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10 Songs To Enjoy This Season of Thankfulness With

November is all about the season of thankfulness, especially in the United States. However, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate the elements that embody this festive event: thanks, gratitude, family, love, friends, and being in the moment.

To celebrate Thanksgiving here are 10 songs to enjoy this season of thankfulness with. These songs are from different countries and feature a variety of genres. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!

Here Are 10 Songs To Enjoy This Season of Thankfulness With

“The Past Has Passed” by Nemra

Celebrate the future by looking back with the past with “The Past Has Passed” by Nemra. This up-tempo acoustic rock song features mellow vibes, attractive melodies, and smooth vocals. With each element coming together, “The Past Has Passed” is such a beautiful acoustic tune that will soothe listeners anywhere.

“Moving On” by Positronic

Get ready to dance with “Moving On” by Positronic. This track features cool synth-pop riffs on top of an upbeat dance beat. The vocals remind me of singers from the 80’s new wave scene like OMD, Depeche Mode, and Tears for Fears. There are catchy hooks featured in the chorus that will have listeners dance along!

“Soledad Voluntaria” by JVLS

Enjoy your day with the soothing rock vibes featured in “Soledad Voluntaria” (Voluntary Solitude) by JVLS. t’s a song that talks about that moment when you don’t feel ready to open up emotionally with someone else for fear of getting hurt like in the past. It has a happy and catchy rhythm in the chorus with the vocals, guitar, drums, and bass. It is such a nice song to listen to!

“Mermaid From L.A.” by Bealby Point

Candian indie rock band Bealby Point was by inspired the concept of love at first sight with their newest single
“Mermaid From L.A.”. It is inspired through instant attraction and falling madly in love with someone you’ve never met through creating your ideal version of them in your head. The track features a really cool bass riff that starts off the track. That follows by funky guitars that have a delicious groove. Make sure to check out the cool way that the band ends each chorus with those awesome melodies!

“November” by Svavar Knútur

Appreciated November a little more with this acoustic tune by Icelandic Indie Folk singer-songwriter Svavar Knútur. It is a song that embraces the melancholy and grey days, lighting candles to light our way into the cold darkness of winter. The longing for summers past, but the inevitable trajectory into the future. The track is filled with warm acoustic guitars that create an inviting atmosphere. Make sure to check out the break with those warm vocals and instrumentation as it is such a gorgeous progression!

“You & I” by Shmoné

Shmoné is ready to take your playlist by storm with their upbeat folk track “You & I”. The song talks about the heartache of long-distance love.”You & I” features a killer saxophone solo that blazes with its solo at the beginning but also throughout. The duo features the upbeat tempo in each part, either in the vocals, the instrumentation, or the sax solo. Listeners should check out the melodic twists and turns the duos take throughout the track as they are so alluring and ear-pleasing.

“Riding the Waves” by Mothertown

“We all need to understand that the whole planet is the place where we live and the place where we have the opportunity to exist, feel, enjoy, love… And we can’t forget this!”

Spanish Hard Rock band Mothertown displays their love for our world with their latest track “Riding the Waves”. The song starts with a stunning vocal performance from the female vocalist. Then the song expands with bold electronic guitar riffs and amazing ranges from the vocals. It is such a euphonious song to listen to!

“You & I” by Ace Nation

Travel back to the 80s world of New Wave and Synthpop with “You & I” by Ace Nation. The band was inspired by a variety of 80s artists and you can hear them throughout their latest track. Listeners hear Prince throughout the drums and bass. You can hear elements of Duran and Duran, Depeche Mode, and INXS in the vocal and instrumentation. If you looking for a fun and funky pop song that harks back to the 80s, then check out “You & I”.

“Out There” by Buddy Won’t Tell

“This may or may not be a true story.” American Pop Rock band Buddy Won’t Tell is back with the single “Out There”. This heavy-hitting rock song features some quirky lyrics and adult concepts. The band does a brilliant job capturing the listener’s attention with unique riffs, catchy melodies, and honeyed pop-rock vocals. It is the perfect pop-rock song for listeners to jam to anywhere!

“Farther Than Heaven” by Madeleine Kelson

Madeleine Kelson showcases her strong vocals with her latest single “Farther Than Heaven”. The single features mellow country vibes with classic country instrumentation and tones. The real star of “Farther Than Heaven” is Kelson’s strong vocals that charm listeners with their rich tones.

What is your favorite tune?

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10 Songs To Enjoy This Season of Thankfulness With

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