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10 Songs You Have To Listen To This Fall

It’s the first day of autumn! 🍁 Time to enjoy some warm apple cider, pumpkin or apple pie, the leaves changing colors, the crisp air, and some awesome music. That right, some awesome music! Here are ten songs that you have to check out and add to your autumn playlists. They will make your autumn more musical!

Check Out These Songs

“On My Own” by Glass Dove

About the artist: The tinier the pieces, the bigger the puzzle. As if sonically gluing together a mosaic, Nashville-based Glass Dove assembles sweeping alternative pop anthems D.I.Y. from shards of live guitar, MIDI, and synths. Those pieces also mirror two distinct halves of founder Josh Benus’s personality. Combining artistic seriousness with clever intuition, the lifelong musician will dissect a turning point in his life by sharing a granular detail—whether he likens old friends to “a pack of cigarettes we smoked just yesterday” or compares arguments to “long-winded games of chess that you never win.”Make sure to check out Glass Dove on Instagaam!

“Goodbye” by SHAYHAN

About the artist: Shayhan is here to serenade us with his prince-like vocals giving us a new look at psychedelic soul and funk. A lifelong musician, he began learning production at the age of 11 on his brother’s computer, and not long after his knack for impressions led him to develop a unique singing style. Last year, Shayhan moved down to LA to further his career and has been working and writing closely with Rae Khalil along with getting in the studio with the likes of The Free Nationals and Schoolboy Q. With his first releases coming up, he’s ready to bring a refreshing sound and energy to music.

“Oddities and Prodigies” by Caroline Romano

About the song: “Oddities and Prodigies” is my life motto. It’s my hello, and it will one day be my goodbye. In three little words, “Oddities and Prodigies” proclaims my outlook on it all. The older I get the more I realize how many prodigies walk among us. And I’ve learned that oddities and prodigies go hand in hand. This song is me and everything I know, summarized in feeling pretty while lying on the floor.” — Caroline Romano

“Restless Cruise” by Ratchet

About the song: “A song that was made during the most stressful times of my life. I was in my final test week, before graduating and the stress school gave me, almost led to me giving up. Every night before I went to bed, I started jamming my guitar until I almost fell asleep. By just playing simple power chords and softly singing I managed to stay calm every night before I went into the next day. I used my loop pedal and created a few different songs. I would constantly repeat this every night.

After I graduated (a couple of weeks ago), I decided that I had to do something with these songs. I recorded them and they turned out exactly how I wanted them to be. In this song, I mostly talk about insomnia and depression. I try to explain how I craved for summer without stress. A time where I could just skateboard with my friends. After thinking about this idea, I decided to stick to the vibe. Which concludes this song. A “Surf Rock” / “Indie Rock” song that gives massive skateboarding/ surfing vibes, while talking about insomnia.” — Ratchet

“Panic” by Sam Brace

About the song: “This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years but just never had the time to sit down and actually make it happen” commented Sam Brace, “The process has been liberating and I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to get back to making music which I truly resonate with, although it has been endlessly fun running with Skinny for all these years, my influences are very much more on the David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, Elliot Smith and Radiohead side of things which I hope you’ll hear sprinkles of in the record. A full 11 track album is finished and I just can’t wait to release it!”

“Storm Shelter” by Fifth Bass

About the artist: Fifth Bass is the one-man, instrumental, jam band project from virtuoso solo guitarist Dustin Hanusch. Heavily influenced by jazz, punk rock, emo, and funk, with the classical guitar as the primary instrument, Fifth Bass delivers a creative blend of light and heavy mixing ethereal textures with captivating melodies, and danceable rhythms.

“Money” by Nik De

About the song: “”Money” was my attempt to step outside the box of rock music that I find myself associated with. I love RnB and would love to create a sub genre of aggressive/psychedelic RnB that brings rock & contemporary listeners together” — Nik De

“TLQ” by Jordi Up Late

About the song: “This song is me being unapologetically about who I am. Like most, I find that honesty is the most important part of a relationship and sometimes it can be misinterpreted as cruel or even brutal.” — Jordi De Late

“Something Special” by Amphibians

About the band: From “Amphibios” meaning literally “living a double life”. The Amphibians dig back to simpler times when vocals were key, melodies integral and lyrics from the heart. They mix this with a progressive backbeat for an appealing new sound unlike any other. The offering is unique in its freshness, a change, and yet preserving valid elements from the past.

In a word-EVOLVING. The Amphibian’s track record speaks for itself and gives an indication of their enormous popular appeal. The versatile songwriting team of brothers Fred and Bob Garaffa hail from Central New Jersey and also perform vocals, guitar, and bass in live shows. They have fine-tuned their act at many NYC area clubs including the Stone Pony, CBGB”s, and the BitterEnd.

“Time” by Luis Paul

About the song: “The piano song “Time” stands for every human being’s journey through a variety of circumstances and situations of life. Life is a story of endings and beginnings, of loss and acceptance, of resistance and devotion. And no matter we are currently confronted with, time passes.” — Luis Paul

Which song is the perfect song for fall?

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10 Songs You Have To Listen To This Fall

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