Finding Your Own Strength in ALBI X’s “Bibamba”

Afro-German hip-hop artist ALBI X recently spoke to ai love music over email about his musical journey, his inspiration, and his personal inspiration for the artist’s newest single “Bibamba”. As an Afro-German artist with Congolese roots, ALBI X’s music is contagiously energetic, effortlessly blending high-energy hip-hop beats with a lyrical language fusion of Lingala, French, and English for a truly international sound.

Continue to read to find out what really important ALBI X has to say that relates to the meaning behind his latest release. Also, make sure to check out “Bibamba” by ALBI X down below, and let me know what you think about it in the comments!

First of all, for those who don’t know you, could tell us about yourself?

I am ALBI X, i am an artist. I am 23 years old. I grew up in Cologne. The name ALBI X stands for power and energy. It stands for the fact that I want to send clear a message in which I want to be strong for the people and represent that no one has to pretend. But, that you can be proud of yourself and what you are. That’s Mr. Whole Lotta Energy

What got you in music and how has your musical journey been like since then?

My dad was a singer in the choir I was inspired by him, I’ve been singing ever since. I also started playing drums when I was three on pots and anything I could find. Music has always been in my family and in my life, all that made me want to play music.

What musical genres or artists inspire you?

Travis Scott is someone who has inspired me a lot, especially his energy. Also when he performs that energy, that inspired me a lot. I was also very impressed by his documentary. The more I saw of him the more interesting he became. But also artists like Kanye West and of course Congolese artists like Werrason, Papa Wemba, or Franco.

How has 2021 been so far? Anything excited happened?

This year I finally released something after eight months. I couldn’t put anything out before because I was busy with private things that caught me a lot. I had to get up again and see that I become more stable. And now I’m back with my new song BIBAMBA – this comeback should radiate that I have the strength and am back.

Let’s talk about your newest song “BIBAMBA”. What is that about?

The song “BIBAMBA” is a tribute to Awilo Longomba, who released the song “Coupé Bibamba” in 1998. The song was a huge hit. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my producer 808 Golem who produced the tune with me. My homage is also about power, especially with the choreography I did, I want to show that we are powerful, that we have a real flame with our fire, a great power to present our message.

Your press release mentions that the song pays homage to the Congolese classic “Coupé Bi Bamba”. How does the Congolese classic inspire “BIMBAMBA” Do they have any similar elements?

I heard “Coupé Bibamba” when I was a little kid. I also have a friend with a similar name and we used to sing the song when we saw him and that inspired me to make a song about it. There are many similar elements in my music but generally, from Congolese music like Papa Wemba, Werrason, Zaiko, Franco, these are all the songs that my mother heard and that we heard at Congolese festivals.

This song is about “personal strength”. Could you explain this more?

Because I have experienced a lot, I am a person who wants to put everything he has experienced into his music. I am someone who wants to leave a message for the people, who wants to motivate the people. Especially for the people who look different and who are discriminated against. I want to stand up for these people and strengthen them. It is very important to me to always represent that I am proud of what I am. On my albinism and generally looking different. That’s why I want to stand up for the people who are also affected by this.

Of course not exclusively for these people but generally for all people. The song should be a symbol for that, in the dance, in the lyrics, and in the music. “Bibamba” is also a person who represents strength. Everyone wants to be like him.

What are your future plans?

My plans are to have many successes with my team, with the people who are around me, to continue to motivate people, and just keep making good music. Other than that, I let everything guide me. I let God guide me because he knows what is made for me and what is not. I go my own way. It’s important that people also know that I will work with all my experiences and also my pain in my music and my art.

Finally, do you have any messages for the readers?

My message is to say again and again clearly and clearly, especially for the people who feel discriminated against and who have no strength to present themselves as they would like to, these people I would like to say: You are beautiful as you are. You should not let anyone get you down, neither on social media nor in real life. Always remember, you are as beautiful as you are. Also that I always want to show people that they are not alone, that I always want to stand behind them and motivate them.