Celebrate Your 2022 Goals with Abi Mia’s “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

We have made it! It is finally 2022! Many have been through a lot during the past two years. Hopefully, that 2022 will bring hope and positivity. Hopefully, just like your new year’s goals! Have you set yours already? What are they? If not have any, don’t fret! Here is one song that could inspire your New Year’s Goals is”Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”. How can English singer-songwriter Abi Mia’s song help make your goals and make 2022 more positive? Let’s take a look down below.

Gotta Keep On Going

Abi Mia has described this song as a jolt of positivity that many need right now! And she is right. The lyrics brim with positivity through the messages and words that the singer-songwriter has thoughtfully written. The song is filled with empowerment musicality and lyrically so that anyone listening will continue to do what they love. Abi Mia brilliantly crafts the lyrics to manifest the feelings of joy, love, and positivity in such a way to bring a smile to anyone who listens.

The optimistic vibe is not only featured in the lyrics, but also with the musicality. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is an upbeat pop song packed with catchy hooks, infectious energy, and energetic vocals. The singer-songwriter cleverly blends funk, pop, piano-driven chords, and dance to create an enticing soundscape. The positive energy is further amplified by Abi Mia’s powerful vocal. They soar melodically throughout with positivity and dynamic. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on how the singer-songwriter skillfully builds up the song. It first starts with a light, mid-tempo melody that slowly builds up till the chorus where it explodes into a fun, faster-paced song.

Final Thoughts

Abi Mia’s “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is what the world needs for 2022. It is the perfect song for anyone’s New Years Goals with its message of self-loved nestled inside a fun, cheerful pop beat. The singer-songwriter has done a brilliant job of crafting a successful hit, from the empowering lyrics to the irresistible beats. With its positive lyrics, catchy hooks, infectious energy, and energetic vocals. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” has to be on your 2022 playlist NOW as it will make your day more positive, joyous, and remind you of the most important thing: to love yourself.

Make sure to check out “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Abi Mia

Taking influence from powerful & soulful female artists such as Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato & Kelly Clarkson – Abi Mia has developed her unique songwriting and performance style. With Abi Mia, you’ll find that she has a confident and powerful voice with elements of soul. She also performs with a live piano/keyboard at some of her shows, something which sets her apart from some artists within the genre.

Abi Mia writes her original songs from the heart – always inspired by her experiences and things happening in the world. She also finds it essential to get that emotion across in her performance so she can connect with the audience, something that is reflected in her lyrics.

When it comes to Abi Mia’s background, music and singing have been part of her life since she was of school age and have always been a much-loved hobby. Another passion has always been Health and Fitness, which she has turned into a successful Personal Training business as well as competing in Weightlifting competitions. Abi Mia now wants to pursue her music professionally, writing and performing songs that can inspire, uplift, empower and bring people together.

Abi Mia’s goal is to become a published songwriter for other notable artists, films, and adverts as well as becoming a successful and respected performer and artist in her own right.

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