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10 Songs to Enjoy September’s End With

It’s almost the end of September! Oh no! What are you doing to celebrate this magnificent month of autumn, pumpkin spice, and the start of chilly mornings? How about some music to enjoy the month’s end too! Here are ten songs that you have to listen to groove to September 30th.

The Songs to Enjoy the End of September

“Trust” by Kameirah Koi

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“Send Me an Angel” by christopher ANTON

About the artist: Christopher Anton, alternately styled christopher ANTON, (born July 21), is an American singer-songwriter. Anton is known for being the vocalist of the synthpop band Information Society, as well as the synth-rock band Pseudocipher. In 2010, Anton gained popularity as a solo artist with the release of his cover version of the dance single “Fade to Grey”. After the success of “Fade to Grey”, Anton released his debut album Destination: X.

“Thoughts Familiar” by Dylan Sherry

About the song: “A groovy track, including percussion and a lively bassline, I’m recommending people listen to it on a sunset drive with the windows rolled down as the song borrows from the 60s and surf-rock. Hope you enjoy it!” — Dylan Sherry

“Queen Anne” by Brennan Mackay

About the song: “”Queen Anne” is a song written in the throws of a shifting relationship; a melancholic joy about while Love & Relationships you pursue may not always work out the way you dream they would, the world around you always benefits when you are able to express & show love in whatever way you can.” — Brennan Mackay

“Ármame de Nuevo” by Lucio Zerimar

About the song: “A powerful and direct song that has a lot to offer for those who listen to it more than once. Orbiting between Rock / Funk, synths, and distorted guitars “Armame Again” seeks to express Movement. It is about rebuilding, taking the dead elements of the past and messing them up until you find a way to unite them to get closer to the true essence.” — Lucio Zerimar

“New chapter” by Koshi

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“When I’m With You” by Steam Phunk x Lena Sue

About the song: “The song is about that kind of lust that shouldn’t be there, because of the history between two people. Not trusting oneself when being with a person, not being able to resist the urge, and not wanting to. It’s a bitter-sweet tale of a love that might or might not be okay, because it has broken once before. Then again, the magic is somehow still there and probably will never fade.” — Steam Phunk

“Wolves” by Amund Maarud x Lucky Lips

“SW3” by Oscar Welsh

About the artist: Giving you a heads up about Oscar Welsh, a London based, Suffolk born newcomer who has picked up support from the likes of DIY, Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, DORK, Wonderland, and millions of streams on the back of his debut EP, Vernal, a body of work which saw him emerge as a bedroom pop artist to watch. With fans in Annie Mac and 6 Music, Oscar Welsh returns next week with his second EP, Aestival. The project is a study of sparkling left-pop songs, showcasing Oscar’s dreamy vocals over bubbling beats. The project will also arrive with the video for the lead track, “SW3”.

“Missing Out On You” by Tom Mackell

About the artist: Charleston-based singer-songwriter Tom Mackell brings with him a warm, easygoing presence everywhere he goes, and that same presence is reflected in his music. He has made a name for himself in the Southeast with his open, honest songwriting that incorporates tasteful bits of pop, rock, and Americana and leaves plenty of room for a soulful groove. Tom heads into the summer of 2021 with a new EP, Hearts Wide Open due out August 20th, and a long-awaited return to life on the road.

What is your favorite song to end September with?

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10 Songs to Enjoy September's End With

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