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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 15)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Stormy Weather” by RedrumSociety

American Indie Rock band RedrumSociety sets the music scene ablaze with their newest single “Stormy Weather”. The song is based on the verbally abusive relationship that bandleader Zach Cohen experienced. The band takes back that power with a catchy melody and an upbeat tempo intertwined with emotional lyrics that detail the struggles in a verbally abusive relationship mixed with death and addiction. My favorite part is the part before the chorus with the layered vocal textures, but also the big energy featured in the vocals. It is an upbeat and fun rock song with a serious message that cannot be forgotten!

“HIGH3R” by Trent-Jean

“It spawned as a love song 4 years ago, but during the production stage at the close of 2021 – my Dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. It (HIGH3R) then shifted gears in my motivation, that being to incite the energy of having to rise above challenges faced in this lifetime.”

Australian alternative rock artist Trent-Jean explodes onto his atomic pop-rock tune “HIGH3R”. The track is driven by the energies from love, desire, and rising above adversities in life to be the best in your life. The song starts off with an explosive entrance with high-energy rock blazes in with sweet guitar riffs. Trent-Jean’s diverse rock vocals are mixed with lush female vocals to create catchy melodies within the positive soundscape. “HIGH3R” is such an inspiration with not only its lyrical content but also the melodies and tempo.

“It Follows the Rain” by Psychedelic Revolution

The weekend needs another alternative rock song, this time with “It Follows the Rain” by Australian artist Psychedelic Revolution. This rock tune features a diverse range of instrumentation from the soulful organs, to the driving bassline, and then the cascading piano melodies. But, the driving point of this song is Psychedelic Revolution’s vocals as there is a certain element to them that makes the sound unique with their earthen, bass tones. They are very relaxing to listen to as they lead listeners down the song’s melody lines. It is a great listen for this weekend!

“Disappearing” by Salsola

UK indie rock band Salsola is back with their newest single “Disappearing” with an anthemic theme on an important issue. The lyrics focus on mental health and how we can break away from the daily routines that we are accustomed in order to become something more. “Disappearing” is a gorgeous mid-tempo song with a mixture of acoustic and electric tones in the musicality. The instrumentation creates a hazy soundscape with a mixture of high-energy musical breaks and laid-back verses. The powerhouse is the vocals as they are robust, and melodic in order to create a strong backbone to this tune. Very relaxing to listen to this weekend!

“Like a Girl” by kaylin cervini

“During a life changing moment in my life, I wrote this song. I never knew I could have feelings for a girl, and the realization I could was scary. The release of this song will be me telling my friends, family, & the world that I have been dating a girl.”

American pop singer-songwriter kaylin cervini contemplates about liking a girl in the newest single kaylin cervini. kaylin cervini crafts a compelling soundscape that motivates listeners with its down-to-earth, bold, and honest musicality that is crafted with a dramatic climax,gorgeous progression, and open lyrics. The artist breathes life into the song with such soul and conviction that it makes “Like a Girl” such a beautiful yet powerful listen. Listen to the very end as the choir featured is filled with LGBTQ singers.

Flood gates by Electrons in Slow Motion

Mediate this weekend with this EP from the Romanian ambient musician Slow Motion. Each track is emotional charge in their own write with their own “cardinal point”that paints a different musical soundscape. You can hear the brightness, feel the glacier chills, journey through the clouds, and ground yourself in your own self with each track. The themes that run in this EP to see the fragility of our human identity and the perils of ignorance and unnecessary aggression towards nature. It is a beautiful EP to think upon and mediate with this weekned.

“1976” by VOCAL LONER

“This is, again, a tragic love song from another perspective – more of a tragic love story.
I took heavy inspiration from A Star is Born, writing a story about a man who fell in love with a girl in the audience at one of his shows, their subsequent relationship, and its downfall after years of a toxic lifestyle filled with depression and addiction.”

Swedish Indie Pop artist VOCAL LONER is back with her original track “1976”. The artist was heavily influenced by the 70s when writing this song. Listeners can hear these influences through the nonstaglic melodies and instrumentation. However, there is a very modern touch with “1976” with the vocals as they are light and melodic, a perfect contrast against jarring guitar riffs. The theme of tragic love drips heavily in this song, from the lyrics to the instrumentation, listeners can feel this theme deeply. It is such a well0craft song that has so many deep feelings that listeners can experience easily.

“Golden Canary” by Feralman

Welsh Indie Folk singer-songwriter Feralman explores a expansive soundscape in his newest track “Golden Canary”. This track explores the narrative for the consequences that surface when you don’t act upon your dreams. Feralman’s newest track is rich in a expansive soundscape as the artists takes a cinematic approach to writing this song. A variety of lush texture and sound are written in such beautiful ways that have listeners to each and every note. Feralman brillantly crafts a beautiful cinematic soundscape in “Golden Canary” that will leave listeners wanting more.

“Close to Me” by Clifford

Get ready to dance the weekend with this catchy fusion of pop and house by American artist Clifford. The song had this to say about the song’s theme: “It’s a whimsical song about a person amiing the best out a world turned bitter, upside down”. Listeners will get up and dance from the first beat of “Close to Me” with its catchy dance beat in the instrumentation and melodies. “Close to Me” reverberates throughout the listener’s body, from head to toe, with its bounciness and sweetness. Though this song has a lighter bass and deeper kicks than Clifford’s previous tracks, “Close to Me” is the perfect dance floor track!

“Can I Kick It?” by Dearion

““Can I Kick It” is a song about the age-old tale of unrequited love. If you’ve been in love with someone that doesn’t love you back or if you’ve ever felt like you were so down for a person and never received any of that love or loyalty back then it should be something that you can relate to. Its like stating your resume kinda. Like I see you, but can you see me? I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that feeling.”

American Alternative Indie R&B artist Dearion creates a chilled vibe for this weekend with his newest single “Can I Kick It?”. It is a slick tune with those melodic vocals entwined with a relaxing combination of hip-hop-styled drum beats and R&B-influenced synth riffs. Listeners have to listen to Dearion’s vocals as their sweet vocal tones drive the song, captivating listeners with their sweetness and dexterity.

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