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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 19)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Next To Me” by Bekim!

German music producer Bekim! is ready to get your weekend groove with their newest track “Next To Me”. This track has the classic New Jack Swing and retro R&B that are slick and full of flavor. From the R&B vocals to the catchy instrumentation, there are so many juicy musical flavors that will have listeners dance to! Get ready for summer with “Next To Me”!

“Kitua Fortune” by Volleyball

Manifest the reality you want this weekend with “Kitua Fortune” by UK Indie Rock band Volleyball. This title track from their upcoming EP captures a dreamy haze in a psych musical world. Listeners can hear the experimental beats of psych in bits and pieces sprinkled throughout. Yet, this psych musical world is wrapped in a dreamy soundscape that is rich and vivid. Just listen to that chorus as swirls of misty musicality pull listeners in with its delightful musical spirals.

“Painting Houses” by Alex Spinney

London-based pop artist Alex Spinney captures an imidate side of heartbreak in the soaring ballad entitled “Painting House”. The artist had this talk about the meaning behind the track: “To me, it captures that unique feeling you get when you hear that your ex has settled down with a new partner, and is now ‘painting houses’.” “Painting Houses” is a soulful synth-pop ballad that soars with such spirit and passion, fueled by honest emotions. Spinney constructs the song seamlessly as he builds the suspense slowly but perfectly as it bursts by the end with such raw emotions that moves listeners.

“white pants” by PK

Go back to the early 2000s pop-punk scene this weekend with “white pants” by Estonian pop-punk artist PK. “The song is inspired by situations in life where we just ourselves in and don’t even know how we got there.,” PK has mentioned the meaning of the song. Inspired by Estonian romantic punk bands as well as Placebo and Blink 182, “white pants” has that nostalgic feel of pop-punk with its musicality. Yet, it isn’t just the instrumentation that makes this song addictive, but the vocals as the vocal melodies are catchy and want listeners to sing along anthemically.

“BY YOUR BED” by Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends

Swedish folk-rock band Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends are back with their newest single “BY YOUR BED”. It is a testimony of deep sorrow, a song about sitting by a beloved person’s death bed. The bands tried a more straightforward approach when writing the lyrics, and it worked so well. “BY YOUR BED” is a well-written folk-rock song with an expansive soundscape that paints a variety of emotions with intriguing melodies. Along with this instrumentation, there is a sense of intimacy painted in the lyrics but also the vocals that are worth the listen!

“Give In” by Bonze

London-based experimental indie-pop artist Bonze releases their newest single “Give In”, fresh off their debut album Self. The artist had this to say about the meaning behind the song: ” It is about giving in to external pleasures. It’s about giving in to that bad thing that you know you shouldn’t do, but you do it anyway because it feels good/offers pleasure at the moment.”. “Give In” is an experimental pop song that tests out different electronic sounds with dirty guitar riffs and moody fluidity in the soundscape. It is a song that listeners should listen to this weekend as to how the artist experiments with sounds, moods, and textures in this song are really fascinating.

“Nothing Left to Say” by SKYLIGHTS

British Alternative Band SKYLIGHTS releases the track “Nothing Left to Say” on their newest album WHAT YOU ARE. This emotional alt-rock tune is a fan favorite and listeners can hear why. It is a banger that is filled with blazing guitar riffs, honest emotions packed in the lyrics, and melodic verses that flow seamlessly into the high-energy choruses. If you are a fan of Feeder, U2, The Verve, or Oasis, then you have to listen to “Nothing Left to Say”.

“First” by Ariel Hill

Houston-based alternative pop singer releases “First”, the lead single off her upcoming album Moonstruck!. “First” is a sultry track that is a mesh of classic R&B with contemporary alternative pop aesthetics. Yet, listeners will be mesmerized by her powerful vocal performance by Hill. These soulful vocals are filled with so many delicious flavors, colors, textures, and energy that her vocals are what make this song pop! A perfect track to listen to this weekend as the soulful tendencies found in “First” are so addictive to listen to.

“Maybe” by Bineal Roy

Australian Indie Pop^Rock singer-songwriter Bineal Roy releases his newest song “Maybe”. Roy displays a more popish vibe in “Maybe” with an upbeat tempo and pop-like musicality in the vocals and the guitar riffs. The lyrics display a sense of hope in a relationship for the future. With these hopeful lyrics and popish soundscape, listeners cannot miss out on Roy’s soulful guitar solo during the musical break, but also his soothing vocals over the cozy instrumentation. A perfect combination for this weekend!

“On the cusp” by Tess Liautaud

Christchurch-based indie-folk artist Tess Liautaud is displaying a different side of her musicality with the acoustic track “On the cusp”. The artist had this to say about the meaning behind the lyrics: “When you know some change is about to occur in your life or around you, you just feel it, you can tell you’re in an in-between period, but that time is as important as any other!”. “On the cusp” is a gorgeous acoustic track with soothing vocals singing an enchanting melody over lively acoustic riffs. Listeners have to listen to the end as Tess’ melodic vocals are colorful, soothing, and charming.

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