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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This February!

February is the month that signals that spring is coming soon in the Northern Hemisphere. Or, that fall is fast approaching in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also the month of love and romance. Finally, February is a month of historical reminiscences. And in 2022, it is the month of the Winter Olympics.

Whatever may be the case, here are ten songs that you have to listen to this February. These are ten songs from different artists from around the world within a broad range of musical genres. Listen to each song and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

February’s Tunes Are…

“Shotgun” by Mike Freund

Kick-off your February with this awesome mixture of blues by Mike Freund. “shotgun” tells a story about a drug-fueled robbery. Listeners can hear elements of this robbery through the brazen instrumentation Blues elements can be heard in the twangy acoustic guitar blended with hard rock guitars. There is a twinge of the country in the instrumentation, but also in Fruend’s steely vocals. If you are a fan of bluesy rock, then “Shotgun” is the track for you!

“Big Mistake” by Thomas Craymer

Hungarian rock artist Thomas Craymer is back with his newest single entitled “Big Mistake”. A heartfelt love song, “Big Mistake” features a mellow guitar leading the tune with extensive use of the Bigsby tremolo. It is a very chilled tune with melancholy vibes echoing from the vocals and instrumentation. There is a feeling of nostalgia as this Craymer echoes the influences of 60s mellow folk in the melody. It is a soothing piece to listen to anywhere!

“Monster” by Giorgio De Palo

Italian Indie Pop artist Giorgio De Palo delivers a concept of the labyrinths of the mind in his latest release “Monster”. The artist had to say about the track: “I chose the medusa, beautiful and scary at the same time, as a metaphor for the mind, both so fascinating!”. I chose the medusa, beautiful and scary at the same time, as a metaphor for the mind, both so fascinating! is a mellow acoustic track with a lively tempo and melodic vocals that is like a lighthouse in this soothing tune. Don’t forget to listen to the chorus as it is the pentacle point of the track with a catchy mellow and beautiful acoustic soundscape.

“Times” by SAVEN

Swedish acoustic singer-songwriter SAVEN asks this question in his newest single “Times”: What is it we are unknowingly giving up? It is a song about time and how it passes without us really taking notice. This woeful folk song is filled with beautiful acoustic strumming from the strings as well as the guitar. It also features SAVEN lamenting about the “what-ifs” with his melodic vocals with prolonged melodies. “Times” is a song that listeners will reflect on some of the bigger life decisions they have made.

“My Love is Waiting” by Blake Morgan

Power Pop artist Blake Morgan is back with his soaring single “My Love Is Waiting”. “If I had only three minutes to play anyone anything from this new record, I’d pick these three minutes,” he explains. “It’s a brazen love song that dares you not to get out of your chair.” Morgan’s newest single is most definitely an earworm with euphonious vocals that twists and turns in delightful ways. The instrumentation is an upbeat masterpiece that dips into melodramatic soundscapes. It is a must-listen for February!

“Without” by Alexander Mountain

UK electropop artist Alexander Mountain celebrates his escape from a toxic and hazardous relationship in “Without”. This track features melodies that have pulsing electronic elements blended in with a folk-pop soundscape. There are hints of being an infectious track with catchy riffs in the chorus and Mountain’s honeyed vocals. Alexander Mountain is trying a new sound with “Without” as the artist is trying to musical muscle, and he did an amazing job as it is a mixture of delicious, catchy, and gorgeous.


UK Indie Rock band SCREENTALK explores the musical depths of ethereal synth and overdriven guitars in their latest track “ESCAPE”. The track is filled with soaring vocals that are contrasted to the punchy bass lines and cataclysmic synth riffs. The song feels like the band took a cinematic approach, especially during the chorus, as different textures, tempos, and colors are heard throughout the track. Each instrument has even its own textures and colors that shine brightly on its own. Listeners will be attracted to “ESCAPE” instantly with its eternal soundscape and cinematic feel.

“Breathe” by Airyen Vay

Airyen Vey hopes to empower youth with her self-penned anthem “Breathe”. The artist hopes this new single resonates with all listeners who currently feel trapped by the expectations and beliefs of those around them. This upbeat pop tune features big energy and empowering chords that make it a must-listen. Don’t forget to listen for Vay’s own vocals as they soar throughout the song with their powerful and melodic tones. Make sure to watch the music video as it features a powerful message and d a guest appearance from movie star Maia Morgenstern.

“Big House” by Harry Bodley-Scott

UK Indie Pop singer-songwriter writes an endearing letter to his friends in his newest single “Big House”. This song celebrates the artist’s closeness with his friends, the brotherhood he has been with for many years. You can hear the endearing tones not only in the lyrics but in the mellow pop soundscape. The track features a mellifluous mixture of synth riffs, electric guitars, a piano, and a drum kit to create this captivating tune. “Big House” will pul a few heartstrings as listeners will think about their own friendships and how important they are.

“Wild Woman” by MasonRoseGray

US folk singer-songwriter MasonRoseGray hopes to calm your February with her latest single “Wild Woman”. The track features at first acoustic instrumentation with honeyed female vocals. Then at the chorus, the soundscape changes from sweet to hauntingly dark with deep vocals with pop instrumentation. This duet between the sweet and deep vocals is very interesting because it offers a glimpse of differentiating the personality of a woman’s thought. And MasonRoseGray does an amazing job of executing these two different parts, blending them together at times.

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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This February!

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