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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This July!

July is the month of hot summer days here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is time to get outside and enjoy the trip to the pool or enjoy summer days. Here are ten songs that you have to listen to this July. These are ten songs from different artists from around the world within a broad range of musical genres. Listen to each song and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

July’s Tunes Are…

“Me and You” by Ginger May

“”Me and You”, the new single from Tokyo Rock band Ginger May, is a sexy, sweet groovy-laden song with rhythm to get you moving that sparkles with an intensity of rock and roll swagger.” — Ginger May

“I Can’t Be Without You” by Mike Wyatt

“”As long as I’m with you, everything will be okay” is thought many know, especially in the context of current world events. This song is about the realization that one person who believes in you is enough, no matter what’s happening around you. It’s about enjoying and appreciating the little things in life and realizing that it’s those very things that are meant to be important. It’s uplifting, hopeful & motivational.” — Mike Wyatt

“Last Time” by Very Disco

“Alone” by Collateral Beauty

“A song about mental health struggles and questioning one’s own sanity following the aftermath of a toxic relationship.” — Collateral Beauty

“Walls of Sand (You Should Know Me)” by Buddha’s Sister

“Give Up the End” by 1st Base Runner

“Vignettes of a misty dreamland with emergent, pulsing mantras and addictive breathy vocals. 1st Base Runner is the immersive new project from Texas singer-songwriter and producer Tim Husmann. The visionary artist draws on shoegaze, alternative, and dream pop to create powerful songs that carry the weight of raw emotion and hard-won wisdom.” — 1st Base Runner

“Pretty Boys” by Good Lekker

“”‘Pretty Boys’ is our reflection on narcissists and their impact on those around them. It quietly frowns at those who continually seek to benefit themselves at the expense of others. By going after these people, we hope to motivate ourselves and others to interact with one another in more healthy ways and, ultimately, create awareness through our music and shows.”” — Good Lekker

“Leap of Faith” by 3 Pairs of Boots

“HEAVEN” by Isabel LaRosa

“Jump in the Pool” by Business Stuff

“The perfect song for your next poolside hang. Luscious harmonies and undeniable groove will set the vibe all summer long. Pour yourself a beverage, kick back, and enjoy “Jump in the Pool”” — Business Stuff

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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This July!

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