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10 Songs You Have To Listen To This October

It’s finally October! Halloween is very soon with trick and treats and lots of spooky fun. It is also the month where many enjoy either the crispy autumn breeze or the warm spring sun. For me, my favorite memory of October is enjoying pumpkin-related foods and visiting corn mazes.

October is also the time to enjoy some groovy music! Here are ten songs that you should listen to RIGHT NOW! Let me know what song you like in the comments!

October’s Must-Listens

“Creepy Crawly” by SAVEN

About the song: “Warning! “Creepy Crawly” by “Saven” is a horrifying alt-rock Halloween hit that will scare the hell out of you! This single is not about ghosts, ghouls, vampires, or zombies, rather it is about a sinister, unseen, unheard monster that you thought only existed in your deepest and darkest nightmares. The composition brings to life the fear and eerie terror that would make even the bravest of us uneasy. Particularly, the singer’s voice adds to the tension as the vocals become more and more panicked.” — SAVEN

“Old Irish Dawn” and songs from Amethyst by ALE RIATTI

About the song: “The song “Old Irish Dawn” is a tribute to the beauty of Ireland. It talks about the hard life of the Aran island fishermen and compares their simple life of the past with the comfort of today, not always as happy.” — ALE RIATTI

“Joker (Radio Edit)” by Lost in Majority

About the song: “Joker is a metaphor. It’s about (mostly) men who just want to see the world burn. It’s about the Trumps, Bolsonaros, and Orbans of this world. And also about the fact that a little bit of Joker can be in all of us.” — Lost in Majority

“Running” by Lonely Gimmick x Keyz Empire

About the song: “”Running” featuring the lyrical talents of London-based rapper “Keyz Empire” is the sequel to Lonely Gimmick’s popular lo-fi beat. The beat is taken to new heights by “Keyz” hard-as-nails vocal performance and all-new Hi-Fi mix. The song is extended by almost half its original length with new musically innovative sections, a classic Hip Hop heavy kick drum, and record scratches. “Running” seamlessly blends raucous post-punk guitar over glitch-hop synths and uncompromising drums creating a sonic collage that is distinctive and in many ways eccentric.” — Lonely Gimmick

“no one” by Manpreet Kundi

About the song: Initially written at the piano, no one perpetuates Manpreet Kundi‘s hauntingly lovesick narrative; with dark production adding layers of dream-like eeriness along with heavier and percussive elements—making the overall composition powerful albeit tender.

“This song conveys the frustration I felt when the timing wouldn’t align for myself and someone I was hopelessly in love with. But when things changed dramatically, in all my delusion and naivety I thought I could make them feel the way they used to—knowing deep down it was likely too far gone. I felt that no one knew, saw, or could ever so fiercely want them the way I did. Honestly, there’s still some truth in that. A sad tale of ‘you loved me then, why not now?”


About the artist: Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer with a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision. She is an #AlienPop innovator; so far the first in the genre. “Alien Pop” is like pop, but somehow also out of this world. Fully independent, Meresha’s music has been streamed over 20 million times.

“Shit Show” by Leah Kate

About the artist: A true definition of a go-getter, the independent rising pop artist practically runs a full-service label for herself out of her bedroom. She is her own manager, creative director, A&R, label head, artist, publicist, marketing strategist, all in one. Her music feels to listeners like the 90s has met the 2020s – bringing a retro electro-pop sound that’s passionate, vibey, and brimming with a hopeful future. Her music embodies her “IDGAF” attitude, and her lyrics are relentlessly honest and relatable, while being upbeat, disco, and reflecting 80s elements and influences. Bluntly put, her songs make you want to go out and be a badass.

Although Leah’s been singing and writing songs since the age of 12, getting fired from her job (because she spent all of her time in the studio and not really at work) while living in NYC was the push she needed to begin releasing music professionally and full time. With the help of her brother, the two started writing songs in their in-home studio at a super young age. The go-getter she is, Leah, at maybe 14 years old, would email huge producers of major labels of artists she loved, trying to get them to produce the voice memos that she would freestyle.

Her songs range in a variety of versatile topics but the one thing they all have in common is that they are very truthful and reflective of her life.

“No matter what kind of song I’m releasing, whether it’s a disco dance-pop song or just me on guitar, the lyrics have to matter and be very truthful to my life.” – Leah

“A Dream Come True” by EL X الإكس

About the song: “I wrote and produced this song two days before my sister and best friend’s engagement party. The inspiration behind the lyrics is their love story, which is why it was so easy to write this song. Sonically the song represents their romance.

I finished this song in the same day it was performed at the engagement party where they slow danced to it.” — EL X الإكس

“Antes De Encender” by dezabel

“BUS” by Cage Park

About the song: Cage Park’s “BUS” is an exciting anecdote, inspired by the many commutes taken by the four teenagers, and their experiences of the Birmingham public transport system. The scene is set by describing a diverse range of passengers, from crying children to millionaire businessmen, then goes onto highlight actions such as scratching code words onto seats, “when there are road works.” These descriptions throughout the song by singers Arthur and Edie paint a familiar picture to those growing up a bus ride away from town.

What is your favorite song for October?

Tell me in the comments!

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10 Songs You Have To Listen To This October

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