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10 Songs to Listen to on This Friday Night!

TGIF! It’s finally Friday! Any plans tonight? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Friday Tunes!

“When It’s All Over” by Eeppi Ursin

“This song is totally inspired by the Covid 19 -pandemic and the strange period of lockdowns and social distancing. I was especially touched by how this affects many older people who have had to stay isolated without a chance to meet their loved ones. That’s a devastating scenario to go through in what might be your last times in this world. In the song lyrics I hold your hand, bring you flowers and come inside and hug you. When it’s all over”

Eeppi Ursin’s newest single “When It’s All Over” is an upbeat song that depicts hope when the pandemic is over. This bittersweet song eatures the dreams and hopes that we all have about when it is all over. This message is presented with a gorgeous piano-driven instrument with some Adult Contemporary elements. The lyrics are sung by Ursin with melacholic, soothing tones. Don’t forget to listen to the guitar hidden throughout as it provides some funky riffs. “When It’s All Over” is a gorgeous song with uplifting vibes in the lyrics and melody.

“FxL” by Sirius Lyrae

American EDM musician Sirius Lyrae hopes to evoke nostalgic feelings with their newest single “FxL”. The story is based on a girl who’s in love and letting her partner know through her love for music. It starts with a laid-back synth riff with melodic fmeale vocals. It is at the chorus is when it gets energetic with its danceable beats. Though “FxL” seems like a laid-back dance tune, there is some glimmer of energetic beats that have listeners sway along.

“Outside” by Ava Faith

17-year-old singer-songwriter Ava Faith is showcasing her talents with her latest single “Outside”. The song showcases Faith’s talent as she blends pop, rock, alternative, and psychedelic to reflect her influences and her own musical journey. The main star is Faith’s showcase as they lead the melody with power and a wide range. The chorus features catchy hooks that will have listeners listen to. “Outside” is a great rock tune that features a delicious rock melody, catchy hooks, and Faith’s powerful vocals.

“Outta Love” by Gebrasy

“We are running outta love.” Lithuanian Alt Indie R&B/Electropop singer Gebrasy is starting the weekend right with his ultra-catchy tune “Outta Love”. This song is about setting those boundaries and learning to say no in many different ways to take back control of your life. At the first beat, the listener will be hooked immediately with ultra-catchy hooks and slick vocals. Just listen to that chorus, I love that melody so muich. Throughout the song, Gebrasy showcases his diverse talent as a singer but also a rapper. If you need a catchy song this weekend, then “Outta Love” by Gebrasy is for you!

“Can’t Get Ebough” by Marc Lawrence X AYISA

Get ready to dance this Friday night with “Can’t Get Ebough” by Marc Lawrence and AYISA. This tune features the blissful combination of Marc Lawrence’s disco vibe with AYISA’s soulful vocals. The song features unforgettable melody lines in the chorus with saxaphones accompanying the melodies with short bursts. It is a delicious dance tune with its snappy melodies, upbeat tempos, and its feel-good vibe. It is so addictive!

“Rattlensake” by Eaten By Echoes

“Mama said I can be anything I wanted.” Solo rock project Eaten By Echoes hopes to rattle some noise with the heavy hitting sounds featured in “Rattlesnake”. It is about triumph and resilience in the face of adversity. Not letting the snake pit of the world consume you with doubt and disbelief. Listeners should check out the chorus especially with the memoriable hooks that will have listeners singing along.

“Knock On Another Door” by Mar Rendón x Chris Ovid

Another song to dance along to this Friday night, this time with “Knock On Another Door” by Mar Rendón and Chris Ovid. It is a powerful EDM track with powerful female vocals singing catchy melodies. Mar Rendón’s vocals might remind listeners of Christina Aguilera as both have powerful vocals with strong tones and vibrattos. It also features smooth instrumentation that brings a mellower side. Knock On Another Door” by Mar Rendón and Chris Ovid is a cool EDM tune that features robust vocals that has so much potenital.

“Saints In Hell” by Sweet Lou

“Saints In Hell” is the second single from Swedish rock band Sweet Lou’s upcoming EP “The Riot In Me”. There is some sort of nonstaglia featured in the song. Maybe because one can hear the elements of modern rocks from the early 2000s in the instrumentation. It is led by heavy guitars but also features a unique trumpet submelody. The vocals are hrash in tone, they but do sing something melodic. If you are looking for a tune similar to something from the early 2000s and rock, then you have to check out “Saints In Hell” by Sweet Lou.

“call” by greyhound

UK Neo-Soul artist greyhound hopes that listeners embrace the liberation in moving on from a dysfunctional relationship with their latest single “call”. It features a powerful and important message about sticking to one’s own boundaries. Laid-back moods vibrate through the song with its restrained yet relaxing instrumentation. There are glimpses of groovy melodies in the instrumentation. The song also features meledious and soft vocals that sing feathery melodies. Relax this Friday with “call” by greyhound!

“Dream Dealer” by Russ Robson

American Indie Rock musician Russ Robson invites you to take a relaxing journey with his newest single “Dream Dealer”. The song features hautning melodies in the gorgeous acoustic guitar strumming. Robon doesn’t hold back any emotions as his vocals present something honest and bare in their tones. “Dream Dealer” also features something unique: a mixture of alternative grunge rock and folk. It is a very suprising but alluring mixture because they work so well: grunge vocals and folk instrumnetation. I highly recommend “Dream Dealer” as this grunge folk tune is gorgeous and intriging.

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs to Listen to on This Friday Night!

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