You are currently viewing Finding Your Own Path with Ainsley Costello’s “Little Sister”

Finding Your Own Path with Ainsley Costello’s “Little Sister”

One encouraging song that I have been listening to is “Little Sister” by American Indie Rock artist Ainsley Costello. The singer is a rising star in the musical world with her heartful approach to her lyrics while showcasing powerful talent in her artistry. And listeners can hear this with her latest single. “Little Sister” is the perfect blend of rock and pop with a little Nashville twang mixed in. Yet, the song packs a powerful preference with its empowering melodies, Costello’s powerful vocals, high energy, and relatable lyrics that makes this song so memorable.

The artist had this to say about the meaning behind the lyrics:

“Little Sister” is a highly relatable song. We all have someone in our lives, whether it’s a sibling figure or even just a role model that we look up to. I see it all the time in myself and my friends, the extremely negative loop we create in our heads that we will never and can never live up to the impossible standards that social media creates.

If you are a big fan of female country stars like CAM, Kelsea Ballerini, Taylor Swift, and Caitlyn Smith, then you have to check out Ainsley Costello’s “Little Sister” today. Or, if you looking for an uplifting song to inspire your day and to be yourself, then you have to check out this song!

Make sure to listen to “Little Sister” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Ainsley Costello

Ainsley Costello

In a world dominated by internet sensations and world-dominating superstars, Ainsley Costello is determined to create a career that stands the test of time. 17-year-old Ainsley began performing in school talent shows and musical theater when she was 7. By the time she was 14, she was regularly holding down 3-hour sets with a full band of adult professionals. At 15 she began taking classes at the prestigious Berklee College of Music while simultaneously finishing her H.S. finals. She is now finishing up her sophomore year at Berklee, studying Music Business, while pursuing music full time.

Delicately delivered yet powerfully profound, Ainsley’s heartfelt and personal approach to lyricism translates into an easily digestible and heartwarming listening experience.

Make sure to follow Ainsley Costello at the following:

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Finding Your Own Path with Ainsley Costello's "Little Sister"

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  1. Monidipa

    The lyrics are meaningful and the music is rich pop. This is really going to do great.

  2. Renee

    I agree this is a highly relatable song! Great tune!

  3. bye:myself

    Again an artist I haven’t heard before but that sounds – and looks 😉 – just great. Your blog is such an inspiration!

  4. Our home kong

    Will have to go check this out 🙂 my current fave: fuzzybrain by dayglow

  5. Clarice

    That’s awesome! Great music video. Looking forward to more songs from her. Very promising at a very young age.

  6. Fransic verso

    Wow, that’s a determination if I saw one before haha. It’s good to start early and grow developing it. She is going to thrive in the industry.

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