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ADMNT Is Back With the Newest Single “Juice”

On Valentines Day of this year, I featured “Take Me Back” by London-based Contemporary R&B artist ADMNT and Atticus Blue. I wrote that it “is a gorgeous tune that is full of sultry tones from the saxophone, slick vocals, and a laid-back bass and guitar parts. ADMNT is back with a new single entitled “Juice” with vocalist Krissy Twigge. Has ADMNT done it again by making another enticing tune? Or is “Juice” just a disappointment? Let’s take a look at the new tune in-depth to find out!

I Got the Juice

From the start, any listener will identify “Juice” as a club song with its electronic melodies, cool vocals, and the dancy beat featured in the beat. In the first verse of the song, the listener is pulled into this seductive club tune with the cool, sultry female vocals and a bouncy tempo. However, don’t be fooled by the vocals as it changes from cool and sultry to quick and harsh by the chorus. Yet, these harsh, fast-paced vocals complement the electronic instrumentations, making the tune more interesting.

But, where is ADMNT’s signature saxophone? Is that supposed to be the star of the show? How come it isn’t in the beginning? Patience readers as the best come in the middle in the tune. In between the verses, you can hear ADMNT playing a sultry, deep melody with his saxophone. It is such an alluring line because it sets the mood of the tune to a cool one with the synthesizers.

Before you finish listening to “Juice”, make sure to check out the saxophone solo at the break. Oh, that is delicious! It switches from those deep, sultry notes to high, melodious ones. With the staccato notes in the break and those playful runs at the ending chorus, “Juice” will make you fall in love with ADMNT’s saxophone performance as it is melodious yet sultry. (Yes, I am a sucker for saxophones because they are my favorite instruments, but who isn’t a fan of this seductive instrument?)

Final Thoughts

ADMNT did it again! His latest single “Juice” with vocalist Krissy Twigge is a must-listen, especially on the dance floor. With the tune featuring upbeat tempos, cool-then-brash vocals, and electronic notes, this tune is the perfect club song. Yet, don’t forget about the saxophone throughout the song as that instrument doesn’t put on a show-stopping performance with its sultry, melodious tones. With all these favorable slices of a perfect song, you got to check out “Juice” today!

Make sure to check out “Take Me Back” by ADMNT and Krissy Twigge down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: ADMNT


ADMNT – in classical mythology is the hardest of all substances. In Ancient Greek ἀδάμας (adamas), genitive ἀδάμαντος (adamantos), literally meaning “unconquerable, untameable” – referred to both a hard metal and to a diamond.

Which one? That’s up to you.

ADMNT began life and musical discoveries on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It was here that he decided he wanted to play the saxophone, was deemed too small, so tasked with the clarinet then blossoming onto drums, piano, guitar, and finally, the saxophone.

Curating and directing multiple cover bands, sitting in orchestra pits in musical theatre, and performing as a classical clarinetist ADMNT has finally settled on writing and producing original music.

As a performer he has worked with the likes of Elli Ingram and Peter Andre; as a producer with Atticus Blue and South African based Rich Akoustic. ADMNT’s career is in its playful youth, but continually developing and growing into what is certain to be a head-bopping, fun-loving artist – one vintage synthesizer at a time.

Make sure to check out ADMNT on the following pages:

Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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ADMNT Is Back With the Newest Single "Juice"

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  1. Aimee AMALA

    Haha I love the cover! These sound like the type of act i’d love to come across randomly at a festival! Great! Thanks for sharing.


    Ha, I love the imagery for the newest single. I do like the sound of this!

  3. Ramil Hinolan

    Wow, this is a great music. I love to listen to the saxophone portion of the song.

  4. Ramil Hinolan

    Wow, this is a great music. I admire Admnt’s humble beginnings. And oh, the name is quite catchy too.

  5. Fransic verso

    Greek singer, that’s interesting. I didn’t listen to any greek music or song before haha. I wonder how do they make music with the saxophone. Going to look more into it. thank you for sharing!!

  6. Ivan M. Jose

    I love how refreshing the album cover looks. Haha. I do like how engaging ADMNT’s beat is. You can listen to it on and on while working.

  7. What a fun cover ! Sounds like music I would definitely like to listen to.

  8. Marjie Mare

    The cover gets me and I will get the album and listen to the music every day.

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