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10 Songs to Listen at the End of June

Summer has begun! Here in Japan, June began as rainy but now it is really hot! June has been a wild month, but full of new music! Here are ten songs that you should be listening to at the end of June. These are songs from different artists around the world from a variety of genres. Listen to the songs and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

10 Songs to Listen at the End of June

“Before I Prosper” by Ayoni

“”‘Before I Prosper’ is such an important breakthrough in this project. A victory lap in so many ways for me as a singer, as a producer, and as a storyteller, I really feel like this song breaks every mold and exists in a very singular space. I love how whimsical and ambitious this song is and how freely I master space on the record.

‘Before I Prosper’ is about the moment before the breakthrough, the valley before the peak, and the way that my darkest moments have often become my greatest testimonies. Every single second of this song means the absolute world to me and I think it is the best reflection of who I am right now out of any song that I have ever released.” — Ayoni

“Mood Swings” by Caitlynne Curtis

“I based it around a couple who are both going thru life and using drugs/alcohol to cope which in return causes it to become toxic the song also can be a metaphor for life as a relationship and the chaos that comes from the ups and downs we all face” — Caitlynne Curtis

“Far Away Man” by The Dalmatians

“Every family everywhere, it would seem, has members who have served. The Dalmatians have been moved by recent international revelations to make this music video. In Far Away Man we reflect on the personal experience of one soldier, which has defined him and impacted his relationships, and how this would have occurred through time and across nations. Patriotism comes in many forms. In “Far Away Man” we suggest it is beholden on us all to respect and support those who have made a sacrifice on our behalf, those who have stuck with them, and those who have not.” — The Dalmatians

“Walking On The Moon” by Faux Naïf

“”Walking On The Moon” is about the desire and need to step away from real life and enter those places that just focus in on existence and not the stresses of life!” — Faux Naïf

“Easier” by Moodssupply

“Having a rough day? It’s gonna be easier! This song is all about that feeling that you want to hide from the things that life is throwing at you, but you also realize that it will turn around again. “Easier” has that chill & happy vibe to help you recover. A funky pop track with sweet soulful electronic elements to create that “get back on your feet” mood. Moodssupply is supported on this track by the amazing voice of Eeva, a Soul / R&B singer from Belgrade, Serbia.” — Moodssupply

“Pick Pocket’s Market” by Alive & Well

“With musical depth, the tune humorously describes the creation of a jazz song as a list of ingredients for a recipe. The song is especially characterized by sophisticated brass solos played with a lot of passion and love. I hope this tune brings you joy and fun.” — Alive & Well

“The Pond” by Jetlagged

“Inspired by lonely walks in lost and mystic woods, “The Pond” epitomizes the deep desire for transcendence, to escape our world without a trace, and to ultimately be reborn into a peaceful and soothing place that wraps us up in harmony with nature and ourselves.” — Jetlagged

“The Hyades Call” by uppergaff

“Inspired by the subtlety and the power of rain! The Hyades were the nymphs in Greek mythology that would bring the rain! The song features classic tropes from Post-Rock with symphonic elements and some Progressive Rock with heavy guitars!” — uppergaff

“I.C.U.” by Color of Silence

“”I.C.U” tells the story of a person who, on the verge of death, is flooded with an unexpected sense of peace. We learn his story through three moments: bewilderment, realization, and goodbye. “I.C.U.” stands both for “intensive care unit” and “I see you”, both allegories to the moment that he lives between the harsh reality and his perception of it.” — Color of Silence

“Glass House” by Greg Nestler

Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter, Greg Nestler and his band have been delivering their fiery blend of soul/rock to audiences throughout the NW. Pulling from influences like Bill Withers to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, Nestler’s live performances feature dynamic blues guitar, soulful vocals, and groove-fueled originals.

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10 Songs to Listen at the End of June

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    Great choise of music. I like the number one. But I cannot say it’s my favorite because I prefer to listen to easy tempo and 80’s.

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