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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This January!

January is the month of new beginnings and starts. But it is also a time where we cuddle up in or next to something warm as we gaze at the snowy landscape (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). If you live in the Southern Hemisphere or in tropical regions, then you might enjoy the warm weather in different ways, from just sitting outside to having a coffee to going to the beach.

Whatever may be the case, here are ten songs that you have to listen to this January. These are ten songs from different artists from around the world within a broad range of musical genres. Listen to each song and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

January’s Tunes Are…

“Jagged Line” by First Frontier

First Frontier talks about the cyclical nature of drink and drug abuse in their newest single “Jagged Line”. The lyrics contain the blurred margins between hedonism and self-control. It is a hard rock tune that features the small thrills from drugs/alcohol in the melodies. This hazy yet upbeat song is interspersed with peals of drum and bass that keep the beat alive. The sound might remind listeners of the ’90s with its hard, intimate side. But, that is what makes “Jagged Line” great!

“Transported” by McDead

McDead shapes a new song with the poetic song about having good memories. “Transported” uses these memories to try to see the future positively through a child’s eyes. Besides the fresh perspective in the lyrics, the song features raw and edgy vocals that have delicate tones. “Transported” also features analog guitar with organic keys with a lively bass line. Listeners are recommended to listen deeper as they could find strains of indietronica wrapped in the song.

“Destiny” by Thomas Lehmkühler

Thomas Lehmkühler is an artist that you have to this month with his soothing instrumental piece “Destiny”. It is a melodic piano piece that features a warm-hearted and emotional atmosphere. But it is the message that is featured in the video that listeners should take heed of: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”. Such an emotional piece with a strong message!

“Hold On” by Mark Welles

Mark Welles crafts an upbeat Indie Folk/Americana tune that that will grab the listener’s attention at the first beat. The song details the feeling of uneasiness about a relationship’s future and experiencing uncertainty in general. The upbeat acoustic instrumentation is a gorgeous must-listen with its unique gusto. The cherry on the top is the vocals as their smooth tones help to bring a sense of calamity to the track. Very relaxing track to listen to in the snow this January!

“I Saw the Love” by Anya Shrurubey x Oghie

Get ready to experience oriental pop with “I Saw the Love” by Anya Shrurubey x Oghie. This track features powerful vocals that take a stronghold of the melody. The bold vocals are contrasted by light, popish electronic instrumentation that really balances the vocal well. A great pop track to enjoy anywhere!

“Roaring Fire” by Emily Aldridge

Emily Aldridge builds a beautiful acoustic soundscape with the single “Roaring Fire”. This acoustic track features haunting Celtic undertones to talk about the holidays. There is a lot to love about “Roaring Fire” from its gorgeous high melodies to the soothing acoustic melodies. Even Emily Aldridge’s vocals are a must-listen as they have the right blend of sweet and powerful. If you are a fan of Sarah McLachlan and Celtic Women, then this song is for you!

“See Through” by Xaver

American Neo-Soul artists feature a laid-back atmosphere with their newest single “See Through”. The track talks about the intricacies of the sexual relationships we build, and how oftentimes they can be very misleading and misconstrued. Xaver motivates this mellow track with his smooth, soulful vocals that create a spark in the song’s musicality. It is a perfect tune to listen to this winter as the soulful yet mellow presence is a delight to listen to!

“Gold Skies” by Drew Schueler x Watson

Drew Schueler and Watson blend pop, EDM, and rock to create their collaboration single “Gold Skies”. The lyrics feature a story-driven romantic journey from the unexpected spark, to the budding honeymoon phase. The pair uses pop melodies, to drive rock guitars and EDM drums to capture the bursting excitement of a new relationship. And the pair’s effort pays off as each element helps to bring catchiness to the tune. Listeners should get out those rockin’ guitar solos during the breaks, those smooth pop vocal melodies, and the EDM build-ups at the pre-chorus.

“Heroines” by Your Favorite Color

American indie rock band Your Favorite Color blends pop and rock to create “Heroines”. This rock song is a truly danceable one with its pulsing rock guitars controlling the song’s beat. But it is blended with a dreamy electronic pop that brings a deep melancholy undertone to “Heroines”. This mixture of pop and rock creates an intoxicating soundscape that pulses with high energy, raw rock sounds, and danceable beats.

“Aura” by Chrisy Nova

Chrisy Nova hopes to create a dance song for introverts with the track “Aura”. The track is about being put in situations where you’re surrounded by energy vampires or people who are considered extroverts. The positive, dancy beat is a reminder for anyone to be honest and find reassurance for themselves.” Aura” is a catchy electropop tune that tackles the theme with repetitive hooks, smooth vocals, and fiery rap vocals. Chrisy Nova’s newest song is a piece that listeners will be dancing to with its addictive nature and its icy-hot melodies.

BONUS: “Hey Mr. Sandman Fuck You Mr. Sandman!!!” by Jennifer

BONUS: “Saturday Night” by Slick Ringfield

What is your favorite tune for this January?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This January!

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