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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend 2022 (V. 9)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten songs that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Weekend’s Tunes Are…

“Hold You (Back)” by MoonEra

“This song encapsulates the place you go to when you want to hang out with yourself and work on your passion, the feeling of bettering yourself despite the world and your thoughts shutting you down constantly. You don’t let anything hold you back when that ember inside you roars into a blaze of passion for what you love.”

Get ready to be inspired this weekend with this energetic song by American Electronic artist MoonEra. “Hold You (Back)” is a track that is felt with positive energy from all corners of the tune, from the vocals to the instrumentations. There are powerful melodies woven in throughout. Mystery, wonder, and contemplation are steeped into the song’s deep atmosphere. If you are a fan of 1975, Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service, and Porter Robinson, then you will love “Hold You (Back)”!

“Darling This Isn’t” by Sorry, Peach

American singer-songwriter Sorry, Peach details the aspects of being in love in their newest single “Darling This Isn’t”. It is a track that features warmth in the crisp acoustic guitar strumming and deep backing vocals. The vocals have a sense of intimacy as their bright, comforting tones make the song welcoming to any listeners who is willing to partake. It is a beautiful acoustic piece that has such rich and warm sounds in its soundscape that will make listeners at home.

“Mesmerize” by Andrew, Wells & Warner

UK Andrew, Wells & Warner brings in the excitement of rockin’ rock with their newest piece “Mesmerize”. A pure instrumental piece, “Mesmerize” features familiar sounds and instruments from the rock of the 70s and 80s. It features an electric guitar, electric organs, and synths. Listeners can also listen to the unique blend of chilled jazz, easy listening, folk, New Age, and indie influences in the track. It’s an exhilarating track!

“Shipwrecks” by The Sweeplings

Get swept away with the melodic beauty featured in “Shipwrecks” by The Sweeplings. The track’s lyrics talk about the difficulties of life. The song starts off cinematically with an acoustic guitar fluttering by with shimmering vocals. Each note swells with the passion to turn grief into joy. The song speaks to the listeners with its tender musicality flowing from the first note. For anyone who is overwhelmed, broken down, or suffering, “Shipwrecks” is the track that will provide a light in the dark.

“Boss Battle” by Lazerbeam Sunset

Get ready to jump into the 8-bit game world with “Boss Battle” by Lazerbeam Sunset. It was inspired by beloved games and TV shows from the 80s like Super Mario Bros. and Transformers. It is a soundtrack of a hero’s journey as it details the journey of the main character defeating the boss and saving the day. “Boss Battle” features nostalgic sounds through the synth riffs and soundscape, but it is an enjoyable tune with its own personality full of fast-paced tempos, enjoyable melodies, and a fun atmosphere. Get ready to defeat the boss with this track today!

“This Wave” by Jason Flashner

Get inspired about the waves of life with “This Wave” by American singer-songwriter Jason Flashner. “The single, “This wave” is not only about the art of surfing, but it is a metaphor for life itself.” It is a rock-charged track that is filled with positivity and inspiration through the lyrics. One will feel greatly inspired by such lyrics like “This wave is bound for glory, this wave tells my life story this wave is what I’m living for.”. Flashner creates an intriguing melody with his creative chord progression. Get inspired to live life with “This Wave” today!

“Buzzcut” by Estella Dawn

American Indie Pop artist Estella Dawn is back with the high-energy track “Buzzcut”. The artist had this to say about the song; “This song is about holding your shape when embarking on a new relationship, and encouragement to “stay true to your own authentic flare.” Buzzcut” features Dawn’s impressive vocals with various colors, textures, and range. Just check out that first note in the beginning, wow! The song also features a mixture of pop sensibilities and Estella’s relatable, mature lyrics. It is an upbeat, catchy track that will inspire others to be themselves.

“Cast a Spell” by The Summer Fruits

UK Americana band The Summer Fruits get inspired by a popular 60s animated show with their new song “Cast a Spell”. “”We love Scooby-doo,” the band explained, “and we wanted to create a happy track that would not feel out of place playing during one of their chase scenes.” It really feels like a song straight out from a chase scene, but also the 60s with its musicality, melodies, and just the melodic contour. It is a delightful tune with a soothing soundscape and a sweet, catchy melody that many will enjoy!

“Sing To Me” by Tobias Defoe

Kick back and relax this weekend with the slick track “Sing To Me” by Tobias Defoe. “The song depicts the easy and often fleeting feeling of summer love,” the artist details, “this track resonates with any listener searching for some separation from their present lives or a soundtrack to help them through their experiences.” The track itself is a mellow R&B track that features heartful lyrics and Defoe’s slick vocals. It is the perfect track to listen to anywhere.

“Stray Dog (feat. Pericles Timplalexis)” by Shandy Daine

“I think we musicians are all stray dogs in some sense. And not just because of our peripatetic way of life. Shunted aside by the mainstream, we walk alone, by untrodden paths, always looking for a welcoming shelter and never settling in one.”

American folk/jazz musician Shandy Daine blends a mixture of sounds with her newest track “Stray Dog”. The artist teams up with Greek violinist Pericles Timplalexis to create an interesting soundscape filled with unique melodies and sounds. It is a fusion of pop and jazz, with influences from rock, funk soul, and Southern European traditional music. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on this unique blend as it is what makes “Stray Dog” such a wonderful listen!

BONUS: “Moonflower (Wander)” by Carlton Heston of Atlanta Monsters Fame

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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