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The Daily Feature: Exploring the Vivid Synth Landscape in Alina Valentina’s ‘Works and Days’

Dutch darkwave and industrial musician Alina Valentina recently released her first album, entitled Works and Days. The album takes on the name of a Hesiod poem. It is filled with a vivid feeling for the rhythm of human life and the forces of nature. The eight tracks presented on the album explore different realities of the musical scope. She composed these tracks in the Lynchian style: juxtaposing surreal or sinister elements with mundane, everyday environments. You can hear it in the first track entitled “That thing behind the wall” Dark moods accompany thick analog synthesizer melodies to create an ominous. But, she compares these menacing tones with something common in our lives: the fear of the unknown.

This blend of surreal musicality with everyday scenarios continues on with the rest of the album. Yet, the rest of the tracks feature a variety of tones. “Works and Days*” feature more retro synth melodies that electrify the tune. “True Romance” takes the same vein by using retro synth lines once heard in the 80s. “Sick of You” takes on a punk rock personality with darkwave undertones. And songs like “Babel Fish” are inspired by the sounds and vibes of video games. Each track brings out their own distinctive flavor as the explore the album’s themes of escapism, providence, and existentialism.

Don’t miss out on Alina Valentina’s vocals. They are also a piece of musical artwork. The artist contorts her vocals to go along with each track’s moods. With tracks like “That thing behind the wall” and “Works and Days” you can hear gravel tones, trudging along to the deep, dark instrumentations. You can really hear her inspiration from 70s horror, sci-fi, and film noir in these tracks.

Yet, the vocals found in such tracks as “What you are” and “True Romance” take an opposite approach as they are crystal clear and light, using the singer’s higher range. They also feature some playfully and aloof lyrics. “The visitor” features whimsical vocals with labyrinthine harmonies. But, my favorite is “Horrible place to die” with low, nonchalant vocals paired with brightly colored synth lines.

Alina Valentina’s Works and Days is a musical masterpiece that is into different pieces of artwork. Each of the eight tracks features a unique side of Valentina’s mastery with how she implements the vocals, vibes, and melodies. Listeners should listen to each track as Valentina painted grand synth landscapes with intricate details. You have to check out the album below and tell me what you think!

About the Artist: Alina Valentina

Alina Valentina is Hague-based music producer drawing heavily from the retro soundtrack and video game music. With her love for analog synthesizers, she creates immersive, neo-surrealist “Lynchian” sound explorations reminiscent of modern composers like John Carpenter as well as more pop contemporaries Antoni Maiovvi, Lebanon Hanover, and Molly Nilsson. Influenced by industrial music, synthpop, and darkwave, her work blends camp sensibilities with a melancholic and detached vocal delivery.

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