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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 4)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

This Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Electric” by Jodi Valentin

Jodi Valentin is back with an upbeat dance track entitled “Electric”. This track features melodic vocals on top of a deep synth riff that cascades like a river. It soars during the chorus with those catchy hooks that will have people feel good but also sing along. The song is a soundtrack that will have listeners listen to anywhere and be uplifted, Such a gorgeous pop song!

“Loving You” by Refael Mirila

Refael Mirila details break-up with the mid-tempo track “Loving You”. It is about a painful breakup where the climax is in the realization of deep love to tSuhat a person long after it all ended and the pain it brings.”Loving You” features an expansive soundscape with a hazy mood. The track is mid-tempo, but it has some laid-back vibes embedded. The colorful vocals are what make the song with their soulful tunes. Don’t forget to listen to the end as there is a wonderful surprise at the end.

“Y.O.U (Remix by Kartikeya Mishra)” by 4-Jax & Phaser Beats

Get ready for a dance party with Y.O.U (Remix by Kartikeya Mishra)” by 4-Jax & Phaser Beats. It is a track that features a combination of Hip-Hop & Big Room by continuing the theme of hip-hop fusion that was heard in previous releases. “Y.O.U” is an upbeat rave with bouncy synth riffs that blazes throughout. It is coupled with melodic vocals provided by Kartikeya Mishra. It is the perfect song to dance to!

“Soul Doctor” by Xiko Wah

German Classic Rock artists want you to remember those days of enjoying music with thousands in the track “Soul Doctor”. A soulful rock track with electronic guitar riffs taking command at the beginning. The then expansive vocals with smooth tones join the guitar by the verse. The vocals’ tone reminds me of Jon Anderson of Yes. Listeners have to listen to the chorus as it features big energy with the blend of big band and rock to create an impressive melody. Such a well-written piece musically.

“Moon Dogs” by Skyelar

” “Moon dogs” is a nickname for a certain kind of halo that creates spots of light to the left and right of the moon. In the lyrics of the song, the phenomenon stands for the light that shines on a relationship that turns out to be unbreakable. The light also represents the strength in the relationship.”

This is what Dutch Alt-Rock artist Skyelar had to say about their latest track “Moon Dogs”. The song gives off cinematic feels with its atmospheric instrumentation. The verses are filled with dreamy melodies as it transforms into big energy by the chorus. Listeners are strongly recommended to listen to the very end as there is a dramatic ending performed by cellist Marta Tobar. “Moon Dogs” is calming alt-rock track with lots of intriguing musicality embedded into an expansive soundscape.

“Don’t Let Go” by The Trampoline Delay

Unpack life’s ups and downs with “Don’t Let Go” by The Trampoline Delay. The track talks about the struggles of relationships, lust, and temptations. Though there are darker undertones present in “Don’t Let Go”, listeners have to listen for the harmonious melody that is present in the vocals but also the guitars. It might even give some listeners nostalgia as the track implores on 90’s rock musical progressions and musicality. “Don’t Let Go” is a must-listen for its harmonious, guitar-driven indie rock track that has rad guitar riffs and catchy hooks.

“Out of Touch” by Sadurday

Sadurday’s new single “Out of Touch” is what you need to jam to if you are looking for a riveting post-punk track. This is what the artist had to say about the song: “The lyrics attempt to channel the final thoughts of a friend just moments before taking their life, a tragic real-life event that occurred during the writing and recording of the song.” “Out of Touch” is an energetic track that draws on influences on the 90’s punk/alternative scene. The track is filled with a balance of soft and harsh, light and dark. Just listen to that energy in the chorus!

“Dear Karma” by Felicia Lu

German electropop artist Felicia Lu hopes to start off on a new leaf with her latest track “Dear Karma”. The track dives into a story of being wronged in the past and taking revenge. Indulging on the hopes of being more unique and personal, Felicia Lu’s newest track is an ear-pleasing one with catchy hooks in the chorus. But, that isn’t all. The track is filled with Lu’s sweet vocals juxtaposed over a mix of light and heavy synth instrumentation. “Dear Karma” is an addictive track with sing-along melodies and contrasting melodies that will have listeners singing along: “Be careful what you wish for”.

“Borders” by Dominik Klein

German pop singer-songwriter Dominik Klein pours his heart out with his newest track “Borders”. Klein presents a powerful piece with driven melodies that are wrapped with heartful lyrics But it is Klein’s vocals that make the song with their melodic tones, down-to-earth approach, and expansive range. Listeners have to listen for the bridge as the key change is a beautiful twist that elevates the song. “Borders” is such an inspirational tune with such beautiful musicality. I just love it!

“Night We Met” by HUTS x Marmy

Get ready to dance with this uplifting dance track by HUTS and Marmy. It was created to remember that light-hearted time spent with that one special person. The track features bouncy basslines that keep that addictive beat in check. It is joined by Marmy’s dulcet voice that details lovelorn lyrics in a playful style. “Night We Met” is an energetic piece that will have listeners dance along this weekend.

BONUS: “Jungle Moves” by Peaces

Bonus: “17” by Miniboylen

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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