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All in the Cards: What Message Do You Get With “Shuffle”?

It’s Sunday again! This week’s #SongLyricsSunday theme is about ” Cards / Dice / Gamble / Lose / Win”, thanks to the series’ host Jim Adams. I want to take a look at a song from a past anime that was super popular when I was in middle school. One of the opening themes for this anime is called “Shuffle” by a popular anime singer called Masumi Okui. But, what kind of message do I get when I listen to this song? Read to find out!

Feeling Nostalgic

I was finally able to watch the new Aladdin movie with Will Smith yesterday. Overall, I enjoyed it. I was so happy with Will Smith as the Genie. But, my favorite scene is with Jasmine’s “Speechless”. It almost made me cry because it was such a powerful scene. It is a great movie and recommended if you haven’t seen it!

Speaking of nostalgia. they play a trailer to the upcoming Pokemon movie before the movie. There is a new Pokemon movie each summer. But, the upcoming one is a surprise. It is a CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie: Mewtwo no Gyakushuu or Mewtwo Strikes Back. I remember when it came out when I was in elementary school, it was a huge deal because of the (now worthless) legendary card. I think I will see the remake just to go down memory lane. Also, to see if they change anything for the remake.

It’s All In the Cards

When the Pokemon craze hit the United States in the 90s, I remember my classmates trading cards rather than playing with each other during recess. That is when I was first introduced to the trading card get. I got so out of control (and that the children weren’t playing during recess) that the principal eventually banned the cards from the school grounds.

Once the Pokemon craze died down in 2000, there was a chance for another anime and card game series to become the next craze. And that was Yu-Gi-Oh! or “King of Games” (遊☆戯 ☆ 王).

Just Like the Cards

Today’s pick is “Shuffle” by Masumi Okui. It was used as the second opening to the anime Yu-Gi-Oh Dual Monsters in Japan. My brother was into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game back when we were in middle and high school. He would collect the cards and battle at card shops. However, for me, I wasn’t into the card games nor the anime. I didn’t really like the English dub. However, I did catch the last season of the show when I found it online when it was ending.

Yu-Gi-Oh has some amazing music. Out of all the songs, “Shuffle” one of my favorites from the series. The lyrics were written by Masumi Okui If you haven’t heard of Masumi Okui, you should be listening to this amazing artist! I love her so much. She sang so many of favorite anime theme songs like “Rinbu Revolution” (Revolutionary Girl Utena), “only one, No.1” (Di Gi Charat), “Get along” (with Megumi Hayashibara, Slayers), and others. In 2003, she joined the super anime song (or anison) singer group JAM Project. This group also features other legendary singers like Rika Matsumoto, Hironobu Kageyama, and etc.

Close Your Eyes and Just Shuffle

“Shuffle” captures the energy of the duels (or card battles) that happen in each episode: it’s fast paced, high energy, and full of spirit. I always love the rock flavor of this song as it really fits Masumi’s voices and the mood of the anime. But the best part of the song is the lyrics as it captures the message of never giving up and perceiving very well. Yes, the lyrics use analogies of card games since this for an anime about card game battles. But, you can ignore the card game analogies and find your own message in this song! For me, it is about never giving up even in rough times.

What kind of message do you find this song? Is it uplifting? Empowering? Let me know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, you can listen to the song here. The video also has English translations for the lyrics in the captions.

Here is the TV size version of the song:

The Lyrics

Here is the translation of the lyrics:

“I can’t cross over” “It’s getting irritating”
I’m breaking through the hurdle but no answer appears before me

If you don’t protect the balance of things like love and power
Then you’ll completely lose sight of yourself

Are you being manipulated? on the field, no one
Is frightened, go away, but…

The roads of tomorrow are not visible
So you might not be able to choose one
Just close your eyes and cut with your heart, just like cards, I’m sure
We’ll create a miracle

If we live seriously, there will be more things important to us
We forgot all of the unpleasant things

These bonds are completely invisible, on the field, everyone
is the essential power, so…

I’ve come to know the loneliness and difficulty of being alone
And now I understand pain
No matter what sorts of things burden me
I’ll carry them without running away

These days there are far too many**
People that have cool faces but turn their backs on you
Close your eyes and see with your heart, just like cards, that
Was a promise, Yes! You are the winner

Tomorrow is not visible, but because of it
I just realized that I’m, ah, excited about it
Never lose! Cut with your heart, just like cards, I’m sure
A miracle will happen from it

The Rules

If you want to participate, here are the rules:

  • Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not.
  • Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due.
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  • Have fun and enjoy the music.

