10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 11)

Swedish indie folk/alt-rock artist SAVEN is back with his newest single “Falling Falling Down”. The song is about taking the wrong path without really fully understanding why. It is about being in an unhealthy situation and trying to bring the unconscious reasons for your decisions to your awareness. The artist does an amazing job of conveying the feelings of despair, fear, and avoidance in this honest track. It is one that features an acoustic guitar sliding down, earthen vocals, and mellow drum beats that match the song’s sentiments. It is such a breath of fresh air that also makes you aware of your own feelings.

“Positive Attitiude” by John Gallen

“I thought it would be interesting to chuck 17th and 18th-century proverbs into a pop song. The idea is that everybody needs a positive attitude after the pandemic. Behind the simplicity, there’s the depth that says: ‘We’ve been here before, it’ll all be okay.”

Irish John Gallen releases his debut single “Positive Attitude” with a punch. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, and Rick Wakeman, Gallen takes the flavors of their music and makes it his own within “Positive Attitude” to create something funky and feel-good. Listeners cannot forget about the chorus with those dynamic energy levels in the vocals while being supported by majestic instrumentation. It is a show-stopping moment!

“Secret” by Michael Costantini

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Michael Costantini talks about tragic love in his newest single “Secret”. The artist creates a bare soundscape with an acoustic guitar, timpani, and orchestral sounds. This down-to-earth, stripped-back atmosphere really displays the depth of emotions going in the lyrics very well. The listeners can feel the honesty and emotional toll the singer feels with each note in the instrumentation but also with the sober vocals. It is such a beautiful song to listen to!

“St John is my Friend” by Balthazar B

Balthazar B creates an alt-country track that will grab attention. “St John is my Friend” tells the story of a traveler, a drifter, through the America of the artist’s imagination. The track features very catchy melodies and thumpy rhythms that will catch the listener’s attention instantly. I just love the variety of vocal techniques Balthazar B employs in the song because it just fit the song so well. “St John is my Friend” by Balthazar B is an energic tune that is composed in such a way that will have you thumping along to its catchy vibes in no time.


American Indie Rock band SAMSARA. delivers a blazing rock soundscape in their newest track “AWAKE”. A high-energy rock sounds that hum with voltaic vigor, “AWAKE” features unexpected twists and turns in the melody that turn these discoveries into something delightful. It’s a rock track that features flaming guitar riffs, punchy drums, and emotional tracks. Listeners cannot miss out on the instrumental break as it features so many honest emotions in that guitar solo.

“Feel My Love” by Saint Mish

Get ready to dance this weekend with the hypnotic lulls of “Feel My Love” by Canadian Future House artist Saint Misha. This dancefloor track features a deep house sound that combines beautiful vocals and melodic synth toplines with bass undertones. It is the perfect track for your dance party with dance energy and catchy riffs in the vocal melody. Dance this weekend away with “Feel My Love”.

“Slow Motion” by Limón Limón

American Indie Pop band Limón Limón is back with their newest track “Slow Motion”. Listeners might think of think Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” meets Rex Orange County when listening to this track. That is because it features a blend of classic rock with modern indie pop. Vintage piano, acoustic guitar, and live drums support this blend with their unique parts. “Slow Motion” is such a gorgeous tune with its indie-pop melodies and classic rock instrumentation that gives off mellow vibes. It is a perfect track to listen to this spring!

“Mirrors” by Creature Canyon

American Indie Rock band Creature Canyon reflects on their journey with the new track “Mirrors”. The track deals with confrontation, self-reflection (or a lack thereof), and eventual acceptance. The band creates a glittery atmosphere inside Psychedelic Rock vibes with psychedelic R&B grooves, glassy guitars, and spacey synth tones. These dazzling, space-like musicality are supported by introspective lyrics. It is such a groovy song to listen to anywhere as such a glimmery soundscape that is impressive.

“The Tardigrade” by Thomas Craymer

Hungarian Indie Rock artist Thomas Craymer is back with his newest song “The Tardigrade”. The lyrics take a humorous perspective about water bears in a way that is like childlike playfulness. These lyrics are supported by a soundscape that is both modern and nostalgic. It combines ’60s style psychedelia with instruments like an oud and a kazoo. Listeners will really enjoy the sentimental vibes of ’60s style psychedelia in the song as it takes you back to that era. Craymer does a fabulous capturing that are wistful but creates something modern with childlike playfulness.

“It’s Only Rock N’ Roll” by Peter Rogan

American Folk Rock artist Peter Rogan gives an interesting twist to a classic rock track. “It’s Only Rock N’ Roll” was originally done by The Rolling Stones. However, Rogan breathes new life into the song as his rendition features rock and Americana sounds. He describes this version as something “like a rock band playing at a Broadway bar.” Rogan’s version of “It’s Only Rock N’ Roll” is very well-done as it features big energy, melodies, and fun! Listeners can’t miss this song!