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The Secret Behind the Catchiness of Abi Muir’s “First Date”

It’s the start of the week. Monday can be such a drag! Don’t make this Monday be such a drag. A good way to energize your week is with bouncy songs. But, what songs? You have so many to choose from, perhaps, or you don’t have a song to go to. Until you stumble on “First Date” by Abi Muir.

This dance track from Australian singer-songwriter Abi Muir is such a bouncy dance track that is perfect for Monday or any day of the week. But, what is the secret behind its catchiness? Find out by reading on!

Make sure to listen to the song down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

I Hope That She Could Find a Way To Love You

Abi Muir

“First Date” by Abi Muir is the fourth single from this young artist, delivering fresh new tones, maturing from the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies (2019), released when she was only 15 years old, into a high energy, pumping dance track with subtle teenage sarcasm hidden in the lyrics.

About the song

The listener will immediately get hooked from beat one with Abi’s sweet and captivating vocals. These vocals might remind listeners of Ariana Grande as they are high, sweet, pure, and has a ring to it. The sweetness vocals of the Australian singer-songwriter are so alluring that they stick to each word like honey. These vocals are a pivotal key to the song’s catchiness and moving the song along.

But, it isn’t just the vocals that what makes “First Date” so catchy. The other factor is in the strong beat. This is found within the clapping, the piano, and the synthesizers. But, this strong beat is super important as it makes it to easy to dance along to the song: either in a club setting or dancing while listening to the song on the subway. The strong beat is articulated very really well in “First Date” throughout the different instrumentations to make the song feel like a dance tune.

There is sort of a dual personality with “First Date”. There is a sweet side with Abi’s vocals, especially during the chorus. But, there is also a dark side with the instrumentation, especially during the interludes. However, these two opposites mesh together really well as none really overpower each other. Instead, each side has their own moments to shine.

Final Thoughts

“First Date” by Abi Muir is such a catchy tune with its strong dance beats and the sweet vocals provided by Abi Muir. The song has a sweet side, represented by Abi’s vocals, and a dark side, represented by the instrumentation, that really meshes well. If you are looking for a catchy dance tune for your week with sweet vocals and a strong dance beat, then you must check out “First Date”!

Check out “First Date” below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Abi Muir

Abi Muir

Singer-songwriter Abi Muir from Cairns will captivate you with her stunning vocals, delivering a range and skill far beyond her young 16 yrs. From the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies, to her high energy, pumping new dance track first date (mixed by Simon Cohen, Studios 301 and mastered by Oli Morgan, Abbey Road Studio). She was
described by radio presenter Aleta Tulkas ‘a young local singer-songwriter who has big things ahead of her’, after making Aleta cry on the radio with her live performance of her original song I forgot about me.

She is the 2020 winner of the Cairns Regional Council Australia Day Junior Cultural Award, and is locally recognised as a triple threat performer, captivating those who have seen her on stage. Abi was the only student from Cairns selected as a Featured Vocalist at Creatie Generation 2019, Queensland’s largest youth performing arts show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Here, she impressed the industry panel of judges with her vocal skills, stage presence and performance dedication, and from this was also selected as a featured soloist, making her TV debut in their highlights show on Channel 10.

After winning the Cairns Dinner Theatre Singing competition in January 2018, Abi was inspired to start writing and recording her own songs in her parent’s garage. Following on from the success of heebiejeebies, she gained popularity collecting fans and followers from 72 countries around the world and has been placed on over three thousand playlists. Her homemade video for this song won the Port Shorts Film Festival Music Video Shout Out Award. With a growing audience, Abi is now collaborating with industry professional Simon Cohen (Studios 301) on future original work and plans are in place for her debut album.

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The Secret Catchiness of Abi Muir's "First Date"

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