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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 17)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Not About Angels” by Karen Harding

Australian folk-pop artist Karen Harding has released her second acoustic single this week. Harding had this to say about why she choose to cover this song: “The song is ambiguous, however to me it represents the space, or limbo between holding onto something, or someone, you love from your past and taking the step towards something for your future.” The artist does an amazing job covering this Birdy tune, making her own with how Harding constructs her vocals in a way that is raw and emotive. The addition of the twinkling piano lines and the heavy strings deepens this emotional soundscape, even more, making “Not About Angels” such a beautiful piece to listen to.

“Ordinary” by Rye Catchers

American EDM/electropop artist Rye Catchers pairs up with Spanish vocalist Nekane and Nigerian DJ duo Maze X Mxtreme to present the perfect dance tune for your late-summer weekend. “Ordinary” is a smoky piece with sultry vocals, bouncy beats, and sultry vocals. Yet, there are a lot of unique vocal melodies that piques the listener’s interest along with the bits and piece of surprising instrumentation solos (hello guitar!). There is a lot of flavors featured in this song that will explode as they are delicious and addictive!

“Teras Bar” by Lonasona

Swiss instrumentalist Lonasona hopes to soothe your weekend with this relaxing instrumental. “Teras Bar” features a combination of bossa nova rhythms, Latin grooves, and folk riffs to become this laid-back tune. There is a little bit of everything from the triumphing trumpet solo to the chilled guitars that have the listeners want to sit back near the water with a cool drink in hand. Perfect tune for the late spring.

“Running Back” by Claire Littley

If you are a fan of George Michael, Lisa Stansfield, or Sade, then you have to check out “Running Back” by English retro soul/pop artist Claire Littley. Many anime fans will know her for the iconic cover of “Fly Me To The Moon” for Neon Genesis Evangelion. But, “Running Back” is different than that as Littley wanted to challenge herself to release something new and different. The track featured the artist’s honeyed vocals that are laid over the disco-influenced bass groove, ambient synths, and saxophone riffs, The combination of the instrumentation, the warm vocals, and the dance beat makes this a perfect song to dance to this weekend.

“333” by HOL – Hollie Findlay

UK indie pop/indie rock artist HOL releases the track “333” today. The artist had this to say about the meaning of 333: “The number 333 is an angel number. Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that have a specific divine message behind them. The number 333 symbolizes love, life, and protection.” “333” is an upbeat acoustic rock-pop song with a boppy beat, charging lead in the guitar riffs, and soothing vocal lines. Listeners have to listen to the end as the song’s energy bursts open with a powerful guitar push that is electrifying.

“The Fall” by Issac Neilson

UK Folk-Rock Issac Neilson releases their blazing track “The Fall”. This track might have listeners think about the ’70s and 80’s folk-rock period with such artists as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, and the Eagles, “The Fall” features those nostalgic sounds in the instrumentations, solos, and vocal lines. Just listen to the chorus and you will hear that explosion of nostalgia. However, the song features a touch of modern musicality, especially in the vocals, with their sound and musical structure. If you are a fan of classic folk-rock, then this is the song for you!

“Defender” by Julie Hicklin

Dance this weekend with the bouncy track “Defender” by English dance-pop artist Julie Hicklin. This track takes a nod to the 80s and 90s as the lyrics depict the scene of a woman scorned via courtroom drama. Listeners will get up and dance with the hearty synth riffs, the powerful vocals, and the dancey arpeggios. From start to finish, this song is high-energy with addictive melodies. If you are looking for a song to step up your workouts, then you have to add this to your workout playlist with its motivated soundscape.

“Hope You Like The View” by Poison Oak

Australian alt-rock band Poison Oak releases their third single, entitled “Hope You Like The View”, from their upcoming EP. The band had this to say about the song: “The song explores the themes of choices, and sometimes how someone’s unexpected choices can affect the people they’re close to.”. The band combines punk rock themes with soothing 90’s alternative rock riffs to create this blazing tune with unforgettable guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Listeners shouldn’t forget to listen to how the band builds up the energy from start to finish as it really fascinating how the band builds it up so steadily.

“What Do You Want” by Garvie

“It’s depressing to see get Z getting blamed for things that my generation was blamed for – I wrote this song 5 years ago and it resonates just as much now. I can’t see us understanding each other better and fixing this in 2022, and the tension and paranoia you feel in the chorus reflect that.”

UK rock pop artist Garvie releases an uplifting anthem for younger generations with “What Do You Want”. The lyrics ask the question that every generation should be asking its predecessors: “What do you want?”. This rock-pop anthem delivers that hope and empowerment in this form of its catchy melodies, uplifting melodies, and just a power0blazing soundscape. Anyone will repeat the lyrics as the call-and-response approach is very addictive but totally relatable. Listeners have to especially watch the music video as it features an ingenious usage of DIY Instagram filters.

“A Little Piece Of me” by Brave New Broken Hearts Club

English Indie Pop artist Brave New Broken Hearts Club is back with their newest single entitled “A Little Piece Of me”. The artist sings about love in this power-pop track that is filled with huge drum beats and electrifying guitar riffs. Brave New Broken Hearts Club weaves the lyrics and the musicality of this single carefully together to create something heartfelt and warm.

There is a touch of courage and vulnerability in the song’s lyrics as the artist opens up his own heart to inspire the lyrics. But, don’t forget about the vocals as they led listeners down this heartfelt journey with their rich sounds. “A Little Piece Of me” is such a heartwarming song that you cannot miss out on!

BONUS: “Want You” by Glenn Valles

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