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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 10)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Shape” by Sam Wright

“Shape takes the age-old theme of finding your way in a new place and looks at it through a futuristic lens. It’s about making the transition from a physical being to a digitally simulated entity – and questioning what will happen.”

American Indie Rock/Indie Pop artist Sam Wright brings an intersection of lo-fi bedroom pop and contemporary surf-rock with his latest track “Shape”. This upbeat indie-pop track features ethereal vocals and spicy guitar that is seat to a punchy rhythm. The punchiness of the instrumentation and the dreamy vocals are a perfect mix as they create a fantastic rock tune to listen to!

“Estrellas” by Ramon Chicharron

Get ready to dance this weekend with “Estrellas” by Ramon Chicharron. The track features Chicharron’s sincere efforts of blending Latin and Caribbean-influenced rhythms. The melodies feature a contrast between urban and natural, tradition and modernism, dream and reality. Although set to a calm, laid-back soundscape, “Estrellas” features catchy melodies that will have listeners dancing from the first beat!

“New Day Coming” by Bjorn Rydhog

Swedish artist Bjorn Rydhog takes a step towards pure pop heaven with his newest single “New Day Coming”. The track has a celebratory and hopeful feel with strong, inspiring melodies that uplifts listeners. It also expresses the ideas of the beauty and love that surrounds us with its musicality featuring airy retro synths and deep 808s. “New Day Coming” is the perfect song to jumpstart your day with its uplifting melodies and positive messages.


Hip-Hop artist KID TRAVIS just released their catchy track “RENT FREE”. It features instrumentation that is a mixture of guitars, synths, and drum kits to create an upbeat backing track. But it is KID TRAVIS’ vocals that are the true stars with their melodic stickiness. There are hints of honesty and vulnerability in these vocals as they express the lyrics with the utmost heartfelt. Perfect track to listen to!

“Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower” by The Lovelines

American pop-rock duo The Lovelines is back with their newest single “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower”. This track mixtures retro and modern grooves to create a semi-dark, melodic soundscape. The instrumentation gained influences from different types of rock genres and blues from the 60s and 70s. But, it is the vocal melodies that cause the song to leap into modernism. Listeners shouldn’t miss that crisp production in both the vocals and instrumentation as makes the song really pop.

“I Don’t Want To Be Here” by SAVEN

“It is about drawing the line and not accepting any guilt-tripping, blaming, aggressive behavior, gaslighting/crazy-making, or other unhealthy manipulative behaviors.”

Swedish soft rock artist SAVEN is back with the newest single “I Don’t Want To Be Here”. The track’s lyrics detail the idea of deciding not to put up with emotional abuse. The artist really expresses human actions in the song’s musicality really well. For example, listeners can hear the musical metaphors of a sigh in the bright and sharp tones of an electric guitar. Yet, the vocals are sung in a gritty manner to express the inner feelings of the song’s character embattling emotional abuse. It is a well-produced track that shows off the idea of “enough is enough” both lyrically and musically.

“Lead Vampire” by Local Bylaws

American pop-punk band Local Bylaws gets inspired by one of its bandmates to create a banger. “Lead Vampire” is written in the P.O.V. of the band’s guitarist: a carpenter by day, laden with troubles, but on a night when we are playing a show, he becomes invincible. This delicious track is filled with high energy from the upbeat tempo. The track also mixtures punk vibes from the instrumentation with melodic pop melodies in the vocals. Don’t forget to listen to those harmonies as they create a nice depth to the song’s vocal melodies.

“Dust” by Retro Culture

Traveled back to the retro world of synthpop with “Dust” by Retro Culture. Though the sound might sound like the 80’s synthpop sound, the band’s true sound is electronic synthpop in the modern era of computers and bedroom producers. “Dust” features a shimmery soundscape dipped in vivid synth riffs and lively guitar riffs. They are supported by dreamy vocals and a big sound from the drums. All these elements coming together creates an ear-pleasing, uplifting soundscape that is catchy and danceable.

“Introvert Blues” by The Valery Trails

Australian alt-rock band The Valery Trails documents the lock-down life with their latest single “Introvert Blues”. This gritty rock track features raucous guitars, driven bass, infectious drumbeat, and thumpy cowbells that are filled with angst. “Introvert Blues” might feel like a vintage rock from the 90s, the lyrics have a modern appeal as they document a common struggle during a pandemic world that most listeners can share with.

“For Marcy” by Runner and Bobby

“I wrote this song about a girl I met at Lollapalooza. She had blonde hair and a cute nose and was very funny. We talked for about 30 minutes before the concert but just as it started the crowd shifted and I lost her. I got one last look at her red shirt and then she was gone. I kicked myself for a few days afterward for not asking for her number sooner and this with a few other experiences helped me write the song.”

American Indie Rock artists Runner and Bobby release their one-sided love track “For Marcy”. It is a mellow rock tune with soft electronic guitars mixed with acoustic instrumentations. The vocals bear a down-to-earth tone to them that makes this song so easy to listen to. It is almost like the vocals are heartfelt as they reminiscence back on the unknown girl that the character is in love with.

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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