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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend (V. 19)

It’s the weekend! Any plans? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

This Weekend’s Tunes

“The Great Reveal” by Nina June x Jon Bryant

Singer-songwriter Nina June works with John Bryant to release the heartful ballad entitled “The Great Reveal”. “It’s about a relationship that is over, but you still feel the other person in everything you do” The track is a beautiful masterpiece as its soul is the majestic build and progression in the melody. The sound is 100% organic with eloquent strings, artful arrangements, and glistening keys. You cannot skip “The Great Reveal” as it is such a masterpiece!

“Family” by Wildlife Freeway

Joshua Tree songwriter Wildlife Freeway is back with her newest single “Family”. It is a simple, true heart song for healing and acceptance of where we come from. Wildlife Freeway’s unique vocals narrate this therapeutic tune with haunting melodies, yet relatable lyrics. She sings over a simple yet mellow acoustic instrumentation that blissfully supports the vocal melodies. Listeners should pay attention to the lyrics as they are very reliable to anyone who listens, yet offers a glimpse into Wildlife Freeway’s world.

“Because I Do” by Cole Adams

American singer-songwriter Cole Adams releases a 21-year-old folk-rock track “Because I Do”. This track was written in 2000 when he was only 16 years old. Writing this song was a way for him to express himself as a heterosexual, transgender male, while still in the closet. Now he’s out in the open about his truths, Cole Adams has finally released this wonderfully written track. This track is set to upbeat folk-rock instrumentation with soulful vocals. The heart of the song in the lyrics delivers an important message of don’t give up and being who you want to be.

“Nothing” by Dog in Confusion

Greek rock artist Dog in Confusion has finally released their new single “Nothing”. The contents are very personal as they are inspired by the artist’s life. “Nothing” features haunting yet groovy Psychedelic Rock instrumentation that twists and turns in ear-pleasing ways. Sythneizers are sprinkled throughout to add a shimmery feel. Listeners have to look for the guitars as they add character to the track with their unique chords and solos.

“Lay You Down” by Kelsey Blackstone

Envelope yourself with warmth and soulful sounds with “Lay You Down” by Kelsey Blackstone. This track touches on the topic of the feeling that one was born at the wrong time. Blackstone’s newest single features a mixture of 70s rock with modern contemporary pop/R&B. It features soulful vocals over beautiful, summery chord progressions. Make sure to listen to the instrumentation break as it has a wicked violin solo. One cannot miss “Lay You Down” by Kelsey Blackstone as it features soulful vibes but also packs a punch with a powerful performance.

“Dance With U” by CALYCO

Enjoy your weekend with the hypnotic funk tune “Dance With U” by CALYCO. This laid-back tune talks about how sometimes you need to dance with a person before getting to know them a little better. This track features a classic R&B/pop vibe with smooth and slick vocals and lush harmonies. The melody is super catchy that will have listeners swaying back and forth. “Dance With U” is the perfect tune to be laid back and chill anywhere this weekend!

“Warm Advice” by Alison’s Tundra

American acoustic singer-songwriter Alison’s Tundra offers listeners to enter a warm, lush musical atmosphere with their latest single “Warm Advice”. This track features an upbeat acoustic guitar strumming with electronic organ piping along. The warmth and lush feelings come from the vocals the artist sings with a unique filter to create that intimate feeling. It is a great upbeat, acoustic track that will feel the warmth and pleasant feelings this weekend.

“Ruin It For The Next One” by GION

“It’s this intentional promise to one’s self, that no matter how to hurt or badly your previous experience and relationship might have been, you won’t allow wounds of the past to compromise a hope for a future.”

Come and dance along this weekend with Canadian electropop artist GION‘s newest single “Ruin It For The Next One”. This upbeat, guitar-inflected pop track reflects on growth and moving forward. GION’s tune features infectious pop sounds that are so catchy that it will have listeners dance along. Be sure to check out the chorus as it features instantly singalongable lyrics. The catchy melodies, GION’s smooth vocals, and the mellow vibes features in “Ruin It For The Next One” makes it a must-listen!

“California Baby” by Carrie Biell

“This is my pandemic song about feeling cooped up and isolated. I was missing travel and being around loved ones. I wanted to write a song that would feel good to listen to on a road trip in hopes it would give me a sense of traveling.”

Americana artist Carrie Biellhopes listeners will find good vibes in her recently released single “California Baby”. The feelings of being couped up, isolated, and wanting to travel are represented well through how Biell crafts her lyrics. The instrumentation features a variety of instruments that has a feel-good, positive vibe to them. There is a mixture of soulful, positive, and a dash of rockabilly through the track. “California Baby” by Carrie Biell will cheer up listeners with its heartfelt relatable lyrics and its feel-good melodies.

“Mustang GT ft. Andrea Moreno” by opt.cmd

Get ready to travel back to the 80s and dance this weekend with “Mustang GT ft. Andrea Moreno” by opt.cmd. The artist has playfully said that no instruments made after 1990 were used on this recording. “Mustang GT” features Moreno’s slick yet honeyed vocals soulfully singing on top of a heavy synth instrumental. There is a difference in dynamics as Moreno reaches melodic levels with her vocals as the instrumentations feature a dark sound. I love this track as opt.cmd did an amazing job recreating the 80s synthesizer feel in this track. Be sure to check out the little things in the synthesizers that hack back to this amazing musical decade.

Which song is your favorite?

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10 Songs You Have to Listen to This Weekend

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