10 Songs to Fall in Love With

February is all about love and romance as Valentine is just around the corner. But, did you know that you can fall in love with music? (like me!) Here are ten tracks from different genres and artists from around the world that you will fall in love with instantly. Listen to all of them down below. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

What Songs to Fall in Love With?

“24 Hours” by BINX x MADA ATOMS x ADAM & THE BEE

Fall in with South Africa’s beautiful bee named BINX with her track “24 Hours”. The artist collaborated with Mada Atoms and Adam & The Bee on track. “24 Hours” features BINX’s honeyed tracks over a slick, fast-paced hop-hop instrumentation. There is a nice contrast in the middle between the poetic singing style of the gravelly calm male vocals. Listeners will fall in love with the track as it is something you can listen to anywhere!

“Ghost Of What We Know” by Like Mint

“Ghost Of What We Know” by Like Mint depicts the action of letting go in their lyrics. Every person comes to the point of taking a closer look at their inner life and thinking about what to let go of. This is a beautiful acoustic track with a lively guitar strumming with ethereal vocals. With a strong message with a soothing, gorgeous soundscape, “Ghost Of What We Know” is the perfect acoustic track to fall in love with.

“Noah (Acoustic)” by David Stone

Listeners will relate with the love of a parent in “Noah (Acoustic)” by David Stone. The singer-songwriter the song to celebrate the birth of his son: “It’s a song about welcoming him into the world (early), and the bittersweet feeling of knowing I’ll get to watch him, and help him grow.”. This heartfelt folk tune is totally stripped back with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. But, listeners will fall in love with the vocals as they are brimmed with relatable feelings of love, honesty, and sincerity.

“Strings” by Jonah Leatherman

Jonah Latherman creates an expansive rock soundscape in his latest track “Strings”. The song is about processing the unconscious behaviors that manifest in our lives, often without our knowledge or consent. It is a track that features a beautiful, expansive soundscape filled with different textures and sounds from the vocals and the rock-influenced instrumentation. You might even hear influences from the 90s as the artists use different rock like grunge and alt-rock in the melodies. Listeners will love the beautiful tones and sounds that are explored in a sweeping way.

“Unchecked Desire” by Zach Tabori

Get up and dance with “Unchecked Desire” by Zach Tabori. The artist describes the sound from this song (and the album that this track belongs to) as if Mars Volta had a baby with Frank Zappa with a sprinkle of Sly and the Family Stone. “Unchecked Desire” features an upbeat rock beat blended in the veins of punk and hard rock. Listeners will love the danceable beat found in the sweeping rock melodies supported by blazing guitar riffs.

“Dance of the Vagabond Stranger” by Anastasios Tsambazis

If you a a fan of orchestral pieces from movie soundtracks, then you will fall in love with “Dance of the Vagabond Stranger” by Anastasios Tsambazis. This orchestral track has every element you can imagine from a movie, from the thrilling dramatic side to the subtle mellowness. Tsambazis composes a well-balanced track that will that bring adventure to the listener’s day.

“GO GET ‘EM TIGER” by Spilly Cave

American Lo-Fi Rock artist Spilly Cave creates an interesting premise in his latest track. “GO GET ‘EM TIGER” is a mellow, mid-tempo bedroom pop with a dreamy atmosphere with swirly melodies. The reason behind this is found in the composition context as it was created with the idea of finding optimism that is juxtaposed with the feeling that sometimes also I’d just like to sleep it off. Listeners will fall in with the music video as it has an interesting concept (I love that tiger costume) and it is incredibly relatable to our lives.

“Head Up In the Clouds” by Stuart Wilson

Fal in with this traditional take of reggae music in a fresh way by Stuart Wilson. “Head Up In the Clouds” features a wicked horn section with a riveting combination of the drumline and guitar arpeggios. It is a celebration of life with the groovy melodies of reggae, but with a personal touch done by Wilson.

“Like Love is Real – Radio Edit” by Yndling

Yndling is back with the dream-pop track “Like Love is Real”. Enter the world of Yndling’s dream-pop with vivid vocal melodies blended with evocation soundscape that expands with colorful textures and sounds. The melodies swirl in intoxicating ways that will lure listeners from the first beat. It is such a vivid dream-pop that has an amazing soundscape that listeners will fall in love with.

“Melancholy” by Pavel Szabo

Fall in love with the melodic mellowness in “Melancholy” by Pavel Szabo. Listeners will feel at ease with the song’s overtones of calming, minimal, and peaceful sounds. It is such a delightful piece that you can listen to anywhere at any time. It might be short, but it is such a sweet piece!

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