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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 13)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Beat of Our Hearts” by Night Acclaim

Night Acclaim creates a dark electronic soundscape with their newest track “Beat of Our Hearts”. This song tells the story of being in a romantic relationship with someone you’re obsessed with. The romantic lyrics are laid over dark electropop instrumentation that is supported by catchy melodies and melodic vocals. The chorus is something to listen for due to how the melodies and instrumentations come together to create a melodic depth that is fantastic.

“When My Phone Dies” by Rainlights

American Indie Pop Singer-songwriter Rainlights makes her debut with “When My Phone Dies”. It is about the feeling of being alone with no access to distractions. Laid on minimal instrumentation, Rainlights’ diverse vocals create a beautiful depth that makes the song more personal and intimate. The artist bears all her emotions honestly in this straightforward manner. Such a beautiful listen and makes the listeners wonder what will the artist’s next release will be.

“The Call” by Päter

Imagine being in a bar in purgatory with a bunch of seedy people hanging around. This is how the Canadian pop-rock band Päter describes their newest track “The Call”. This honeysuckle rock track is hypnotic, especially the chorus, as the melodies go back and forth in mesmerizing motions. Listeners might relate this song’s style to those of 90s ska rock band No Doubt’s as there might be some musical influence from the 90s band featured in “The Call”. This track will be an instant earworm for anyone who listens!

“Stolen Me” by Manuel the Band

Fall in love with the acoustic charm that is featured in “Stolen Me” by Manuel the Band. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Young the Giant, and Dave Matthews Band, Manuel the Band masterfully creates lively melodies inside a soothing soundscape with an acoustic guitar, violin, and pedal steel guitar. Listeners can’t miss out on the beautiful female and male vocal combinations. Perfect for anywhere!

“Butterflies” by Roger Perelló

UK Folk singer-songwriter Roger Perelló documents the feeling of heaviness after a breakup with the song “Butterflies”. This gorgeous acoustic folk texture has a lot of diverse textures that make this song an instant attraction. There are a lot of textures in the instrumentation with the guitar strumming, and in the vocals with the vocal styles and the harmonies. Roger Perelló’s vocals are very soothing and soulful as his vocals offer a glimpse into the storytelling of “Butterflies”. It is a perfect song to relax to this weekend.

“To Antares” by The Citradels

Australian Indie Rock The Citradels released their first single “To Antares” from their new album Conductor. The band actually used an analog modular synthesizer that the band built themselves from scratch for this album. The Citradels took influences from electronic pioneers Mort Garson and Pierre Henry to create a hazy, warm soundscape inside “To Antares” that is filled with dazy synth riffs. There are minimal vocals featured in this track, but when it does appear, it adds a unique layer to this fuzzy track that is out of this world.

“Dreamer (feat. David Frank & Daemon)” by Danny Olson

American Cinematic Danny Olson pairs up with David Frank and Daemon to create the diverse track that is “Dreamer”. The song first starts off in soft volumes with a dark texture featured in the instrumentation. Then mid-way, the track explodes with energy from the dynamic raps. Then the chorus catches that energy as it soars with spirit. Such a powerful track that is filled to the brim with inspiration.

“Taking My Time” by Victims of the New Math

US alt-rock band Victims of the New Math wants you to believe in yourself with the track “Taking My Time”. Just be yourself! This rock track paints this messed with a diverse range of energy from the slow, soft verses to the loud, fast-paced verses. This contrast in energy is a perfect representation of the lyrics. Listeners should listen to the song in full as it is a serious inspiration for times like now.

“My Kinda Strange” by Peter Rogan

Americana Peter Rogan brings in a groovy kind of rock with his newest track “My Kind Strange”. It is about loving all the strange things about your person. Every note in this track is so addictive to listen as Rogan mixes rock, Americana, and blues to create this driven track. I just love those backing vocals and guitar riffs! But, I love everything about this song because blues-rock is something so special and you listen over and over because it is so alluring!

“MADE4LIFE” by Moodssupply x Mishell Ivon

Artists Moodssupply and Mishell Ivon come together to create a catchy nu-disco track called “MADE4LIFE”. The tack feature funky grooves blended in with feel-good altitude. Every part of this song will have you get up and dance anywhere, even in your car! It is so darn addictive!

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