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10 Songs to Listen at the End of April

The season of cherry blossoms and new beginnings! April has been a wild month, but full of new music! Here are ten songs that you should be listening to at the end of April. These are songs from different artists around the world from a variety of genres. Listen to the songs and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

10 Songs to Listen at the End of April

“Outside looking in” by lizardream

“Inspired by her memories from her trip to India, the song was written by Adi, the lead singer-songwriter of an Israeli situated folk-rock band. The band then added their own interpretation with an Indian flute, a warm folk guitar, and percussions. The result is an intimate story of a cross cultural journey, and more importantly an ongoing inner journey that still continues. This is the first single of lizardream.” — lizardream

“The Nightshade Delirium” by Digression assassins

“The song is made up of three distinctly different parts, a surfy rock part, hard rock/punk part in the middle and a epic kinda a psycadelic closure” — Digression assassins

“We Got This” by Ben Weston

“I thought of the lyric for this song whilst I was walking around a shopping centre, considering the stories of the other shoppers. I had the first verse and melody bubbling in my head all day then the rest flowed out seamlessly when I got home.” — Ben Weston

“Crossroad” by Losun

“This is another song about the human experience. Specifically about crossing paths with other people. Eventually, we get to a “Crossroad” and meet someone with whom we connect like no other, but sometimes the time isn’t right. It’s a pretty straightforward indie-pop tune but we experimented a bit sonically to achieve more of a rough sound better identified with rock music.” — Losun

“Stormy Weather” by Annette Gregory

“I love jazz music and I like to put my own spin on things. So, I have created a more upbeat sound to what would have been normally a slow and sad sound tune. Though the words may be sad the sound is not. I like the words and I like to make things my own.” — Annette Gregory

“Gone South” by Bridge Dog

“When we pictured this song, we saw the view from a moving train window. Gone South has restless energy to it, a sort of motion that we think reflects this. It’s equal parts jagged and wistful, and its best moments come when you transition from one to the other – it’s the feeling of coming out of a tunnel into the light.” — Bridge Dog

“Our Love” by Strutman Lane

““Our Love” is a high-energy, funk/pop love song about the rush of a new relationship, and the feeling of unwavering support and love so desperately needed in the face of the pandemic. Beginning with an electric guitar/bass hook, the song settles into a groove-based verse, featuring call and response falsetto vocals, with electric keys and a singable bassline supporting the melody.” — Strutman Lane

“January” by Hollowed Sky

“Dancing In The Dark” by KOTR

“This composition is about relationships, about feelings and behavior. When you need to do something illogical at first look but it is for happiness for other person. Lifeline is not obvious. A person who transmits joy, and happiness to the outside world and energizes the people around him are not always happy inside himself and without heavy thoughts inside.” — KOTR

“The Light” by Deon Powter

“The light is like a cup of coffee for the soul. It’s an uplifting mix of disco and funk infused with blues guitar and lyrics with a positive message” — Deon Powter

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