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A Spooktacular Playlist for Your Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your costume ready? Have enough candy for those trick-or-treaters and also for your secret stash? Wait! Do you have any music to celebrate the spooky occasion?

If you don’t have a music playlist for Halloween yet, don’t worry! I have complied a spooky playlist featuring spooktacular Halloween tunes! Perfect for that Halloween party or to get you in the Halloween mood at your house or office. You can find the playlist on Spotify or check it out here:

Now Featuring Halloween Songs

Like the Autumn playlist that I created last month, I will feature about five songs out of 50 in today’s post. I will not be able to feature all 50 songs sadly. Halloween season is coming to an end in three weeks! But, you are free to listen to all 50 songs in the playlist above any time you want, even after Halloween or next year!

Three of the songs featured in the playlist (Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”, Tommy heavenly6’s “Lollipop Candy BAD girl”, and AKB48’s “Halloween Night”) have been mentioned before. Check out the respective posts to read my write-ups about each tune.

Let me know in the comments which song from the playlist is your favorite. Also, if you have a favorite Halloween song, let me know too! I love listening to new tunes!

Charlie Daniels Band – “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

Though it isn’t a typical Halloween song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” should be on everyone’s Halloween playlist. This slick country classic is a staple for any music lover out there. The center of the song revolves around a fast-pace, riveting violin. This violin is not only the main instrument of the instrumentation but also the plot. If you never heard of the lyrics, the story of the song is that the Devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal. Lo and below, he found his victim, but he couldn’t do it easily: he had to take part in a fiddle battle. I won’t spoil the ending as you have to listen for that!

Of course, it shouldn’t be played just during Halloween, but all throughout the year. It is an entertaining song with its plot and blazing fiddle solo. What is favorite thing about “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”?

Did you know that this song had a sequel? Done by a different band but with the same premise.

Eason Chan – “萬聖節的一個傳說” (Wànshèngjié de Yīgè Chuánshuō; A Halloween Legend)

Hong Kong-native Eason Chan seems to be an established and popular artist around Asia, but I never heard of him before. When I was looking up Halloween songs in different languages, I stumbled across “Wànshèngjié de Yīgè Chuánshuō” from Chan’s 2011 album 準備中 (Zhǔnbèizhōng: Getting Ready).

A song that seems to divulged into a dark Halloween song, “Wànshèngjié de Yīgè Chuánshuō” is an interesting listen with its dark tones. It also makes use of the drums and electric guitars in a way like modern metal songs. This factor makes me love this Eason Chan song as I am a big fan of metal songs. Now I am curious about Chinese metal music, thanks to “Wànshèngjié de Yīgè Chuánshuō”.

Los Claxons – “Día De Muertos” (Day of Dead)

“Día De Muertos” is another song that you wouldn’t expect to be on a Halloween playlist as it is light and acoustic. Yet, as many countries celebrate the dark aspects of Halloween, there are some countries that celebrate death in a different way. The Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos is not a scary occasion, and not dark. Instead, it is a celebration of the life of loved ones that have passed on. And in that way, that is how Los Claxons composed the 2011 song “Día De Muertos”.

A song like “Día De Muertos” is much needed in a Halloween playlist as it brings a balance and a different viewpoint. If you find a translation of the lyrics, you can see that this Los Claxons song talks about the key to life is love. It is the most important thing in this world of people coming and going. These lyrics and the soothing acoustic setup is what makes “Día De Muertos” a song worth listening to.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Spellbound”

From the 1981 album Juju, Siouxsie and the Banshees’s “Spellbound” casts a spell as it entrices it’s listeners with its mystical post-punk tone. According to an article on Louder, the album was “inspired by Hitchcock, horror and an African bust unearthed in Forest Hill”. Betty Page’s review in the rock magazine In Sounds details that “this is the soundtrack of the unknown, hinting darkly at black magic, witchery, murder, and death.”[1]  You can hear these influences within “Spellbound” in the dark tones and attractive melodies.

Many have exclaimed that Siouxsie and the Banshees were the first to incorporate the gothic sound into rock music with “Spellbound” and Juju. But, what do you think? Can you find any gothic, dark influences in “Spellbound”?

Concrete Blonde – “Bloodletting (the Vampire Song)”

The reason why I chose Concrete Blonde`s “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” because it reminds me of the late 80s Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe it is in the chorus that draws some similarity to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ rendition of “Higher Ground”. Maybe it is the brazen electric guitar that plays a prominent role in the last half of the song.

Nevertheless, “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” is a great song for those who are craving for the darker side of Halloween. The song is dark with its gothic tones, lyrics that feature analogy some kind of passionate love with a vampire. Take a listen to the link below:

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