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10 Songs to Listen at the End of May

The month of warm/cold weather as summer and winter are beginning! May has been a wild month, but full of new music! Here are ten songs that you should be listening to at the end of May. These are songs from different artists around the world from a variety of genres. Listen to the songs and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

10 Songs to Listen at the End of May

“By Your Bed” by Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends

“”BY YOUR BED”, my first release since last year’s double album 17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate, is a testimony of deep sorrow or, more precisely, a song about sitting by a beloved person’s death bed. I wanted the lyrics to be as straightforward as possible here, or even simplistic.” — Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends

“Small Talk” by Cara Nicole

“”Small Talk” is a sassy tune about seeing through a fboy/fgirls’ bullshit. The lyrics signal dating trends like benching, breadcrumbing and love bombing, and capture the feeling of rolling your eyes. I wrote this song once I got perspective on “situationships.” — Cara Nicole

“Athlone” by socialghosts

With sonic landscapes, purposeful lyrics, and compelling melodies, socialghosts is a Los Angeles indie rock trio. Blending stylistic influences like The Band CAMINO, The 1975, and The Maine with the iconic sounds of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, socialghosts breathes new life into their music with a unique approach.

“Best of Me” by Michael Costantini

Michael Costantini’s new single “Best of Me” is a foot-stomping up beat rock song. With deep baritone guitar played by the “Ian Thornley” of “Big Wreck”. Ian Thornley helped produce this song and played the main guitar part on a baritone guitar. Reminiscent of “The Black Keys” and “Sound Garden” this single will fire you up and make you wanna dance.

“Last Call” by Dance Yourself Clean

“Sunflower Seeds” by Joshua Woo

“Shade of Blue” by Addezine

“Shade Of Blue” is the latest single which explores the feelings of emptiness after falling out of love with someone. Addezine is a true DIY artist breaking through the UK scene, his songs being written, recorded, and produced all from his bedroom.

“Love Never-Ending” by JunkHeap

“This song is about the hope that a relationship lasts forever, and that the love builds and becomes deeper over time, and most of all that the two people become a team and rely on each other.” — JunkHeap

“Peace of Mind” by Clubsoda

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10 Songs to Listen at the End of May

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