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10 Songs to Listen at the End of March

In like a lion, out like a sheep! March has been a wild month, but full of new music! Here are ten songs that you should be listening to at the end of March. These are songs from different artists around the world from a variety of genres. Listen to the songs and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

10 Songs to Listen at the End of March

“Bad Bad Man” by the impliers

“This song is a representation of our signature musical elements, electronic beats, synths, wildly tuned guitars, rich layers of vocal harmonies, and introspective, vulnerable ruminating lyrics and shows how Charles and Dan are able to challenge and complement one another styles through a song that tends to morph never-ending while holding itself together” — the impliers

“The Difference” by Daddy_the_Muse

“Caritas” by Peter Calandra

“The Decadence Of All Perspectives” by DY3-thx12-4432

Davide Perico is a keyboardist, bassist, composer of music for films and games, and producer with over 20 years of experience. Yoshimitsu 4432 is a true guitar hero, and being a rock star nothing is known about him. Not even Davide knows his age or his face.

We are two artists who accidentally met online. Davide while writing some reviews on Submithub listened to a song by Yoshimitsu, he was fascinated by it, he contacted him to ask him for a Spotify link and insert that song in one of the playlists he is the editor of. They kept in touch from here, until Davide asked Yoshimitsu to play some guitar parts for music for a game, and he liked them so much that the idea of trying to make music together was automatic.

“Right Now, Other Side” by Lex Holmes

“This song is an open letter of sorts about missing someone but also knowing you cannot be with them. It also is a self-reflection of regret, and grief in the ending of a relationship. Lyrics in the song like “I’ll haunt myself” display a place of self-reflection/regret as well.” — Lex Holmes

“Can’t You Hear (The People)” by Blowaway

“”Can’t You Hear (The People)” is a song that recognizes the careful hope our generation has for the future, despite the trials and tribulations that we’re currently undergoing and the ones that are just on the horizon. It is an indie-rock type song that focuses on generating good vibes (ala “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure) and a catchy refrain to make it stand out.” — Blowaway

“One Day” by Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun is a solo project created by multi-instrumentalist Chris Minielly. Weaving together inspiration from bands such as STRFKR, Youth Lagoon, and Panda Bear, Minielly creates dreamy, pop-centric soundscapes with experimental flair. The Ontario based artist allows his instruments to speak equally to his voice urging listeners to get lost in richly layered guitar lines and deep droning synths/

“When Autumn Leaves” by JAÎSA

“So Long” by Bob Marston & the Credible Sources

Birmingham, Alabama-based band Bob Marston & the Credible Sources just released “So Long,” the title track to their forthcoming debut album, set for release on June 3rd. Bob Marston wrote “So Long” after reflecting on how to be a better friend and take equal responsibility for disconnection and put in equal work for reconnection.

“Island In the Sea (feat. Aaron Myers)” by Groove Park

““Island In the Sea” is the first release from Oren Levine’s Groove Park project, a collection of collaborative recordings that draw on jazz and other styles and vibes from the rich traditions of Black American Music. This first song, sung by Aaron Myers, is a smooth R&B groove about escaping the city with the one you love for a life of warmth and ease on a tropical island. The song delivers the soul of a 1980s R&B hit with contemporary energy.” — Groove Park

“Hey Jackson” by The EOK Project x Anat Schwartz

“Jackson is a metaphor for the artist, any artist, who turns on an inner light in the listener and gives him strength. Leaving behind songs that remain in our hearts and forever remind us where we came from and where we wanted to go.” — EOK Project

“Backwoods” by Remon

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