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The Daily Feature: Alan Starks’ “Sprung” Is a Gorgeous Acoustic Indie Pop Tune

Today’s Daily Feature is my current favorite because it is simply gorgeous. The song is “Sprung” by American Indie Pop artist Alan Starks. Here is what the artist had to say about “Sprung”:

I wrote this song at the beginning of Covid, while I was trying to keep myself distracted from being depressed. The song’s title comes from something my friend used to say, whenever I fell hard for someone. He’d say, “You’re just sprung man.”

The person I wrote this song about makes me feel like it’s spring whenever they’re around so I thought it was a fitting title and a fitting theme.

Alan Starks

Why do I love this song so much? The reason is everything about the song: the melody, the mood, the acoustic guitar, the orchestra, and so much more. I love the melody as it features enchanting jumps and turns, especially during the chorus. The powerful vocals highlight the melody in an effective way with their robust strength and passionate tones. The zest in these vocals is also a very pleasant listen. But, what else makes “Sprung” such a delightful listen is the instrumentation. With exquisite orchestra backing up the mellow acoustic guitar, the instrumentation is soothing yet gorgeous to listen to with their ear-pleasing notes and just their calming moods.

Ardent vocals, settle instrumentations, and striking melodies make Alan Starks’ “Sprung” a must-listen! I love it so much! How about you: what do you think? Make sure to check out Alan Starks’ “Sprung” down below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Make sure to check out Alan Sparks at the following sites:

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Alan Starks' "Sprung" Is a Gorgeous Acoustic Indie Pop Tune

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