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  1. Jim Adams

    This song has a nice jam, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Tiffany

    I wasn’t a pokemon player in the 90s but now that it has become popular again, my young son is super into pokemon now. Also, really like the song lyrics you posted.

    1. aisasami

      Thanks. Pokemon is making a comeback it seems.

  3. Kate Loves Travel

    I was never really into Pokemon (I’m a bit old, lol!)… it’s a nice song though!

    1. aisasami

      This song is for Yu-Gi-Oh. Have you heard of that series?

  4. Neely Moldovan

    Song is good. Not really my kind of thing but I can appreciate it!

    1. aisasami

      Thanks for stopping by. What kind of music are you listening now?

  5. Stephanie

    I remember the Pokemon craze! I played a lot in middle school, then got out of it in high school. In college, my husband and I played (when we were still just dating) and actually met quite a few of our good friends through the tournaments!

    1. aisasami

      My brother is the same, met some good friends through the tournaments. I wasn’t into playing cards as I was more into music and just watching the TV.

  6. Amber Myers

    How fun! I remember the Pokemon craze. My kids still like Pokemon but aren’t crazy about it. But they know about it, mostly through video games.

  7. Joan Cajic

    Nice song, I know nothing about pokemon but remember how crazy it was last year.

  8. Angela Tolsma

    I’ve never done any trading cards games but they’ve always interested me. Nostalgia is an interesting thing. Glad you liked the new Aladdin movie!

  9. I remember Pokemon! It was such a big thing when I was in elementary school. I wasn’t into it, but my brother was for a while. Thanks for sharing the song – pretty catchy.

  10. GiGi Eats

    I still need to see Aladin. I am very intrigued by it – but I am sure I will wait until it comes out on Redbox!

  11. Rach

    I’ve always been so impressed with anime theme music. My kids love this and play it over and over along with other theme songs!

  12. Natalia

    I’m not much into this topic, but I do love this song! Reminds me of the time when I was a teenager, looks like real fun! 🙂

  13. Lavanda Michelle

    This is such a great post. For me personally I’ve never got into Pokémon and there shows, the song is good though. Thanks for sharing!

  14. tara pittman

    This music has a good beat to it. My boys do like trading cards like ones for sports.

  15. Ola

    Believe it or not, I’ve never seen any kind of Pokemon movie or anything related to them. The music is definitely head banging. Enjoy!

    1. Flo

      Okay super dope song! I love reading everyone’s different opinions and translations of it, super cool for you to do this with everyone!

  16. Christa

    My son was so into Pokémon. I’ll have to play this song for him!

  17. Nicole Anderson

    My older son is into Yu-Gi-Oh while my youngest is into Pokemon. I like the lyrics of this song.

  18. Krysten Quiles

    I totally agree with Aladdin and Jasmine’s song. I thought it was very timely and appreciated the addition to the movie.

  19. Erin

    Oh Pokémon! I’m having flashbacks to 90s!

  20. Cindy

    I really want to see Aladdin! I love the soundtrack.

    Pokémon was such a big craze! Thanks for sharing the song.

  21. I saw the new Aladdin movie last weekend, and at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it – the beginning dragged out a bit too long for me. However, about half and hour in, it picked up and by the end, I was loving it!

  22. Myrah Duque

    Love this post. We love Pokémon and the show! They are so much fun. The song is awesome!. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Sometimes I use to listen to this type of music when I get angry with the person I love. Not my type actually.But it’s fine.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Happy blogging 🙂

  24. emma iannarilli

    Well I’ve been totally educated, I have never heard of the song or the singer. Although, to be fair, the whole Pokemon/anime thing passed me by.

  25. Alexandra Cook

    I haven’t gotten to watch the new Aladdin movie yet. I’m honestly worried I won’t like it and I don’t know if I can live with that lol

  26. Ruth I

    This is super nostalgic and awesome. Yu Gi Oh is one of my most favorites for all time. It brings me back to childhood when I listened to the opening song.

  27. Kristy Bullard

    I love the original Aladdin and I’m debating seeing the new one. I’ve heard only good things about it though!

  28. Priya

    I was a big pokemon fan in the 90s, and kind of miss such amazing shows now. Yet to watch Aladdin though. Thanks for all the nostalgia.

  29. Waren Jean Go

    Pokemon is definitely my show when I was younger. It’s fun to listen to their music now that I am an adult.

  30. oprolevorter

    Some truly superb blog posts on this website , thankyou for contribution.

  31. suck my dick porn

    I really like it when individuals get together and share views. Great blog, keep it up!

  32. WorldInEyes

    My son Love to play poke man.. He used to play this all time. this song is awesome and also loves the lyrics. When I was younger there were no TV and other source to watch these shows.

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