10 Songs You Need to Listen to This June!

June’s Tunes Are…

“The Heist” by Toofun Golchin

“Rock song perfect for a bank robbery with a middle-eastern twist” — Toofun Golchin

“Show Me the Way to Get Back Home” by Jonathan Brenner

“Wildfire” by Taryn Lounsbury
“An upbeat, edgy dream-pop love song gone wrong.” — Taryn Lounsbury

“Orange” by Estella Dawn

“Orange” describes the rare instance when a Tinder date results in instant chemistry. Composed of lush vocals and a live band, the rhythm track is a sensual, romantic, and exciting prelude to a love song. Intertwining the styles of both Chelsea Cutler meets Dove Cameron, the upbeat and feel-good anthem showcases Estella’s unique talent that has garnered her a rapidly growing audience.

“Heroes Let You Down” by Bryan Cooper

The sophomore single ‘Heroes Let You Down’ serves up a sardonic swipe at the culture of celebrity idolatry. From its calm ethereal intro to its chaotic climax, the track sits the listener on a space hopper and bounces them through a vibrant guitarscape.

“Black Woman Blues” by Jessica Born & Georg Crostewitz

“Blues is a very special language that everyone understands. There is no feeling that cannot be described and conveyed with the blues. Blues conquers fear, dries tears, give courage, and gives strength. It is the secure and expressive home of our emotions – with all facets between joy and pain, irrepressible love of life and thoughtfulness.” — Jessica Born & Georg Crostewitz

“24” by Kamora

Glasgow-based alternative rock outfit Kamora have been making waves since their uprising in 2016, the band got played on Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Introducing, Unsigned Radio and got shared by It’s All Indie, Rock Era Mag, and Tongue Tied Magazine to name a few!

As well as the aforementioned Max Murphy, Kamora is made up of Stuart McKay on lead guitar, and Dave Buron on drums. Based in Glasgow, their shared taste in a diverse range of music – from alternative rock to indie rock, metal and blues – enabled them to have an open-minded approach to songwriting.

“Dear Alcohol “MEGA REMIX” [ft. RVSHVD, Phix, Erv Ello, Thagreatwhite, Skydxddy, AK & MORE]” by Dax

“Mega Remix from the open verse tik tok challenge I did for my song called “Dear Alcohol” full of 25 other amazing independent artists.” — Dax

“Marianne” by Dragon Dolls

“”Marianne” is a tribute to all the muses, and especially to Norwegian Marianne Ihlen. She had a relationship with Leonard Cohen, and he wrote the song “So long Marianne” about her. “Marianne” is our answer to that song, from her perspective.” — Dragon Dolls

“Dear Rosé” by Sangstaa

“”Dear Rosé”, the indie-pop meets R&B song explores themes of love, loss, and remembering someone from a distance. The emotionally poignant and cathartic narrative tells listeners exactly what he’s going through, exposing the bruises in his broken heart.” — Sangstaa

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