new single entitled “By My Fireplace”. It is a reflection on life and people passing by. The song features an upbeat tempo, interesting melody lines, and wicked acoustic strumming. I really love the unusual turns that the artist creates in each melody line. If you like their music, please check out their newest album “Sunrise On The Moon”.

“Fading In” by Shandy Daine

If you are a fan of modern jazz or jazz-pop artists like BASIA, then “Fading In” by Shandy Daine is the song for you! It features soothing jazz instrumentation, mellow melodies, and crisp yet melodious female vocals. It is a perfect song for your day as it is very relaxing and upbeat.

“In The 90’s” by Steve Cornell

“In the 90’s” is a song that talks about falling in love as a young teenager in the 1990’s. The indie-pop song features a rad saxophone supporting from time to time, soothing acoustic melodies, drums take the lead, and mellow vocals. Listen to this song and spot the references to the 90s. Does it bring back any memories?

“Inside of You” by Phoenix Wise & The Resistance

Phoenix Wise & The Resistance’s newest song features some lyrics that promote progressiveness in order to promote change in the current society. These enlightening words are sung over an instrumental that gives a doom/hard rock feel with the heavy bass, drums, and electronic guitars. The bass and the electronic guitar take the change to create an enchanting hard rock tune with thought-provoking messages. Such an important tune to listen to!

“Searchlight” by Banana Ranch

Banana Ranch was inspired by the plight of refugees and the death of Alan Kurdi to write their newest song. “Searchlight” is an alternative/pop-rock that features melodious vocals laid on top of electrifying guitar riffs. You have to check out the riffs because they are very interesting! The floodgates open up in the chorus as the vocals and guitars burst open with high energy. Such a-rockin’ tune!

“Don’t Wreck A Good Thing” by BINX x MADA ATOMS x ADAM & THE BEE

According to the artist, this song talks about the push and pull of a relationship. “Many times we self sabotage a relationship because of our past and we wreck what could be, a really good thing.” An important message that is woven with a bright pop song with sweet vocal lines, cool raps, and danceable melodies.

“Better This Way” by Inky Scratches

“Better This Way” by Inky Scratches is a garage rock tune that features blazing guitars that take the lead in the vocals. Various emotions are capture perfectly in the vocals with the booming yet resonant tones. Make sure to check out Inky Scratches on Instagram for future releases!

“Miss You More” by Rileyy Smith

Need a song to dance to? Then you have to check out “Miss You More”. This track is an upbeat dance-pop/electropop tune that features melodies that will have you dance to. Rileyy Smith’s vocals are a perfect fit for the electropop instrumental as her tone is melodious and strong. With the robust vocal tones and the catchy electric melodies, you will want to listen to “Miss You More” over and over.

“Every Night” by host body

host body’s newest single is about the constant motion of modern life and about insomnia. Though there is a bouncy and shimmering quality in the instrumental, I find that there is some sort of haunted vibe in it. Most like in the guitars as they have a ghost-like sound to them. Don’t forget to check out the vocals as they lead the song with their mellow yet melodious tones. I love “Every Night” for its engrossing sounds featured in the instrumentation and its attractive melodies.

“Echo” by Irene Muvic x Oveela

“Echo” is the newest R&B tune by Irene Muvic and Oveela. This tune about heartbreak was inspired by the R&B sounds of the early 2000s. “Sometimes we find that there is a pattern with the people we date who end up hurting us. These people have often come back into our life, and “Echo” is about the moment in which I kick them out of it.” This song is a perfect listen with chilled vibes, beautiful harmonies, and the melodious tones featured in both vocals.

What song is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Songs to Enjoy a Gorgeous Sunny Day With

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