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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This May!

May is the month of spring and summer. Very soon, wherever you are, it might be winter or summer. It is also my birthday month! Here are ten songs that you have to listen to this May. These are ten songs from different artists from around the world within a broad range of musical genres. Listen to each song and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

May’s Tunes Are…


“Mary” by MJ Dardar

“”Mary” is the story of a couple who reunites after years of being apart. Mary is in a relationship with another man but still has feelings for her old lover who is wanting a new beginning to their old relationship.” — MJ Dardar

“Tonight” by Ask Carol

Based out of the Norwegian mountain community Auma comes from the grungy alt-pop duo Ask Carol. Ask Carol is a high-energy powerduo with a big sound. Multitasking is their middle name. Two guitars, drums, a synth, a drum machine, and a unique splitting system for Carol’s guitar, make this two-piece sound like a full band. Their sound can be fierce and mean, then suddenly turn soft and comforting. Their sound could make you think of artists like the Kills, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with a Nordic, melancholic twist.

“jackfruit” by Sharnjit

“Ain’t Happenin’ (‘Til It’s Happening to You)” by Young Coal

“Georgia to Maine” by fishkid

“This is a song about long-distance relationships! It is an adorable rendition of that feeling you get where you are unsure if things will work out but want to try anyway! :)” — fishkid

“Roses” by Ruby Greenberg

“I first wrote “Roses” sitting at my kitchen table, tinkering on the guitar in the morning. I was deep inside the music but somehow also aware of the sun hitting the walls, the cat in the armchair, the candle at the window, and parts of my room that brought me comfort. As a song took shape, I began thinking of how I wanted to meet my loved ones in their own special place, never correcting or changing but only asking gently to be let in.” — Ruby Greenberg

“Ocean Drive” by Lavallette

Lavallette is a retro synth-pop artist from New Jersey. The name comes from a small beach town at the Jersey Shore. You can expect to hear hip hop, disco, pop, and rock-inspired beats, melodic hooks, arps, female vocals, as well as the occasional guitar and piano. The sound is “retro” and “old school” while being wholly new and progressive.

“Forget Me Not – Acoustic” by sarah lake

Sarah grew up in North Carolina. She appeared on American Idol Season 4 and made it to the finals. After her departure from AI, she moved to NYC, where she met her Grammy-nominated producer husband, Ernie Lake. She took a brief break from music to start a family. The Lakes decided to relocate the family to Nashville in early 2017 and have been thriving in the richly creative community since.

“Walls” by Acoustic Reserve

What is your favorite tune for this May?

Let me know in the comments!

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10 Songs You Need to Listen to This May!

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