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American Synth-Pop Duo AI Creates a Rivoting Electronic World Inside “Parallel Lines”

What is on your playlist recently? What has been on mine recently is something quite experimental but pleasant to listen to. That tune is “Parallel Lines” by American synthpop duo AI which is based in Austin, Texas. This newest tune explores the vast electronic world with various sounds and textures in both modern and contemporary ways. How so? Let’s take a look down below.

I Don’t Believe

One of AI’s musical influences is the 80’s band Depeche Mode. You can hear Depeche Mode’s influences in “Parallel Lines” from the industrial sounds of the guitar to the experiments in the synth riffs. The vocals possess the same electronic jaggedness as Depeche Mode AI’s vocals are a bit distorted. Yet, it isn’t bad sounding as these distorted vocals are delightful to listen to. But, with the instrumentation, there is an agreeable constant of the colorful synth chords played against edgy guitar riffs. These two create a pleasant contrast in the soundscape that creates depth and meticulous space.

The vocals are something to listen for in AI’s newest song, especially in the chorus. During this part, the vocals lines split into different vocals lines that are harmonious. The harmonies create this fantastic layer to the main vocals with their deeper yet melodic textures. In the chorus, the main singer’s lines are highlighted with more energy, more layers, and transformed into a rich sound. The vocals are engrossing throughout as they are distorted and industrial-like but carry out a canorous texture.

I mentioned above that “Parallel Lines” has a modern yet nostalgic sound. It was pointed out early that there are industrial yet melodic textures that are akin to late 80s’ experimental synth-pop. Yet, there is a slight feeling that the chorus is influenced by 70s classic rock. This is heard in how AI approaches the vocal layers.

Whatever may be the case, there is some sort of modern sound embedded in the overall ambiance of the tracks. Listeners might find it in the guitar riffs as they have a contemporary feel to them. There are also bits and pieces of electronic textures that have that present-time feel. It might not feel like there is something modern about AI’s latest song, but listeners have to listen carefully for those bits and pieces.

Final Thoughts

AI’s electronic journey into experimental sounds of rock, pop, and synth is ever so present in their latest single. Yet, how the duo experiments with these sounds are pleasant to listen to as they meticulously blend modern with nostalgic. But underneath all this musicality is catchy riffs, especially during the chorus with those gorgeous layers, that will have listeners singing along. If you are looking for something to discover with unique textures and spacious soundscapes, then you have to listen to “Parallel Lines” today.

Make sure to check out Parallel Lines down below. Let me know what you think about the song in the comment!

About the Artist: AI


AI is a synth-pop duo based in Austin, TX comprised of Bobby Cheatham (Bad Birds, Distance Runner) and writer Liz Feezv. The duo names Depeche Mode, David Byrne, and The Eurhythmics as musical influences. Each song is a homage to human emotions – and the ubiquitous influence of machines in our reality.

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American Synth-Pop Duo AI Creates a Rivoting Electronic World Inside "Parallel Lines"

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