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Getting Into The Groove With “Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova

When I was looking for songs to review for this blog, “Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova caught my ear, so to speak. One reason was that The Aviator’s Club is from Washington D.C., in which I am from a suburb near this city. The groovy beat featured in the trio’s new single also attracted my interest as I found it really attractive.

But, what makes “Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova so unique? Why is it a tune that you must listen to? Find out by continuing on!

Check the song down below and let me what you think in the comments!

Getting Into the Groove

Girl power anthems are needed, the single “Aint’ got Time” gives power to young women who feel there’s no need to rush into relationships when the entire world awaits their choices and desires.

About the song

Just reading the premise of the tune gives listeners such empowerment. The message featured in the song is such a strong message that girls and women around the world need to hear for reassurance: you are free to decide your own life, there is no rush! This message is featured throughout the song with examples, words, and encouragement. Such a powerful message!

What also caught my ear was the strong yet groovy beat. This beat was influenced by afrobeat and reggae, which makes this song such an irresistible listen. The reason why is found in the strong downbeats provided by an 808 drum machine and synthesized melodic bits here and there (especially during the verses). This beat is the backbone of the song and can’t be missed!

My favorite part of the song is the vocals. The combination of the three member’s vocals is perfect, powerful, and harmonious. You can a perfect example of this is during the pre-chorus when the is a very pretty, powerful melody line singing “Boyyyyyyyyy, Boyyyyyyy, Boyyyyyy”. I just love that part. Another part I love is the melody featured in the chorus. It is so melodious and catchy! The vocals are the final piece in this song that makes this tune such a must listen!

Final Thoughts

“Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova is a must-listen! It features groovy instrumentation that is a mix of reggae, go-go, and afrobeat beats, a pretty strong message, and harmonious vocals. It is a solid tune that will win the hearts of many. With the reggae and afrobeat beats from the Boston-native music produced Mova and The Aviator’s Club’s background in go-go music, the combination of music genres as well as the message embedded in “Ain’T No Time” make the song a really catchy yet solid tune.

Check out “Ain’T Got Time” on Spotify and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: The Aviator’s Club

The Aviator’s Club is a trio from Washington D.C. that features Brooke Taylor (performing songwriter), Julian Nixon (producer/composer, songwriter, dance), and Brian Jones (producer, rapper, songwriter).

Julian and Brian began as keyboard players for a Go-go band called G.O.T. (The Groove of Things) in Washington DC. Brooke Taylor came along to the same band as a background singer. Eventually, the trio made their debut as a group under the name “The Aviator’s Club”. A name that came about during the “so fly” era.

The Aviator’s Club has since evolved into a conglomerate of musical contributions, with Julian and Brooke leading the choices of composition. The revolving theme is young love, teen romance, and on occasion “female empowerment”.

“The Aviator’s Club” represents the nation’s capital, the musical interest of the people for feel good, driving music, but we’re planning to take you above the clouds,

Check out The Aviator’s Club at the following sites:

Official Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube

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Getting Into The Groove With "Ain'T No Time" by The Aviator's Club feat Mova

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