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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 8)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Of The Obviously” by Lomma

US Alt-Rock artist Lomma releases his newest single “Of The Obviously” ahead of his highly-anticipated EP. Having been in several bands before, Lomma is eager to take his solo career in a direction where he explores new ideas and his own music. “Of The Obviously” is a track that incorporates something familiar but different. The instrument may remind listeners of 90s alt-rock tunes with its instrumentation styles. But what makes this song personal and unique is Lomma’s vocals which are full of diverse ranges and volumes. It’s a real nice listen!

“Scarlet” by Once More, Autumn

Minneapolis-based Indie Rock artist Once More, Autumn explores acoustic sounds in his latest single “Scarlet”. The tune builds on themes of loss, longing, and awakening. Deeply personal lyrics unfold in Once More, Autumn’s melodies in a very endearing way. The melodies are present in a very persona and down-to-earth way where the feelings are bare in the stripped-back instrumentation and vocals. Even there is a hit on vulnerability in the vocal’s tones. The listener shouldn’t miss out on the surprise at the very end.

“Colored Pictures” by Wil Van Winkle & the Sixpins

Wil Van Winkle & the Sixpins is back with another track entitled “Colored Pictures”, It is an Americana track that is all about meeting somebody and losing them in a whirlwind adventure. It is a really laid-back track with a melody that progresses really nicely with the mellow vocals and the wicked guitar lines. It is the perfect track to listen in the track as it has calming rock elements, but there are nice little surprises that listeners shouldn’t miss out on.

“Can’t Wait” by Beach of Diamonds

Beach of Diamonds explodes on the music scene with their high-energy single “Can’t Wait”. It reminisces about the young teenage love in the past but also regrets how he was too shy to stand up for the love of his life. The track is a perfect pop-rock track with catchy hooks, especially in the chorus. But also, the high energy makes the song fun enough to dance and sing along. Are you ready to sing along with this track?

“Keeping My Number” by Render Ghosts

Synthpop artist Render Ghosts is ready to show the world their effortlessly melodic alternative pop with the track “Keeping My Number”. The lyrics tell a sassy but bittersweet saga of a person who struggles to make her ex see that their relationship is truly over. The melodic elements are heard in the colorful synth riffs that blaze in and out. Yet, the vocals are what make this song pop with their melodic, soft tones painting colorful, dulcet melodies. A lovely listen!

“Luxury (Peruvian Blend)” by Mister Davey Jones

Get ready to experience a delicious mixture of different genres in “Luxury (Peruvian Blend)” by Mister Davey Jones. It’s a fusion of hip hop and jazz with a Latin flair. This song is a collaborative effort of artists from Charleston South Carolina in the US to Sao Paulo Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. You can hear the Latin flare at the beginning with the fusion of hip-hop and jazz in the verses. Just listen to those vocal tones, they are very attractive with their deep, smooth tones. It matches well with the sultry mixture of Latin-infused melodies in the instrumentation. Listeners can’t miss out on this delicious track!

“SWEETER” by caseJackal

Get ready for the crunchy yet explosive energy in “SWEETER” by caseJackal. The track details an alien warning other aliens about Earth and humanity. You can hear the intensity in the vocals as they employ a method to deliver crunchy sounds. It really emphasizes the lyrics very really as the crunchy sounds bring the severity of the message. But underneath everything is a driving groove that makes the track catchy. You will sing along with the chorus in no time!

“Joon” by Eva Sita

Contemporary R&B artist Eva Sita is making waves with her gorgeous track “Joon”. The track pays tribute to the artist’s roots through catchy pop music. In “Joon”, Eva Sita creates melodies that are catchy and sultry with a mixture of contemporary and traditional instruments. She uses their sounds to create a sound that is engaging with a smoky and luscious tone. The heart of the tune is Sita’s vocals which are a perfect blend of melodic yet soulful. Listeners cannot miss out on “Joon” as it is a work of art with its soulful, unique, and tantalizing soundscape.

“Mermaid” by Brittany and the Blisstones

US Indie Folk duo Brittany and the Blisstones hopes to warm hearts but also raise awareness in their new track “Mermaid. The track explores the duo’s journey is a touching story of reinvention, reclamation, and second chances at love. From the soft vocals to the engaging instrumentation, “Mermaid” will grab the listeners from the first beat. The instrumentation attracts with a hypnotic trumpet solo (could this be a hint of ska?) and lively guitar strumming. But, listeners should pay attention to the lyrics entwined with honeyed vocals that highlight a very important message.

“Lighthouse” by The Shop Window

Travel back to the 90s with this newest track from the UK Indie Rock band The Shop Window. It is a warm track that features gorgeous melodies, especially the chorus. But, it is the down-to-earth sound in the vocals and instrumentation that makes this track so special. The ballad-like approach makes this song approachable and shows some vulnerability that listeners can relate to. If you are a fan of R.E.M. or Teenage Fanclub, then you have to check out “Lighthouse” today!

Which song is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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