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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend (V. 15)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

This Weekend’s Tunes

“The Top” by The Grizzly Atoms

Grizzly Atoms is back with their new tune with attractive melodies, especially in the chorus. It is a song that deals with the feelings of jealously in an open relationship. This song oozes with a lively guitar that keeps the uptempo beat with its hyper energy. The melodies are addictive with their melodic tones features in the vocals. But also, the repetitive lines are something to listen to!

“Hi-Ho Hotel” by Mike Coykendall

“Here’s to knowing when it’s time to stop escaping and time to start visiting some of the scary places!” This is what American rock artist Mike Coykendall had to say about the meaning behind the song. It is a mid-tempo rock tune with mellow vocals and radical guitar riffs. It is a rally song for anyone who is thinking of tal\ckling those scary things in their lives!

“Hold Your Head Up Woman” by Know Your Crazy Choir

Know Your Crazy Choir does an amazing job covering the famous song “Know Your Crazy Choir” This is a woman choir, led by Vivienne Bouchera, wanted to highlight the important message of women empowerment that is sometimes overlooked. Bouchera does an amazing job with the vocal arrangement as it captures the empowered energy just perfectly. Led with powerful vocals, “Hold Your Head Up Woman” by Know Your Crazy Choir is one song you cannot miss out on!

“Infatuated” by Soleil

If you need a love song for tonight, you have to listen to “Infatuated” by Soleil. The meaning behind the tune is all about meeting someone and falling for them, either in lust or love. “Infatuated” features smoky, silky vocals that glide through the song with honeycombed melodies. It features a slow-burning vibe that sizzles with addictive beats. Its serene yet silky tones make “Infatuated” a perfect lovel song for this season!

“Back to Basics” by Cursed Carnival

Cursed Carnival’s newest single is all about the love/hate relationship that is positioned inside an addiction. You want to walk away rom something even though you are still attracted to it. This rock song harks back to the 90’s rock sound with the meledious vocal lines, grungy guitar licks, and upbeat tempos supported by the drums. It is such a nice throwback!

“Bow Your Head” by Tragic Forms

“Bow Your Head” by Tragic Forms is a hard rock song that you cannot miss out on! It features gorgeous melodies, especially in the chorus, that are filled with various emotions. There is also an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar that have their own unique sound hightlighted in the tune. The acoustic guitar gives a soothing feel while the electric guitar gives a lively performance with intricating finger-picking. “Bow Your Head” is a must-listen with its unique sounds featured in the guitar and vocal melodies,

“Keep Rocking In The U.S.A.” by Nick Johnson

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Nick Johnson hopes that his newest released single will have listeners get up and dance to the beat! The song features an upbeat country pop-rock feel that is filled with upbeat posivitiy. Hopefully, the lyrics can strike a chord with listeners with their reminiscent verses. I love “Keep Rocking In The U.S.A.” so well as it is such an upbeat tune that is well-written and makes anyone feel good.

“Heavy” by Charm of Finches

The charm of Charm of Finches’s newest single is the vocal melody. The layered vocal melodies are so gorgeous as they oar to heights of ethernal beauty. There is such a melancholic feel to the song, most definitely in how the lyrics shapes the song’s mood. And the reason is behind the duo’s meaning of the song: “The song reflects on how, in this modern world, we have in many ways lost our connection to nature.”. With its important message nestled in the lyrics and beautiful layered vocals, “Heavy is one song you have to listen to!

“Safe Space” by Kao Wonder

Kao Wonder brings the past to the present with his latest single “Safe Space”. This electronic dance song uses retro-inspired ingredients with a personal edge, style, and attitude in a way that is positive and upbeat. The artist hopes that the messages of Self Awareness, Love, and Empowerment featured in “Safe Space” will inspire listeners. Mixed with such inspiring lyrics, Kao Wonder’s tune is an upbeat dance that will have you dancing in no time. It features a perfect mixture of melodious vocal lines and danceable instrumentation.

“The Kids” by Animal Souls

Another tune for those who love 90s Rock! Animal Souls’ “The Kids” is a mellow rock track that features blazing guitar riffs, smashing drums backing, and soaring vocal lines with melodic tone quality. The band said that this song is all about “how mistrust and fear can sometimes lead us to misread people or situations that can enlighten us (the stranger) and how ‘the kids’, free from fear, are able to see things for what they really are (love)”. A pretty awesome rock track for your Saturday!

BONUS: “14 Hour Recorder” by J の 7

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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