You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Looking at the Vivid, Warm Landscape in ALBERTINE’s “Wind Blows”

The Daily Feature: Looking at the Vivid, Warm Landscape in ALBERTINE’s “Wind Blows”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Wind Blows” by Dutch Indie Pop singer-songwriter ALBERTINE. With the concept that today’s electronic words can co-exist with legendary musicians Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and CSN&Y, the singer-songwriter creates a warm, vivid musical landscape with “Wind Blows”. You feel the warmth in the multi-layered vocals, especially in the chorus, husky yet expensive sound envelop the melody. Meanwhile, the verses are handles solely by ALBERTINE with her smooth lower register and strong, wide vibrato.

The instrumentation is magical as each note creates a vivid musical scenery. Along with the colorful vocal textures, the instrumentations — mainly the piano, viola, and percussion — creates something striking with their interesting melodies. Just take a listen to the viola, the way that ALBERTINE plucks the viola and constructs that instrument’s melody is so mesmerizing to listen to. Yet, there is somewhat of a stripped feeling that makes listening to the song more intimate, which helps the listener to relax and listen deeply.

“Wind Blows” is such a beautiful musical journey with the multi-layered vocals, the lower register of the main vocals, and the captivating melodies found in the instrumentation. The warmth and the intimacy found in the song are one of many reasons why you have to listen to it today!

Make sure to listen to “Wind Blows” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: ALBERTINE


ALBERTINE is the artist and second name of Yanna Albertine Pelser, a singer-songwriter who accompanies herself on plucked viola and piano. For her debut album with a full band, she composed 11 songs about the unbearable lightness of existence, longing to feel at home, death and (re)birth, relationships, and other daily topics. The first single “Wind Blows” is out now!

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Looking at the Vivid, Warm Landscape in ALBERTINE's "Wind Blows"

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