A Battle of Thanks for this Battle of the Songs

November seems to be the month of giving thanks. America and Canada just celebrated Veterans’ Day/Remembrance Day last week. A day where we remember those have served and give thanks to their service. And then, American Thanksgiving is coming up in two weeks. Actually, in truth, autumn tends to be the season of giving thanks. During this time, many thanksgiving celebrations happen all around the world. But for me, since I am an American, I am going to dedicate this Battle of the Songs as American Thanksgiving is drawing near.

Giving Thanks

I have talked about giving thanks during a Mother Day’s post in May. It featured Cheryl ‘Pepsii’ Riley’s “Thanks for My Child“. At that time, I talked about a mother’s love and being thankful for moms.

Yet, being thankful doesn’t have to be during celebrations or special times like Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day. One should be thankful all year round. It should be at least every day. It doesn’t have to be only about big things in life. It can be the little things too. It can be about the people around you or the experiences that have happened.

One should practice giving thanks every day. Some people might say thanks in front of the mirror during their morning routines. Others say their thanks before bed in the form of a prayer or just saying it themselves. There are some who write them down in a daily journal. There are many other ways to show and express thankfulness, these ways aren’t the only ways. Whatever might be your preferred way to express thanks, it doesn’t have to be about big actions. The little things in life add up!

And, one more thing about giving thanks; it’s very healthy. Saying thanks every day will make your life more positive and filled with more happiness. According to the website Liberationist, a study found that regularly and deliberately recording one’s blessings improves our mental health and physical well-being.[1] Giving thanks is more than expressing words, it can improve our mental health.

The Battle of Thanks

For this Battle of the Songs, I choose two songs that focus on different aspects of giving thanks. One with Dido’s “Thank You” which talks about giving thanks to someone who is there for you during tough times. The other is Alanis Morisette’s “Thank U”, a song that talks about reflecting back on the self and thanking one’s adversaries to move life forward.

Who will be the victor: Dido or Alanis Morisette? Listen to both and tell me your favorite in the comments below.

Dido – “Thank You”

Can you believe this song is already 20 years old?! It just feels like it was just yesterday this song was released. This was one of the biggest hits in the early 2000s. I remember hearing it on the radio a lot. It also ranked on BBC’s “Most Annoying Pop Songs We Hate to Love” list as #57 in 2007. It is a great song but it did feel a little bit like this song was played too much.

“Thank You” is actually based on an event in Dido’s life. She wrote this after experiencing depression and losing her house at the same time. You can see the inspiration in the music video as well. Yet, there is another inspiration: Dido’s former fiancee Bob Page. She uses her relationship with the former entertainment lawyer as a form of an inspirational message: Even though I suffer bad days, I thank you for being there for me when times are tough. Do you have that kind of person in your life? A person who will always be there when you are going through tough times?

I love Dido’s music as No Angel and Life for Rent were my favorite albums when I was younger. Her voice is very therapeutical and her lyrics are very inspiring. I remember listening to “Slide”, “White Flag”, and “Life for Rent” on my favorite show Smallville.

Alanis Morissette – “Thank U”

Note: Even though it is blurred, Alanis does appear naked in this music video.

Alanis Morissette is another singer from my childhood. “Thank U” was another song that got a lot of airplay in the late 90s and early 2000s. Yet, I didn’t know about the history of “Thank You” before I research the song for this post. The song basically “documents the singer’s spiritual awakenings, resultant from her trip to India, as well as other physical and internal journeys.[1].

The theme of “Thank U” is all about thanking life’s lessons and the bad times we have experienced. Because without troubles, how can life possibly move forward? Have you had hard times that taught you a lesson?

The song is a mid-tempo rock song that has a piano introduction and a prominent drum beat. The best thing about this song is Alanis’ strong vocals. I always love her vocals as they are powerful and talented. She can go from having soft, low notes in the verses to reaching top notes, like the ones found around the two-minute mark, instantly. And, with no errors too. Alanis also has a pretty vibrato, especially during the first verse.

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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