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10 Songs You Have To Listen To This November

It’s finally November! It is the time of the year to enjoy the late autumn weather and foliage while preparing for winter and the holidays season. It is also the time to enjoy some groovy music! Here are ten songs that you should listen to RIGHT NOW! Let me know what song you like in the comments!

November’s Must-Listens

“Dr. Negative” by The Cabbys

“Dr. Negative” is the third single from the American alt-rock band The Cabbys. It was inspired by a gloomy encounter with a pessimistic friend on an otherwise bright day. The song features sunny harmonies in the chorus. Under these sunny vibes are a mixture of an infectious shuffle beat, bubbly basslines, and cheerful organ. This musicality is are to help to bridge folk and alt-rock while displaying the band’s playfulness and musical versatility. It has that feel-good vibe that has listeners humming along in no time.

“Going Away To Leave You” by Robert Connely Farr

Blues artist Robert Connely Farr covers this Jimmy “Duck” Holmes tune for his recent release. Farr’s take on his friend’s song is very addictive as it features heavy bluesy guitar riffs. Layered on top of these thick riffs are gruff vocals that sing in a mixture of harsh and melodic tones. Robert Connely Farr’s take on “Going Away To Leave You” is superb as he did a fabulous job capturing the spirit of bluesy rock.

“Segway” by Keep for Cheap

American alt-rock band Keep for Cheap has changed gears with their latest single “Segway”. However, it is not apologetic. as the theme of “Segway” is to embrace and examine all aspects of life. The track features smooth, melodic vocals singing along to energetic acoustic strumming, a thumpy bass line, and riffs that have that country feel. “Segway” by Keep for Cheap is a lively song with a danceable beat in the instrumentation. But, don’t forget to take in the lyrics as their message is super important.

“Halloween” by Matilda Cole

Even though Halloween was a week ago, like my 4-year-old students say, “Halloween is never over!” Matilda Cole delivers a slow-burning indie-pop tune with dreamy instrumentation. This song perfectly highlights Cole’s diverse and talented vocals as she changes tones and colors from melodic to smoky. On the surface, the track seems to be one about Halloween. But, deep down, it is about being with someone you want to be with. It is a delightful song at any time of the year!

“Never Feel Lonely” by Sleepy Gary

“Never Feel Lonely” is American Pop Rock artist Sleepy Gary’s latest single from the upcoming album 21 LOVE SONGS. The track is all about breaking up with sobriety: “the “you” in the context of the lyrics isn’t referring to a person but rather a way of life or idea. In this case, “I don’t ever feel lonely when you’re gone” means, I don’t ever feel lonely when sobriety is nowhere to be found.”. This delicious track mixes psychedelic synth lo-fi rock and bedroom pop to create an intoxicating track that will have you singing along. There is a bit of everything: pop, pop-punk, grunge. Something for any kind of listener!

“ATHENA” by Vance Eris

American Indie Rock artist Vance Eris delivers a showstopper with his debut single “ATHENA”. This track offers dazzling vibes, colorful harmonies, and interesting instrumentation. Eris composes a song that is filled with harmonious melodic lines that turn and twist in such delicious ways. Listeners have to check out how the artists incorporate some interesting instrumentation in such places as the chorus. Yet, the best part is the colorful harmonies that support smooth, honeyed vocals. I can’t wait to hear what Eris releases next!

“Born too Late” by Kick and the Hug

American Indie Pop band Kick and the Hug delivers an upbeat track with their latest single “Born too Late”. This track sprinkles a little bit of everything musically. Listeners can hear hard rock, classic rock, rap, pop-rock, and country throughout. You can hear that with each musical genre, the band tries to display each distinct sound in a unique style. The band also delivers big energy in the chorus as the vocals and instrumentation bring everything to the table. A great tune to listen to anywhere!

“Show Me” by Dave Tate

Americana singer-songwriter Dave Tate creates poetic imagery with his newest release “Show Me”. The track effortlessly combines Tate’s angelic vocals with dynamic acoustic guitar riffs. The tune twists and turns in alluring with such dynamic melodies. I really love how the guitar melody turns in the pre-chorus. I also love the release in the vocals that brings the song to a different plane. It is such a well-craft song that feature such delicious melodies.

“Let It All Fade” by Train Conductor

If you are a fan of the 90’s rock scene, then “Let It All Fade” by Train Conductor is for you. There is something in the guitar-driven melodies that make me think of 90s rock. Maybe it is the psychedelic edge takes on within the guitar. Maybe it is the vocals. But, whatever the case it may be, “Let It All Fade” is a great listen. Listeners have to check out the cool guitar solos at the end of each chorus line. I love those rolls!

“Don’t Move” by Monsoon

Atlanta-based Indie Rock band Monsoon has another hit with their newest single “Don’t Move”. This indie-rock tune features catchy melodies in the vocal lines. The vocals mainly push the song with their dreamy sounds, yet supported by layered harmonies that offer dynamics at different points. The upbeat tempo will make listeners want to sway along. “Don’t Move” offers unique and engrossing musicality in the vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation that come together to create a headbanger.

What is your favorite song this November?

Let me know in the comment!

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